Sep 6, 2012

FOTD - Not So Bright Eyes

So today I wanted to do the current Revlon's look challenge, "Bright & Bold Eyes".
I do have some nice bright eyeshadows, so I thought "Hmmm, no problem. I can do this!", but then I quickly realized I didn't have any Revlon brights. Duh.
(To me, Revlon is more of a "neutral color" brand, not brights.)

I almost felt like going downstairs and buying a new bright Revlon color, which would have made me a sure sucker for this type of apps on Facebook.
Finally, I came to my senses (after I saw piles of eyeshadow in my box, of course) and settled with this not-so-bright color, Violet Starlet.
(This is a single shadow from their pearl line. a medium pinkish purple with pretty shimmer. See the product picture below.)

It came out almost smokey, a definite fail, but I decided to do a FOTD post anyway since I spent too much time into this. ;p

This is a rather simple look as most of my FOTDs.
I just darkened the folds with kohl eyeliner and laid this eyeshadow color over the lids.
I added a teal color eyeliner to balance the pink color and also to match the contacts I am wearing today ( NEO Queen Aqua ).
On cheeks and lips, I am wearing muted mauve-y wine colors. :)

From another angle
Ah, more importantly, I got a haircut yesterday. 
It was way overdue since my last one was in May.

Products used for this look
(Do you see the Chafing gel from Monistat? I used it as face primer. It works very well and this is for another day's post. ;p)

Thanks for looking.
Have you done any of the Revlon challenge? :)

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  1. beautiful makeup!
    btw mind to follow each other?

  2. thanks so much, Laura! :D
    sometimes i color in black which is not much different my natural color which is very dark brown. i think only 1/4 from the bottom is colored in black at this point. ;)

  3. thank you, Rowena. ;)
    honestly, i don't do much for my hair. i do rotate poos and cons. maybe it helps? i am totally inspired to do a hair post thanks to your encouragement, though. ;D
    this gel is interesting with both pros and cons. ^-^

  4. Your hair looks so healthy and shiny, I love it.
    The look is really pretty, I love purples on the eye.


  5. I love how natural yet pretty this looks. Love your hair by the way.

  6. I love your hair, it looks healthy and shiny. What do you use on your hair...I have the same Revlon shadow, I have had some fallout issues with Revlon shadows. It is such a shame.

  7. I love it, Lena! I'm so obsessed with your hair! It looks so nice and smooth and healthy!

  8. Your hair is beautiful :D So long and shiny! And I like the whole look - the soft color on the eyes, the soft color on the lips...lovely!

  9. Oh gosh you hair is soooo pretty! I really love purple on you, it's an awesome colour and I like how you did a blue liner underneath, it really works so well together :).

  10. While it may not be bright, it's quite pretty. And your hair looks totally gorgeous Lena! I think you must share some of your secrets to luscious locks. I'm quite intrigued by your primer ;p

    Happy weekend!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  11. love the smokey! and the color of the lippie, very glossy and pretty!

  12. thanks, Julie!
    the gloss/balm goes on very shiny but it's never sticky. i like it a lot. :)

  13. thanks, Teri.
    it was right after i washed it and just air-dried followed a bit of blow dry. i think the hairstylist did a nice job this time. ;)
    i love using color eyeliner on my lower lash lines. it makes such a difference!

  14. thank you, Larie!
    i've always had long hair. i've tried shorter length like 20 years ago but it did not look good on me at all. ;-/
    i actually envy people like you who can pull shorter hair beautifully! :)

  15. haha, thanks Sunny!
    there's nothing to be obsessed..i think i got some help from the lighting as well. lol

  16. awe, thanks Rola! :)
    i don't really use anything special on my hair. i actually hate using products on hair. i just rotate poos and cons sometimes and get a precision haircut on a regular basis, which wasn't the case this time. ;)

    i am feeling the same way about revlon shadows. i think the old colorstay formula was much better, honestly. some matte shades are quite nice, though. :)

  17. thank you very much, Simera! :D

  18. thank you, Natalie :)
    i love wearing purples on eyes as well!

  19. Interesting post but you still look great!

  20. beautiful! i love the look! and i love ur lenses soo pretty!! and ur new haircut :)) love the way ur bangs swoop across your face hehe

  21. thank you, Oreleona :D
    i really like the Queen series from NEO. they are very natural and comfortable. i think this aqua green would great on you as well.
    as for the haircut, i can't complain. it was quite affordable, too. ;p

  22. thank you, Katherine. ;)
    i am still going to try some really bright makeup..just not for the challenge. i think the rule is "you have to use Revlon products". hmmph

  23. Oh I saw these pics on your fb! You look so pretty, very ethereal!

  24. haha thank you so much, Jane! :D
    i am not a mysterious type at all, though. lolz
    i guess i should smile more in my next FOTD? ^-*
    have a great weekend!

  25. Oh my goodness you look so pretty!
    You look sort of mysterious.. but gorgeous at the same time, haha.
    There goes my super great explanation skills LOL.

    Another lovely FOTD, Lena! :)

  26. love how soft and sexy it looks on you!i haven't cut my hair for quite sometime actually..i am growing it out..

  27. thank you, Debi!
    you have luscious hair! i don't do anything to my hair except getting regular cuts. this summer i was just too busy and never able to work out an appointment with my stylist. ;p

  28. Pretty overall, even though you say it fails the challenge. Your hair steals the show, it's so lovely!

  29. thanks, Sarah!
    how are you doing?
    i miss your FOTD posts. ;)

  30. Still loving your glossy locks, now I wish mine was long again for fall... the asym bob is growing out already and need a quick fix of a change! Like the soft colour of the lipgloss, pretty.

    Love the subtle smokiness you've got going on!

  31. It totally does look smokey! and I really love it on you. And your hair, Lena! It's so gorgeous and shiny! Do you color?

  32. Loove this look. Last photo is my absolute favourite!

    I used to use Monistat as a primer allllllll the time.. then it got banned in Canada or something weird like that. ;sigh;

  33. wow, you are really pretty! I adore your hair, it looks so soft, shiny and healthy. You won't believe but I am looking for such a lipcolour like here in your FOTD and I find it so hard, it looks like it would be my perfect pink for every day. You have a perfect complexion <3 I hope to see more FOTD soon :)

  34. I really love the contacts! It's gorgeous on you. Now I can see why you like the Neo ones. In the last picture you looked naked.

  35. thanks, Ahleessa! :)
    i like this series a lot. i also bought a grey pair recently as well.
    (you caught me! i didn't even realize it until you mentioned it, though..i usually get dressed after i put on makeup. hate loose powder falling all over on my clothes..hehe ;p)

  36. oh my, Claire! you're sooo sweeeet. ^----^
    thanks so much for your compliments. although my complexion is far from being perfect. i should thank my soft light box and HD loose powder i daily use! ;p
    this lip color came out quite pinkish, but in real life it is mauve-y MLBB color. i might have layered some lip color underneath, though...

  37. thanks, Feelo! :D
    i can send this to you if you like! i've only used this tube twice so far. just let me know. :)

  38. thank you! :)
    i've had long hair as long as i remember. it is really a hassle free style for someone like me who doesn't know what to do with her hair. ;p

  39. Oh, I cannot wait to see the grey pair! :)

    You look pretty sexy without the top... lol~

  40. I will definitely ask you once I finish the primers I have! :):)

  41. loooove the look!!! and your hair is so pretty & shiny *_*
    the shadow u used is gorgeous. one of my fave colors to use!

  42. aww, thank you! :)
    i am glad this color looks okay on me. frankly, this is a bit too pink so i was a little worried. ;p

  43. Ahhh don't challenge me, as I too would be a sucker and want to run out to make purchases, hehe. I think the colors you choose look lovely, and I love the green contacts! Your hair looks so shiny and healthy. =)

  44. thank you, sweetie! :)
    i think this revlon challenge app on FB is a great marketing tactics. lol.
    i was going for puple/green combination so i am glad you like the look!

  45. i REALLY need a haircut....not sure why i don't just pick up the phone and make an appointment, lol! the look may have not been what you were going for, but i still think it's pretty. i did the bright eyes and red lip challenge a while back...


  46. lol. it was really hard for me to coordinate schedule with my stylist since he is always away for a shoot or something. so finally i had to visit this new one. i am glad it came out okay! :)
    i've seen your post and i was very inspired!
    i wonder how many look challenges Revlon would come up with in the future. :)


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