Oct 17, 2012

Preview, Swatch - Guerlain Liu Calligraphy Palette Holiday 2012

Unlike the other fall makeup collections that I felt underwhelmed about, This Liu  Calligraphy Palette made me feel pretty excited.
I had to grab one for myself soon after it showed up in Nordstrom although it does not feel like holiday, yet.
I will talk about this beautiful operatic heroine "Liu"  and the opera "Turandot"  later on when I present a look post for you (after all, I am a classically trained singer.), but today I am just too excited to show this pretty palette to you. :)

Guerlain Liu  Calligraphy Palette


Comes with protective pouch

It is quite big and hefty and has magnetic closure.

Another look at Liu  Calligraphy

how-to guide
Guerlain suggests two different eye makeup looks, "Calligraphy" & "Arty"

And swatches...

(from the top)
Pale Shimmering Ivory
Warm Iridescent Gold
Shimmery Grey/Beige
Matte Charcoal Grey (almost black) Eyeliner
Warm toned red (lip color)
Cool toned red (lip color)

This was taken under cooler lighting. :)

I will have to actually wear these colors and see to be sure, but the eyeshadow colors are beautifully iridescent and they go on velvety smooth.
I love the classic red lip colors in two different undertones as well. 
Only thing I am not so crazy about is that the lip colors have the "classic Guerlain lipstick smell" which is not very appetizing. (Maybe it is a good thing. ;p)
Overall, I am very happy with this palette and I believe this collection has captured the image of one of the most visually stunning operas, "Turandot"  and its sympathetic heroine "Liu".

I am adding lip swatches today.
They both feel and look amazing on.
The colors hug my lips. Matte and velvety but not drying at all, which is perfect for red lip colors. :)

warm red

cool red

What do you think of this palette?
Would you be purchasing one of the Guerlain Liu  Collection for this holiday?

Thanks for looking! :)

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  1. i just saw this palette in person at my local nordstroms, it's super pretty! but i'm only thinking about purchasing the meteorites or the glitter spray.

  2. I love that this palette combines cool and warm tones for eyes and lips. The reds are gorgeous. So far I prefer Guerlain's holiday offerings over those from Dior, YSL, or Chanel. I am still loving my Pucci meteorites from summer, so I will pass on the meteorite balls and powders...On a different note, I would love to hear your music sometimes:)

  3. OMG this looks so good!! I'm not sure about having lipsticks and eyeshadows in a palette, but looks like it's not an issue with this palette, right?
    I dont know if this palette is out yet in germany, but I'll def have a look once it's out! :D

  4. So so so gorgeous!I love the eyeshadow colorsss. I probably won't be purchasing this since I don't wear eyeshadows often but its seriously tempting.

  5. OH MY GOD. My heart totally skipped a beat! This is all I could dream for AND more! Can't wait to read more about Turandot and see the look you do with this one!

  6. Lena, it's a very pretty palette! Great for Fall girl! Guerlain makes some awesome beauty products but you hardly ever hear anyone talk about them? I wonder if it's because of the price? Aren't they out of France or Italy or something? LOL at all my questions. I just know their stuff is really good.

  7. Very nice palette. Just the packaging is to die for. Looking forward to see your looks from this palette.

  8. I didn't know you were a classically trained singer! That's really cool. :D The palette is absolutely stunning. I love how dramatic the colours are.

  9. the palette looks really elegant and classic! I do think the shades are quite pretty ^_~

  10. i am pretty satisfied with this one and i don't think i'd get another holiday set since i've spent quite a bit on this one. i do agree with you on that there are so many pretty ones out there. must not look! ;p

  11. The palette looks really nice, I've tried Guerlain products before and was pleased, but have never bought one of these. I'm into holiday palettes so far I've seen so many good ones this season. /Madison xo

  12. i am so excited to try the eyeshadows on. there is no way i'd wear the "calligraphy" style like the model, but i think they are very versatile and wearable. :)

  13. Oh wow. I know Guerlain always puts out amazingly structured and gorgeous palettes, but this one is soooooooo insanely pretty! And I love all the shimmery shadows. So pretty.

  14. i agree with you.
    i don't like palettes that house lip and eye products together, actually. this one, i couldn't help, though!! ;D

  15. Arrrgh, soooo gorgeous! I love the lipshades, I'm usually not a fan of lipcolours in a palette because they tend to look like a sticky mess, but these are amazing! And the es is LOVE!

  16. totally! i hear you.
    i wish there was so separate cover for the lip part like some of the dior palettes. ;)

  17. I love how palettes like these look but it drives me mad when my powders get into the creams!

  18. i need at least one warm gold shade and this would be perfect.
    this palette is well thought out and i am quite happy. ;)

  19. love all the reds and shimmerry ivory and gold!!wowowowow!

  20. AHH, so excited! I will get mine today :D now I am even more excited than I was. Beautiful swatches and I knew this palette would not disappoint me. First, I was a bit unsure about powder + creme in one palette (can get a bit messy) but oh my, look at those colours! It is such a well thought out collection. I am even considering getting the shimmer perfume/powder/thing D: I am also getting Turandot and Lou-Ling :) Can't wait, I want to swatch everything now and wear it, haha.

  21. thank you.
    i am not particularly fond of guerlain makeup or fragrance in general, but i think this palette is just lovely. :)

  22. nobody would have guessed since i've been singing non-classical stuff a lot lately. lol.
    i've sung in some operas when i was younger but not in Turandot. no role for me in it.
    it is an amazing opera, though. this colors suits the image perfectly well. ;)

  23. i am excited to try this on but also i feel a little nervous. i'd like to try the editorial look like the model but i know there is no way i could pull that off. i will prolly do a very conventional look. ;)

  24. i agree that guerlain has been too conservative and the price is not so friendly.
    it has the feel of the old world elegance and i think it requires certain tastes.
    this collection is actually perfect for the brand image at the same time it is universally appealing. very well done, in my opinion. ;)

  25. i agree, Rola :)
    the eyeshadow colors are quite perfect to pair with any red lip colors.
    and thanks for the interests in my music. i will post some whenever i have a new recording available.

    have a nice weekend! :)

  26. i love Turandot and i always recommend this if someone asks me what to see at the MET since it is visually stunning. there is no role for me in it, though. ;p
    i am very excited to try this on myself. probably this weekend?? ;)

  27. i was seriously contemplating since i don't wear red lips or gold eyeshadow that often, but i totally caved in because it was a such well-constructed palette.
    tempting is the word, all right! :D

  28. i totally agree with you. i actually dislikes any lip palette or palette that houses eyeshadows and lip colors together. it would have looked far less prettier if it had had the lips colors together, though. lol
    i am sure it will show up soon in germany. ;)

  29. the metoerites looks gorgeous. i was seriously tempted, too!
    would love to see the swatch and look post from you, Jackie. ;)

  30. You have such a gorgeous lip shape, pale skin that any red will look great on you! I wish I could pull of red, but I can admire people who can wear them. :)

  31. awww thank you, Alyssa. you are so sweet.
    au contraire, i fear wearing red lips in general. often times, it looks too harsh on me.
    i thought the warmer color would look terrible on me, but it surprisingly fine on me. i am so happy! :)

  32. i agree! depending on how much liner your use or on the lip color, you can create everyday look to dramatic evening look. ;)

  33. the palette looks great, they are colors that you can wear everyday too, very versatile!

  34. thanks, Rowena :)
    the lip swatches may be deceiving, though. red lips often look too much on me. ;p
    i was just at the bridge of the manhattan side and i was so tempted to walk since it was nice out. then i had to get back to work.
    i'd love to see more posts about "your" new york. i lived in the city long enough but it still catches me off guard (in a good way). :)

    have a happy weekend!

  35. This palette is so elegant as are the colors in it. The reds look amazing on you! I'm so envious that you can carry off such a wide range of lip colours Lena :)

    You should totally walk Brooklyn Bridge before it gets cold. It's not a long walk at all and the park on the other side is really nice now. And that fried chicken is so good.

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  36. hi Lairie! welcome back! :)

    i really like thie palette. i just used the eyeliner today and it is amazing even when used dry. can't wait to try the complete look.

  37. Ah, so luxurious and beautiful! I really like the classic shades in the palette. So wearable!

  38. thank you!
    i love the old elegance of the brand but i was never keen on their makeup before this!
    this is very versatile palette that would do good for many people, i think. ;)

  39. I have never tried Guerlain products before but this palette is really elegant! I like the look of the two bottom eyeshadows that you swatched. Both the lip colours look lovely on you :)

  40. they look all very elegant and rich. this is not an exception. i was surprised how heavy the palette feels in my hand! lol

  41. Wow this is beautiful :) I love the look of Guerlain products, I really want to try their stuff out :D

  42. my pleasure!
    i am glad you like the looks of this palette, too. ;)

  43. Hi sweetie~~ This palette is so elegant and cute my favorite red was the cool red, really beautiful eyeshadows color... Thanks for this georgeus review~~

    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page

  44. i just saw your post on your haul, Claire! totally jealous and excited to see your swatches. :)
    i heard the shimmer powder is lovely but lacks the "perfume" part a bit. did you get this as well or try it on at the couter? what is your thought?

  45. i agree the gold color is something special and i really like it although i shy away from anything warm in general. :)
    i also like the texture of the eyeshadows. they are not too soft, so you can build up colors beautifully. ^-^*

  46. What a classy looking palette. I have been looking through the swatch of Liu and Turandot in many beauty blogs and I must say that the pigmentation is pretty awesome. I like the iridescent gold the most from this palette :)

  47. i guess that makes sense. since the powder can be used on body/hair/face, it would be too much if it was strongly scented.
    i am very tempted to get Lou-Ling and Turandot.
    (see what you have done to me, Clair? ;D)

  48. I agree but it looks pretty and it still smells nice :D even if not that intense. I don't know when and where I should wear some shimmer though, still thinking if I should get it. Love the reds in this collection, they are stunning!

  49. omg the red lipsticks from this palette are soo pretty! i really love the cool red. i love palettes like these, you get a complete set and i love the guides too

  50. this set me back more than $80 (after tax;), but i think it is worthwhile for me.
    the lip colors feel amazing on. very thin but pigmented and long lasting as well. ;)

  51. $80 isnt bad for a palette that pigmented and with long lasting lipcolors! totally worth it :)

  52. you think so?
    aww now i am justified! :D


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