Oct 23, 2012

Review, Swatch - Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede in Supermodel (045)

My local drugstore is running a real nice sale on Revlon Colorstay range, so I grabbed some of the new products.
(Ok, that was an excuse. I was plain curious and would have bought them anyway, sale or not.)

This lipstick is not even on the Revlon website, yet.
I just spotted a lipstick full of display that would equally work well for lollipops, and I reacted like a little girl in front of a lollipop stand, of course. ;)
I maybe wrong but I think Revlon is adding this to their core collections since there were 16 (or more) shades in the display.

The color I chose to feed my curiosity is Supermodel (045).

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede in Supermodel (045)

It claims to be a long wearing and food-proof yet moisturizing, so 92% of women saw the difference and felt their lips were moisturized.
It is infused with Shea Butter, vitamin E, etc.
(This is my recollection from reading off the display. I will update once the official info is up on the website.)

Supermodel is a muted medium mauve-y plum like color which is quite sophisticated looking.
I picked this out since I needed a more fall appropriate color and I thought deeper colors look better in matte formulation.

The packaging is rather sleek and nice.
The top case clicks and seals the lipstick tightly, and you can hear "click click" sound when you turn up the bullet. ;)

I was expecting a very velvety almost dry consistency due to the "Suede" name, but it is quite balmy and sheer. It even has a bit of sheen when you first apply it.

On lips, it goes on quite smoothly and the color sets into a semi-matte finish.
This lipstick has some faint vanilla like sweet scent, which does not bother me.

I was quite skeptical about their "moisturizing" claim but I didn't feel my lips were drier with this lipstick on.
I am not saying this feels moisturizing like L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm for instance, but it feels pretty good for a full coverage lipstick that claims to be long lasting.

As you see in the picture, it does not accentuate the lines of my lips any more than other lipsticks.
I suspect this contain a bit of stain cause the color does get a little darker after a while.
The second picture was taken a couple hours after the initial application and I added a little bit of clear gloss. 
Oh, and I did eat a bowl cereal!
The color seems to hold up quite well, right? ;)
( I am sure it would have been a different story if it had been fried chicken wings, though.)

I still prefer Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain for my long lasting base lip color, but I do enjoy the sophisticated finish and more lipstick like color payoff.
Honestly, I don't think this will be as popular as Lip Butters or the Just Bitten Balm Stain.
If you like the full color lipstick with buildable coverage and chic semi-matte finish, this is still worth checking out, though.

Thanks for reading!
Have you tried this lipstick? 

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  1. i really like the color, too. it is a very modern and defining color.
    the color last pretty long, i see myself wearing this on a busy day. ;)

  2. haven't tried this lippie yet, but I do like the color. Without the gloss, it actually really looks like something I would totally wear for everyday!

  3. i just found out that it takes time for it to really set in. it is quite matte looking after that.
    i am always impressed with revlon lippies as well. ;)

  4. It's a really lovely colour, but I must admit that because of the suede in the name I kinda expected it to less glossy? It still looks like a nice product tho, Revlon has awesome lip products :)

  5. i agree!
    this color would look good on anybody for any occasion. :)

  6. the color is really pretty, perfect for everyday wear ^_~

  7. I love the tone! The fact that it contains shea butter and vitamin E is also very tempting.
    On a side note though, I feel like eating cereal now. :D :D

  8. the color is totally buildable and it doesn't feel heavy at all.
    i think this lipstick at least lives up to its claim although the finish might not be everybody's cup of tea. ;p

  9. WOW! It looks good Lena. I thought it would be more opaque too. HaHaHa It provides just the right amount of color ...I think!

  10. lol. once you have it there, you won't cherish it as much. ;)
    revlon still is my favorite drugstore brand and their new products never fail to get me intrigued.
    i god a couple of duds as well (which i will talk about soon), though. -.-;;

  11. Why oh why, revlon isn't available here?!! this is such a pretty everyday color! It annoys me so much that we dont have revlon here :((

  12. aww thanks so much for your sweet compliment, Sunny! :)
    always happy to enable a fellow blogger. :D

  13. Ah Lena, honestly you have the best possible lips for lip swatches! I literally want every lip product I see on you!

  14. i think i might have been a little hasty when i took the first picture, Larie. ;)
    it did set into a finish that was quite matte.
    i do agree with you on there are not many matte options from drugstore lines, though.
    have you tried revlon super lustrous matte range? it is quite nice, imho. :)

  15. It's a really pretty shade, but I do wish it were actually matte. Matte lipstick finishes are some of my favorites, and I wish there were more drugstore options!

  16. i am glad to have chosen this color. lighter ones would look drier and less attractive, i guess.
    i love revlon lippies as well, but the colorstay range had never worked on me until this. :)

  17. I haven't tried this but this color is gorgeous. Perfect for fall. I am a big fan of Revlon lip products and am always on the lookout for new things to try.

  18. aw, thanks Natalie! :D

  19. oh, I like this color (:
    I love your reviews :D


  20. i really like the color for being so neutral and fuss-free.
    i had this on for the whole morning today. it seems to survive through hours of talking and enthusiastic(?) eating.
    i am impressed! ;)

  21. This looks like a nice lip color for fall. I wouldn't have expected it to apply so sheer but the color is quite pretty. I haven't bought a new lippie in months.

    Thanks for your sweet comment Lena! I'm so lucky to such a nice network of blogger buddies to share with and learn from :) Good luck on your giveaway entry!

    Rowena @ rolala loves
    Enter my Blogiversary Giveaway!

  22. Thank you for asking! We're both great! :)

  23. lol. i love eating cereals in the middle of day. it is more of a snack than breakfast for me. ;)
    how are you doing, Yuki?
    hope you and and your baby are doing well! :)

  24. I havent tried these yet but i think i will now! haha

  25. it just came out, so they will be soon available where you are? :)
    i like the color goes on quite thin yet can be built to a full coverage.
    unfortunately, i've never experienced anything that outlives fried stuff. i think i'd be scared if there's one, actually. ;D

  26. I don't think they're available in Australia but I'll definitely keep my eyes out for these in the future! I love how glossy and pretty it makes your lips look! If this lipstick survives a round of fried chicken wings, this would be the best lipstick in the world! XD

    Mmmm... I have a craving for chicken wings now. Darn it! Lol

    ♡ M.May

  27. Wow, Revlon has so many new product releases! I still need to try their lip balm stain in a dark color like this. I think this is a lovely color choice, especially for the season. Vanilla scent sounds better than mint, to me at least. :P

    And now I want some fried chicken...weaknesssss! kekeke (Actually, most foods are my weakness, lol.)

  28. i would go for the balm stain first although it seems you're not a big fan of mint scent.
    this ultimate suede actually dries down to matte finish and feels light, but there is still that distinct "shrink wrap" feeling on lips like all other super long lasting lippies. :)

  29. Hehe I think I can get used to the mint scent, if I use it often enough. I have Sweetheart but I also want Smitten - it's sooooo pretty on you!

  30. oooh do try smitten. it is my favorite and i use it all the time. i think i'd look so pretty on you. ;)


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