Sep 20, 2012

Review, Swatch and FOTD - Sleek Blush in Pomegranate

I have been loving this gorgeous & highly pigmented blush ever since I received it from an international swap with a lovely blog friend.
(That was more than six months ago, so I guess this is a long overdue post. ;) )

Sleek Blush Pomegranate

Sleek Blush
Comes in a "sleek" and simple black matte case.

Pomegranate is a vivid plum / berry color with fine champagne gold shimmer. 

The blush has silky texture with almost no graininess (Is it a word? lol) and it is very long lasting.
I was very impressed with the quality because the price of this blush is in the drugstore range ($5.99 USD) but it looks and wears like a high end product!

This particular color is very unique and beautiful but it looks a little scary from the pan and it does look bit too much on me when applied with my regular blush brush.
However, I can solve this problem and make it work for me by using a skunk brush (e.l.f. stippling brush from the studio line) instead.

This brush is very nice for pigmented and dark blushes like this although it might be a little too soft and limpy for other purposes. ;)
On me, it creates very pretty natural pink flush without looking gaudy or clownish. 
I think this color is great for any season but especially lovely for winter!

swatch 1
(heavy-handed using finger)

swatch 2
(applied and blended out using skunk brush)

Pomegranate has made my top 5 blushes and I am reaching for it more and more as the cooler weather approaches. 
This blush made a great impression on me about Sleek Cosmetics and I definitely want to try more in the future.

Here are a couple of FOTDs of me wearing Sleek Pomegranate blush. :)

I am wearing the Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain in Smitten.
This color is a great complement to the Sleek Pomegranate.

I look sleepy here but you can see the makeup colors a bit better. ;p

Have you tried Sleek blushes?
Do you have any color recommendation for me? :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I haven't tried any sleek blushes but they do look pretty nice and the price is quite a steal too! This shade is really lovely ^_~

  2. I've always wanted to try a Sleek blush, but haven't so far! This looks like a lovely one, and I'm glad to hear the quality's great!

  3. It's so pretty! I thought it was NARS at first glance at the first picture. I've yet to try any Sleek products but I've only heard good things about them!

    And yes, graininess is a word, hehe. =)

  4. I love sleek blushes too! they're affordable but has good quality.. My fave Sleek blush ever is Flushed ;D
    Pomegranate looks pretty on you! and thank you for the tip of using elf stippling brush! it works well with other highly pigmented blush too! ^^

  5. You look so beautiful :) I have this blush but I got it so recently I haven't even swatched it yet. Good to hear it's one of Sleek's more pigmented options. I got Rose Gold as well and while it's lovely, I really just expected ALL of Sleek's blushes to be ultra-pigmented so when I tried to apply it with a skunk brush it didn't even show up! Rose Gold is definitely a shade that can be applied with a traditional blush brush with abandon. I'll be sure to use my skunk brush on Pomeganate, thanks for the warning :D

  6. i haven't tried yet the Sleek product. Looks good on you but I can't really see on your face lol
    But you look so pretty ^.^

  7. I love it on your perfect porcelain skin, Lena! :) Such a soft, pretty rose shade. You look so lovely!

  8. lena, you are just so beautiful! any pink tones are definitely your color. that is the prettiest shade of pink blush i have ever seen. i wear a peach cream blush, so i am very impressed with this in powder form. i wish we could buy it here in the states!!!

  9. Woah these blushes are beautiful! Love the colors! I really want to try Sleek make up!

    So sorry for being m.i.a on your blog ;-; I barely have the time to look through my feed!

  10. hi Banny :)
    no worries! i know the blogger feed could be overwhelming sometimes.
    good to hear from you again, though! :)

  11. aww Kim, truly spoken like the owner of "A very sweet blog"! you're so sweet. ;)
    i guess i am the opposite of you. i still don't know how to work with cream blush. ;p
    i think Sleek ships internationally and the charge is reasonable. i am planning to order from them soon. ;)

  12. oh my, Larie! you made me all blushed now. i don't need this blush any more. lolz!
    my skin is far from perfect. i should bow down to my soft box lighting and the e.l.f. HD powder. ;D
    thank you!

  13. thanks Fenny!
    i was hoping to show how subtle it could look with right application. i guess it depends on the monitors and resolutions. ;-)

  14. thank you so much, Sarah!
    i saw your post about Sleek blush sale a bit too late, i was kicking myself!
    Rose Gold is another color i've been eyeing on. so soft and gorgeous color!
    i'd love to hear about your Sleek blush haul! :)

  15. i think i saw that color Flushed on your blog. it seemed like another pigmented pretty color from them!
    i have a super dark plum red color from Anna Sui, and this stippling brush works well for that as well. i am quite glad. :)

  16. thanks!
    i love NARS blushes but i still feel myself holding back from spending that much of money on blush (which item i already have enough to last my life time!). i know lots of people compare Sleek blush to NARS ones. ;)

    whew, i thought so about "graininess" since my auto-correct didn't correct me when i was writing this post. lolz

  17. they have nice 3 color pans, too. i think i wanna get them!
    Sleek and Catrice are the European brands i'd like to try in the future. :)

  18. i cannot agree with you more.
    maybe i need to try more products from this brand to be sure, but if other blush colors are like this, i am all in for them! :)

  19. I have never tried any Sleek products. Someday I hope I do. The blush is gorgeous on you! :)

  20. That blush looks stunning on you!! I've always been a bit scared of that color but I'll give your technique a try :) Hope you're doing fine hun, it's been so long since we last talked xx

  21. What a pretty blush color and it looks perfectly lovely on you Lena! I wish we had access to Sleek products in the US cause from what I've seen on other beauty blogs, they make a quality range at a great price.

    Have a fab weekend!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  22. thank you, Rowena! i really like this blush.
    i just checked on the Sleek website and found out the shipping charge for the u.s. starts from $5 which is not bad. :)

  23. thank you, Lina! :D
    i am doing well. how about you? :)
    this blush definitely makes me wanna haul from them.
    with light application, i am sure it would look gorgeous on you!

  24. thanks, Alyssa!
    i think blushes and eyeshadow palettes are their main starts. i'd like to try some more!

  25. I have a similar shade!

    Can't believe I wasn't following you before. Silly. I am now.

  26. haha thanks for adding me to your list! :)

  27. me likes the delicate blushing effect..

  28. I want to try their eyeshadow palettes too!... hehe~ Do you know how to get them online for cheap? :X

  29. i know the sleek website offers international shipping. ;)
    i saw the charge for the u.s. starts from $5. i wouldn't suspect it would be too much if you're planning to get eyeshadow palettes and blushes. :)


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