Oct 5, 2012

Paul & Joe Haul 2

After my initial haul, I just couldn't get enough of the Paul & Joe's sophisticated girly packaging.
(You see I am being honest here? Luckily Paul & Joe products are great in my opinion, but that is just a bonus. ;p)
So I caved in and made another relatively small purchase, this time from beautybay.com.
I think they have better selections since the company is based in UK although shipping took longer than they claim. The price seems reasonable and shipping is free, fyi.

Not that I need more pink makeup, just because....

Face Color G in Nymph (001)
Lipstick Case
Lipstick Refil in Cupids Kiss (001)
Oil Botting papers with Case (It is really sturdy and comes with mirror.)

Pretty, aren't they?
I feel happy just looking at them. *^-^*

Cupids Kiss  is an LE shade from the Love Story Collection (Autumn/Winter 2012).
This is from the sheer range and it is indeed a very sheer pink with slightly warm undertone.
I chose the plastic case although I really loved the designs of paper cases.

Nymph  is from the Summer Creation collection 2012.
It is a very cool pink with lavender undertone. The silvery shimmer is very much visible.

I will do a separate swatch and look post soon with these newly acquired pretties. 

Thanks for looking.
I wish everyone a wonderful weekend! :)

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  1. thanks! that is a relief. ;)
    this was my first time with beautybay and i am overall satisfied with my experience. the only thing is that i expected my packaged within 5 days as they claim but it arrived on the 10th day. ;->

  2. Oooh, such pretty purchases! It's no shame to admit that packaging is a huge part of the allure of a product :) I love BeautyBay though I wish the shipping were faster, but hey, at least it's free! Looking forward to the swatches!

  3. i love the idea of having refills and cases separately. :)
    i like sheer lipsticks in general but i would agree this lipstick i got this time is on the very sheer side. i'd like to try the "natural" range next time!

  4. I really like their lipsticks, I am very glad they released a lot of new colours :) not a fan of their sheer lipsticks though (a bit too sheer for my taste), gorgeous shades you have picked Lena!

  5. thank you, Katherine! :)
    i love pink colors for my cheeks and lips and i am happy with them. :D

  6. Amazing haul! I love Paul and Joe packaging, it's so cute. I think the colours you picked would look amazing on you!

  7. now i carry them in my cosmetic pouch and enjoy them everyday! (and i want a paul & joe cosmetic pouch as well. so wrong! ;p)
    the blush is actually quite sheer and natural. the shimmer could be too much for some people but the color itself is wearable, i'd say. ;)

  8. *Jaw drops* I haven't seen such cute packaging in a while. Gotta confess that I would consider buying the products (even though I wouldn't be needing them) purely for one sole reason.. and that is for their packaging. The color of the blush looks really pretty, but I doubt that I can pull off such bold color on my cheeks. Hope to see a review of this haul soon! :)

  9. lolz. thanks for not blaming me!
    now i want a paul and joe cosmetic bag. that, you can scold me for. ;p

  10. The packaging is so pretty! It's really feminine and lovely. Can't blame you, haha!

  11. thank you, Rowena! :)
    i really enjoyed them when they were avail at sephora as well. it is a shame.
    at least we can still get them relatively easily at reasonable price.
    i am quite happy that i got the hard case. it is really handy since it has a mirror inside!
    now i hope they don't discontinue the paper refills. lol

  12. This has to be the prettiest haul I've seen in awhile. I remember I used to love to gawk at the packaging when Sephora carried the brand. I was so sad when they dropped them. That blush is gorgeous inside and out! I also have the blotting paper case and I love pulling it out :)

    Have a lovely weekend Lena!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  13. thanks!
    and thank you for adding me to your list. i am following you as well. ;)

  14. Oh my gosh their packaging is to die for!
    I just found your blog - new follower here <3

  15. yes! and i have a thing for damask prints. :)
    (you prolly noticed it from my blog background and the white sheet i use for photographs. ;p)

  16. Paul and Joe makeup always makes me happy looking at them too! It's funny how a lil extra damask print or embossed makeup makes everything way prettier! =D

    ♡ M.May

  17. thank you!
    i am enjoying them very much. ;)

  18. P&J packaging is truly always so beautiful ! Your haul is super cute too ^v^

  19. i've always loved paul and joe packaging but actually having seen your post rekindled my love for them!
    (bad girl! ;p)

  20. Paul&Joe has one of the best packaging! I love them!! ;)

  21. oooh eye gloss sounds very interesting!
    i'm looking to try more of their color makeup since i've mainly used their base makeup products. ;)

  22. P&J has such pretty packaging. I only tried their eye glosses and lip gloss. The pink blush is so pretty!

  23. their packaging is really something.
    the pink blush is quite nice, too. ;)

  24. Lovely packaging. Looks like great products. Would love to try the pink blush.
    Mom Fitness Journal | Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  25. thank you, Camilla :)
    if you want cute pretty packaging but hello kitty is too childish for you, then paul and joe is for you! ;)

  26. great haul lena..
    actually i havent try any product of paul and joe
    but it seems like a must try products
    i want to try their blush and lipstick

  27. i have used two different types of powder foundation and shimmery pressed powder from paul & joe, and i've enjoyed all of them.
    it is a bit tricky to find a right shade, though. ;)

  28. I die for their packaging! I've only used the lipsticks, though, and I like them. How are the powders?

  29. the blotting paper case is very convenient to use! i just realized i don't have to hold my compact while i am blotting any more. lolz
    it it a bit thicker than i thought (it's padded) but a nice thing to have in my bag. ;)

  30. I haven't tried much from Paul and Joe, but their packaging is always SOO pretty! I would buy that blotting paper purely based on the adorable case! :P

  31. thanks for visiting. :)

  32. I simply adore Paul & Joe and this is no exception:)
    Have a sunshiny day,

  33. that's why i put them in my makeup pouch with the powder foundation. ;)
    they are sheer and natural looking so i can use them to touch up later on no matter what color i choose to wear.

  34. P&J are so pretty just by looking at them!!can't wait for your reviews on them ^_~

  35. thank you!
    sorry i just saw this comment. sometimes disqus does a weird thing. ;)

  36. OmG! The lipstick have a wonderful color~~
    Really cute Haul sweetie!


    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page

  37. haha tell me about it. ;p
    they are the best in terms of packaging!

  38. p&j packaging just kills me every time with the cuteness!

  39. Nymph and cupids kiss are soo pretty!! and yesssss i also buy things just because of the pretty packaging lol

  40. i do the same thing (maybe not as much, though) for the skincare items. i want pretty bottles and jars sitting on my vanity. lol


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