Oct 13, 2012

NOTD - China Glaze For Audrey

It has been years since China Glaze introduced this Tiffany blue color and it is now undoubtedly a cult favorite.
I cannot deny the charm of this color (and Audrey, of course ) although I don't think this is the most flattering shade against my skin tone, so only once a year or so, I visit this color and hold my Tiffany box as if this is a ritual or something. ;)

China Glaze For Audrey

This has the typical China Glaze formula that is quite thick and slower to dry.
The color is very opaque and it is somewhat tricky to apply, but careful two coats with good topcoat would do fine.
It is one of those perfect paint like colors that makes my human hands look imperfect and ugly against it, but I can take that since the color itself is so pretty. 
I just need to try and look at my tips only, not the whole thing.

I think I have read somewhere that the Tiffany blue is actually patented (copyrighted?) so duplicating the exact same color in other products are prohibited. 
I don't know if that is true, and the polish color does look a little different after that, but who cares? It is darn close anyway. ;)

(Edit : Ok, I got curious and googled a bit. Tiffany Blue is not patented nor copyrighted but "Trademark" protected. )

I personally suggest looking into other dupes for this color like OPI  Mermaid's Tears  or Wet 'n' Wild  I need a Refresh-Mint  as well. 
They come with better application and different finish, which means they are human-hand-friendly.
Essie Greenport  and Turquoise & Caicos  are a bit different but good alternatives, too.

However, I certainly would not stop you if you just want "For Audrey" as it is.
You simply cannot beat the name and the image behind it. ;)

Another "Box" shot

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