Oct 20, 2012

NOTD - Color Club First Looks

Ok, I am ready.
Be warned, though.
Once I start with my vampy nails, it will go on all the way to next March at least. ;p

This rich dark navy shimmer looks perfect for a start.

Color Club First Looks

Color Club First Looks  is from their fall collection 2012 "In True Fashion", and it has micro blue/teal shimmer in the rich blackened navy base.
It is like the shimmery version of Essie Bobbing for Baubles (my other blue favorite).

This is very pigmented and has a great formula that covers so well. I find it is a definite one-coater.
I am indeed only wearing one coat with my trustee Duri base coat and Seche Vite top coat.
I guess applying another coat would add more dimension to the color, but honestly I don't think it is necessary for me. 

I was lucky to catch the sunlight today.
See how gorgeous this color is under natural lighting. :)

Thanks for looking!
Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weekend. :)

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  1. I have way too many nail polishes already but I am lemming such a colour! I feel like discovering so many pretty colours this year *sigh*, I need them ALL :D

  2. it's very nice indeed. got a couple of compliments today. ;)

  3. yay! do let me know how you like the liu palette. ;)

    for creme finish black, i'd recommend revlon "black lingerie". it is purple based black and doesn't look harsh at all. it still look black.
    also, i really like essie "Bobbing for Baubles" although it is not technically black.
    hths! :)

  4. This looks edgy and cool! I love shiny black nails, can you recommend one without shimmer? I caved and bought the Guerlain Liu eye and lip palette yesterday:)

  5. thank you, Natalie! :)

  6. Owww, amazing color! Looks sooooo pretty <3


  7. it's gorgeous! i would totally wear this now

  8. thanks, Kim :)
    i think this is the star of the collection.
    i like it a lot!

  9. oooooh lena! i love this shade of navy girl! i have a tuxedo blue by dior, but it doesn't look this rich! looks great!

  10. i try to be careful with dark shades as well.
    i need to wear them on short trimmed nails and pick colors with right undertones, otherwise they look harsh on me.
    this color is just about right. ;)

  11. I'm usually not a dark nail polish person but this color is gorgeous!

  12. thank you, Sunny!
    color club is somewhat hard to spot here in the u.s. as well. i believe they have a separate line for offline drugstores, too.
    some nail salons carry this brand, though. ;)

  13. OH MY GOD this is such a gorgeous shade!!! It's PERFECT for your skin tone! I've heard a lot about Color Club nail polishes, but finding them here is tricky I think. I'll have to look around to see if it's possible at all!

  14. aww that's very sweet, Mie :)
    this is a lovely neural dark that would look good on anybody, though.
    thank you. :)

  15. Oh that is so pretty :O
    It looks really good on you, but hey what doesn't :D

    I hope you're having an amazing weekend as well


  16. Love this colour.
    Is it has a bit glittery sparkling or something? :)

  17. thank you, Fenny.
    this color has very fine shimmer. :)

  18. thanks, Izzy! :)
    i was wearing medium/light color up until last week and now i am all about vampy nails. lol

  19. wow you have such neat application! I love this vampy colour. I actually have this apple green shade on my nails right now and I was thinking of getting rid of it...now I've been inspired as to what new colour I should apply! :D

  20. i love dark colors on my short trimmed nails. there is something very posh about the look. :)
    my windows are all facing the east and i need to get up early to catch the sunlight. i am so lazy, though. haha

  21. It looks amazing when in sunlight! That what I love about darker nailpolishes, they look all dark and mysterious and then suddenly boom! hidden sparkles when it hits the light!

  22. i like this color the best out of the whole collection and i only picked this up. ;)
    it is on the thick side but totally manageable.
    love this color!
    thanks for your compliment, Claire. ;D

  23. That colour! It looks so complex and just stunning. great for fall and winter. It also looks amazing on your complexion. How impressive, that this is only one coat. :O

  24. thanks, Mishelle!
    i was never a big fan of color club polishes since they are usually thick and harder to control, but this one is quite nice. :)

  25. I have never tried colour club nail polishes before! This polish looks so rich I love it :)


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