Sep 4, 2012

NOTD - Zoya Myrta

I recently won Ahleessa 's Zoya Polish giveaway and received two gorgeous shades, Myrta  and Tracie.  :D
I was super excited about this since Zoya is one of my favorite polish brands and warm shades like these are just what was missing in my polish box.
(I feel a little timid towards warmer colors and tend to buy cooler-toned makeup items more often. ;p)

Zoya Myrta

From Zoya website :
Myrta is warm medium orange coral with red undertone, 
gold and silver metallic shimmer, 
and a foil like finish.
The coral color of Myrta is soft,
but the foil finish gives it added warmth and glow.

As I said, I tend to reach for pink or red with blue undertone, so I wasn't so sure how this vibrant orange coral would look on my almost-cool-neutral skin.
However, this juicy shade looks surprisingly nice on me and I think this would be perfect transitional color into fall although this is a part of Zoya's summer 2012 collection.
Under warmer lighting, it evens looks like burnt orange with red. It is a very complex color! :)

The finish is very opaque and it is extremely easy to apply. You can even get away with careful one coat.

This was provided by Ahleessa's generous giveaway sponsored by Verve Wellness Salon.

Thanks again for this cool giveaway! :)

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