Oct 12, 2012

Review - Biore UV Bright Face Milk SPF 50+ PA+++

This is my favorite sunscreen of the moment.
For a long time, Sofina Perfect UV had been my holy grail but I think this Biore Bright Face Milk has officially taken the spot.

Biore UV Bright Face Milk

Good stable sunscreen is one of the few things I actually believe in skincare & anti-aging.
I have concluded I like the combination of zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and octinoxate the best as blocking agents in my sunscreen.
Of course, I have tried sunscreens with new ingredients that are believed to provide more stability (with higher PPD), but they all either irritate my skin and eyes or look cosmetically "inelegant".
I mean, yes, I would love to look younger than other women of the same age later on, but what is the point if my face looks like a grease ball NOW? ;p

In that sense, this sunscreen is pretty much perfect for me.

* Provides higher protection of SPF 50+ PA+++ (I am not sure but the PPD number would be about 8, which is just okay.)
* Gives beautifully matte finish and doubles as makeup primer
* Very easy to put a sufficient amount on thanks to the light weight.
(This is very important! You woudn't believe how much you have to put on to get the protection of the claim. You literally have to slather it on your face and this is why makeup with sun protection doesn't mean much.)
* Inexpensive
* Not as drying as some of the Japanese waterproof sunscreens I have tried.

The consistency is quite watery and it spreads evenly and sets quickly.
This is tinted in a very light milky pink color and there is a non-tinted version as well.
I like the tinted one since it brightens up & smooths out the skin tone so I can just use loose powder over and get away with it when in hurry. ;)

I don't know how much this picture shows, but you can at least see my scale-y hand looks a bit better. ;)

I have not seen this offline, so I have been ordering them online from overseas.
The price is still very affordable after a bit of mark-up, though. (around $12 USD for 30 ml (1 oz) bottle)
It is suited best for oilier skin type since it contains a good amount of alcohol. 
It worked so nicely during the hot New York summer and helped my makeup to last longer, but now I am putting more emollient moisturizer underneath as the weather here is getting colder.
Also, silicons are on top of the ingredient list, so please keep this in mind if you are sensitive to those.

I found ingredients information on this particular sunscreen.

Hope you have enjoyed this review.
What is your favorite sunscreen? :)

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  1. ShoppingObsessionMarch 17, 2013

    I love Biore and has been using their nose pore stripes and cleanser on and off for years. I haven't seen this sunscreen in my regular drug store. But will definitely check it out next time I go home to Toronto. They have a lot of Asian beauty shops there.

  2. This sounds like a nice reliable sunscreen. The 50+ SPF and lightweight factor would be a plus for me. And the pink packaging is pretty too. I'm a sucker for pink packaging ;p I'll have to look into this one after I finish with my LRP Anthelios 50.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my Disney post! I never get sick of people telling us that. And after so many years together, hubby and I might be morphing into one person. It's amazing how we think alike now lol.

    Have a splendid weekend Lena!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. I haven't seen this! I most definitely need this. I have a great body sunscreen but nothing for my face. So this will definitely work! Thanks for the tip Lena! :) Have an amazing weekend!

  4. I love a lot of biore products! too bad they arent available here ( like millions of other brands -.-)..
    Since I usually wear BB Cream with SPF 42++, I dont really need sunscreen. But this would come in handy on days I dont wear BB Cream.. thanks for the tip, Lena!

  5. I really like japanese sunscreens, most of the time they are too drying for me to use on my face but I really like them for my neck and shoulders. My HG is still Ducray Melascreen but I think this ss is only good for people with dry (maybe normal) skin, it is not drying and 'moisturizing' (well, how moisturizing a ss can be, right?).

  6. i will have to look into this. i've been using neutrogena's moisturizing lotion with spf...which i like...and this one looks nice and lightweight, too.

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  7. HAHA. I laughed at the greaseball bit. You are seriously much more diligent that I am at figuring out a great combo of ingredients that work for your skin. I just go by the SPF reading. Usually I cap it at around 30SPF, since any more that than makes me look too chalky.

  8. i am a big fan of japanese sunscreens as well! i've used biore sara sara gel on my body all summer long. i agree they could be too trying since many of them contain alcohol.
    i've heard about Ducray products. i might order some from a french site i often use. :)

  9. there was a time that i was obsessed with finding a "perfect" anti-aging sunscreen and after a while, i settled with a happy medium. SPF number is about the protection against burning, so look for "broad spectrum" with higher PA which is about tanning & aging.
    i agree higher SPF number doesn't mean much. using enough is more important. ;)

  10. i am jealous neutrogena works for you. i've tried many from them but none of them worked for me yet they sound so promising!
    this is very good face primer and i love how nice the finish is. perfect for someone with busy schedule!

  11. i love their nose stripes, too. it's almost addicting. lolz
    i haven't seen sunscreens in the asian shops here since they are regulated by FDA or something. isn't Canada more strict about drugs and such?
    i wish they were easily available here.. ;-/

  12. i go straight to bb cream or makeup with protection as well when i am in hurry.
    wearing sunscreen underneath is still a good idea because we don't put that much of makeup to get enough protection.
    i wish there were some magical sunscreen i can just put a tiny bit and get all the protection! :p

  13. this is perfect for face since you can even skip foundation when you're busy! it gives nice pearly luminous finish and evens out the skin tone.

    hope you're enjoying your weekend as well, Kim! :)

  14. if you like pink, this will definitely work for you. it gives a light pearly pink finish that brightens up the complexion as well.
    LRP anthelios is an excellent line, though.

    thanks for sharing those sweet pictures with us! your post made me smile as well.
    happy weekend to you, too! :)

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  16. Hi Lena! I am so excited! I just ordered this from Amazon. Quick question, what is the difference between the pink, white, and blue ones??


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