Oct 1, 2012

Swatch, FOTD - Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick Candy Pink

I just went over to Revlon website to get some product information for this lipstick range, but surprisingly I couldn't find anything!
Maybe they are discontinuing this range trying to focus more on Lip Butters?!?

I still see full displays at local drugstores , but I have this feeling they might go on massive sale soon. -_-;
In any event, I recommend this pretty medium barbie pink shade called Candy Pink. :)
(This lipstick was also featured in my drugstore picks post. )

Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Candy Pink

Maybe it is a smart idea to consolidate the ColorBurst range since the texture and color payoff in this lipstick line is sort of uneven anyway. (and the same goes for the Lip Butters, too.)

Candy Pink is a very bright cool toned pink that might scare off some people, but it is actually very sheer and wearable.
The finish is slightly shiny and quite natural thanks to the sheer color. 
It doesn't dry out my lips and feels nice and light on as well.
I have a couple more ColorBurst lipsticks but I find this is the sheerest and even sheerer than some of the Lip Butters I've tried.

This is layered a couple times.
You see how sheer this is?
(not that I am complaining...)

On lips

Overall looks..

I wanted to do a simple yet dolly look that suits this sweet lip color, so I added a pair of falsies today. ;)

Makeup products used for this look

Face - Vincent Longo Pressed Powder in Golden Banana
Eyebrows - Ebony drawing pencil
Eyes - L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering liner + Wet 'n' Wild Greed  palette (used No.1 & 2)
Ardelle Demi 102  lashes + Duo lash glue
Milani Liquif'eye liner in Black  (upper waterlines)
Cheeks - Jane Blushing Cheeks in Blushing Blossom
Lips - Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Candy Pink

Thanks for looking! :)

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  1. This is a very pretty color and your makeup looks lovely.


  2. I like the sheerness though, it makes it very wearable! It goes great with your complexion too! Love the make-up overall! :)

  3. Cool-toned pinks really work on you, Lena! So pretty :)

  4. Lena, that is a fabulous PINK! Omg'd discontinue. What is wrong with them? If you get an extra one, buy it for me. I want! hahahaha I'll check my drugstore the next time I go. Have a great week doll!

  5. I love the look, Lena. I haven't gotten any Revlon lippies in a while, but I did notice that they haven't restocked any of the lipbutters since the summer. So you might be right...

  6. The lipstick looks good on you. (:
    Would be too cool on me, I think...


  7. I have noticed that this line doesn't seem to be as well stocked as before, too, so maybe you are right. I have tried two of these, though, and I just don't like the formula - too dry and uneven for me!

  8. I always want to wear this kind of pink, but it will wash me out :/ This color looks nice on you though. :)
    too bad if they discontinue the range.. I hate it when they discontinue a product that is quite a staple :/

  9. That is so annoying with all that discontinued blah blah, it seems like a MAC disease - everything gets discontinued or is LE the moment it is released, lol. You rock this Candy PInk shades so well Lena, I really like your lip swatches (it always takes me 'ages' to finally get one acceptable pic, ha!). I love those dolly looks, I wish I would be better at applying false eyelashes though. I am so glad my lips are back to normal (still on the dry side though), I can try more lipstick formulas now D: I already have a Revlon Lip Butter sitting on my drawer and waiting for me! I am wondering if they are going to disc, this shade Candy Pink, because it really is so pretty.

  10. You look INCREDIBLE!!! Beautiful lip color and your eyes are so pretty :D I need candy pink!

  11. I love this lipstick by Revlon. I have it in another color and often wear it.

  12. Love revlon lipsticks! i only have like nude colors of this brand, i want this pink now!

  13. love this look, so girly and sweet!

  14. the nude color from this line is so pretty but i could never get it to work for me. too bad cause it looks gorgeous on others...;;

  15. what color do you have? ;)

  16. thank you so much! you always give me best compliments that make me blush. ;)
    i still see this off and online. hope you will get yours easily!

  17. thank you, Claire! :D
    it took me forever to figure out the lip swatch thing as well.
    now i use a softbox lighting and it helps a lot to get the color that's closer to real life.
    it is official revlon is quitting on this lipstick range and focus on lip butters, i heard.
    good thing is that they recycle many of their lip colors and put on different names, so i am sure we will see a similar color in lip butter line (or maybe it already exists! lol)

  18. i agree with you on revlon's almost frantic discontinuance and launch of new lines...
    they only had a handful of colors in this line, though..

  19. i did a little googling and it seems it's official...
    i agree with you. i have four in this line and the color payoffs and wears are all different.
    candy pink is the most moisturizing of all. ;)

  20. i'd recommend Sweet Tart shade from the lip butter if you want sweet candy color that is not too cool. ;)

  21. oh i hope they keep making lip butters otherwise there would be a riot! lol
    but it's official they are discontinuing this lipstick range..too bad. ;-/

  22. thank you, Kim! :)
    i am hoping to find a similar shade from the lip butter range, though.
    it's a shame since some of the colors of colorburst lipsticks are just fabulous!
    i believe we can still grab them at drugstores. ;)

  23. thank you, Teri!
    the sheer color makes it so much more wearable. it would have looked gaudy if it was opaque. :)

  24. Such a pretty colour :) You look stunning :D

  25. This shade of pink looks amazing on you. I need to also try that L'Oreal liner if it's good. xx

  26. This is such a pretty lip color especially against your complexion. I love your overall look, very cutesy, sweet, & innocent. :) I haven't really heard too much about these lipstick, but they do seem almost like the lip butters.

  27. I totally wouldn't have pinned this shade as being sheer and quite wearable. Looks great, Lena! And I'd love for these to go on sale.. time for us to hoard as per usual, haha.

  28. So pretty color!! I love this pink lipsticks *___*
    Is funny but Revlon is a drugstore brand but in my country is really spensive and is really hard to find all the colors and products :/ It's a hight cost brand here, so bad :(

  29. thank you, Lola! :)
    i think it's time for revlon to go global like l'oreal. it didn't do very well in asia like 10 years ago so they had to pull back, though.
    it's a shame revlon costs as much as higher-end brands!

  30. thank you, Raimar! :D

  31. That color is really beautiful pink and so cute!

    Sakuranko Blog
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  32. thanks, Andrea!
    lots of people complain about this color saying "how can this be in colorburst range?" because of the sheer color. lol
    i happen to love this for that, though.
    yeah, definite look for other colors, too. the nude and the red are great! :)

  33. thank you so much for your compliments! :)
    i had lots of fun putting this look together.
    i agree with you and decided not to feel too bad about discontinuance. lip butters are similar in many aspects. ;p

  34. thank you! :)
    i really like the liner as well.
    i usually use this as base color instead of cream eyeshadow. works fine for me! :)


    p.s. let us know if you would like to follow each other via gfc or bloglovin


  36. Aww... This colour really sweet on you pretty ^^
    And love your makeup as always because very suits on you

  37. the lipshade is sooo pretty!! and you look amazing Lena love the color on you!

  38. whoa it looks scary in the tube but i'm so surprised when it was swatched.. it's a very pretty pink shade :)


  39. This is such a dollie pink shade and it's quite pretty. I really like the look you paired with it. Such a pretty dollie you make Lena :)

    Thanks for the warm welcome back ! Yes let's enjoy the fall but all this rain needs to go away.
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  40. Very pretty! It's soooooo sheer compared to the bright, bold color in the tube! I would have never known, hehe. Cool pale pink really suits you. If they do have a massive sale, you'd better stock up!

  41. I love your dolly look :) the falsies and the lip colour kinda remind me of Barbie, but in a good and really subtle way ;)

  42. it's very candy like and princess! I've been looking for a hot red lately but not having any luck!

  43. aww thanks, Izzy!
    that's a really nice compliment. (*blushing*)

  44. thank you, Julie! :)
    i don't know much about other brands but if in revlon range, how about the fire & ice ? it is a real hot red. :)

  45. thank you, Diana :)
    i think Candy Pink is an odd ball. i happen to love this sheer color but it sucks not to be able to expect the similar coverage from one lipstick range. (same thing goes for the lip butter range. some are extremely pigmented!)

  46. thank you so much, Rowena! :)
    today is so muggy..now i really want the chilly wind back. ;p

  47. yes!
    i thought it would be a full-coverage color which would have been difficult for me pull off. ;)

  48. awww thank you, Oreleona! :)

  49. thank you, Fenny! :)
    lately i'm having fun with putting different looks together.
    glad you like it!

  50. thank you so much, Liz! :)

  51. i really like the shade..and your eyes look great!


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