Oct 9, 2012

Review, Swatch, FOTD - NARS Oasis Blush

When I finally decided to get a NARS blush, it was not an easy task to pick the right one.
I wanted to choose something different from all the blushes in my box, not Orgasm  of which I already have three (better) dupes.

Enter Oasis.
Compared to other NARS blush names that are quite provocative (starting from Orgasm, Super Orgasm (!), Deep Throat, Sin...you name it.), Oasis sounds (and looks) serene and quiet.
And it is different enough to justify shelling out near $30 for a blush. ;)

NARS Blush Oasis

Oasis is a complex color that is a little hard to describe.
NARS simply says "Sparkling Pink Champagne", but it looks more complicated than that. (or it is just that I have never had pink champagne.)
I would describe it as a muted mauve pink berry with light gold shimmer. ;)

As you see in the swatch pic, the champagne gold shimmer is quite big (although not as big to be called glitter), but it doesn't show up as much once applied. It just leaves a healthy glow on my light/neutral complexion.

The pigmentation is excellent but it is not chalky at all. 
I can achieve a very sheer color using a stippling brush or get more flush with a conventional blush brush.
The staying power is pretty good, too.
Today I didn't set my foundation with loose powder, but this blush lasted on me for good 5 hours or so.

Overall look

I paired it with muted mauve lips & grey smoky eyes for today's look, but NARS Oasis also looks nice with brighter berry lip colors.

Makeup products used for this look

(from the top)
L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Black Lacquer 
Paul & Joe Light Cream Foundation in Alabaster 
NARS Oasis  Blush
L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm in Tender Mauve
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Honey
Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow Quad in Siren
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Audacious Asphalt
Palty Glitter Gel liner

I still prefer the usual shimmery pinks for my everyday cheek color, but I am impressed with the quality of this blush.
I think this unique color is a good addition to my blush collection and I might want to get more colors from NARS in the future.

Do you own Oasis?
What is your favorite NARS blush color?

Thanks for reading. ;)

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  1. thank you, Amy!
    this color seems to be universally flattering, though. ;)

  2. the blush looks gorgeous on your skintone!

  3. thank you.
    i agree with you. i love how easily i can build up from sheer to intense with this blush. ;)

  4. It's a very pretty natural blush. I love NARS blushes, the pigmentation and texture are awesome :D

  5. i wanna explore there eyeshadow range more!
    i think NARS does powder type makeup just right. ;)

  6. The pale pink colour looks nice on you. I love Nars products, I have mostly their eye shadows,

  7. thank you, Raimar! :)

  8. Is so cute so soft and lovely this blush...

    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page

    Great review~~

  9. thank you, Teri!
    this color is a bit of chameleon. i think it's because this color has brown undertone as well. it can double as a very subtle bronzer for me, too. :)

  10. It is so pretty on you! You're right about the glow, you look healthy and it's just so nice :). I still have not tried any Nars blushes, it's hard to get here, but ppl seem to be loving them :).

  11. i fear the same thing!
    i keep telling myself i have too many blushes already but i've been looking at the other colors' swatches lately. ;p

  12. Oh my gosh. That looks beautiful. One day I am going to drop an obscene amount of money on NARS blushes because there are so many that I want to try.

  13. thank you, Kim :)
    i have three (or four) similar shades of the famous Orgasm and i'd have never be able to justify if i had bought it. lol
    i really like this color a lot. :)

  14. Lena, it looks FABULOUS on you! HaHa I shelled out for the orgasm and it just looks ok on my. I like the sweetness of this look on you. So dainty, soft and girly! Excellent choice doll!

  15. yes. the shimmer makes this color more interesting, i think. ;)
    this may seem light in the picture but it seems to show up very well on regardless of the skin tone.

  16. I LOVE the bigger "glittery" gold bits!!! I think they give enough of the color and add a lot of glow!

  17. haha. if you have Sin, maybe this is not a must for you. i had to think real hard between Sin and Oasis myself. ;)

  18. I am buying this blush today haha thanks for sharing darling ;) my favorites would have to be sin and orgasm :) xx

  19. thanks, Rowena! :)
    this color is quite pigmented and i've seen it shows up beautifully on many different skin tones. i am sure it will look great on you! :)

  20. Such a lovely look! This color sounds and looks pretty though it probably wouldn't show up on me since I'm nowhere as fair as you. I really like the texture and wear of NARS blushes though.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  21. :) nice to become your color buddy as well! :)
    i think this color also has a bit of brown undertone. it looks like i put on some great bronzer sometimes depends on what i am wearing with it!

    i am sad Sex Appeal is discontinued. i'd have totally gotten it. ;p

  22. You describe colours like I do :D nice to have a colour buddy, I think one or two words are often not enough to describe all the beauty of undertones and sparkles, lol. It really is a very pretty blush and indeed sparkly. I have some fav Nars blushes, like sex appeal and gaiety. BTW, you make every Revlon lipstick/gloss/stain looks so good!

  23. thank you, Sunny! :)
    i think this would look great on you, though. ;p
    the color itself is fairly neutral but it's reputed as a flattering color for any skin tone. ;)

  24. Lena this looks great on you! I'm pretty sure it won't work that well for my skin tone, but for fairer ladies it's a great choice :) I don't own any NARS blushes if you can believe it! I wonder if it's time to do it ;)

  25. i am just starting to discover NARS and it feels kinda dangerous. i must be very careful! ;)
    the paul & joe foundation is quite nice although i bought it for the cute bottle. ;p

  26. i don't own oasis, and never tried nars, but the color does look nice. i also like the paul and joe bottle!

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  27. thanks!
    maybe my pics are a bit misleading. this is lighter than most of NARS blush but still very pigmented and it'd show up on most of skin tones. :)

  28. it's a great blush! the finish is so radiant even though it looks really pale on the pan, the color still shows up nicely on your cheeks! :)

  29. Wow. The blush looks stunning on you. You have beautiful skin.

  30. thank you, Katherine. ;)
    this color is very versatile. you can go from sheer to intense very easily!

  31. Wow that's such a pale but pretty colour. It suits your complexion so well.

  32. oh wow this is such a gorgeous shade :) and your skin is flawless! <3


  33. You look flawless like a doll c:
    Nice blush!


  34. aww thank you, Mei! :)

  35. thank you, Christine!
    my skin is far from flawless, though. i should thank the good lighting! :)


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