Sep 13, 2012

NOTD - Zoya Tracie

I will admit that I am not very fond of green colors.
I look terrible wearing green in general, so I would usually get away wearing teal on St. Patrick's days ridiculously thinking someone might pinch me cause I am not wearing a "real green".
I even have slight resentment towards all this "Go Green" craze.
(Please don't get me wrong. I support the cause, I do. I just don't like that it is warped in marketing (like everything else) and I see ugly green stuff everywhere and that, I resent.)

Sidetracked as usual, but I guess I wanted to say I really like this delicate green polish from Zoya depite of my fear of Greens.
Tracie  was the other color I received from Ahleessa's giveaway. ;)

Zoya Tracie

from Zoya site:
Tracie is a faded yellow-toned pistachio green 
with delicate silvery shimmer for a frosted pearl finish.
great for fresh-looking twist on vintage avocado green

I don't see much yellow in this soft green color although it is definitely on the warmer side. 
The shimmer in Tracie  is much finer and softer than the one in Myrta
This delicate sliver shimmer adds cool touch and set a whole different nuance to the color, it seems. ;)

Under warmer lighting

another close-up
You can see the pretty shimmer a little better in this pic.

I have been wearing Tracie for close to a week, which is quite a surprise for me.
My little piano student who came in for her lesson today was obsessed with this color and couldn't help herself but staring at my tips the whole time.
I would have given Tracie  to her if I didn't like it so much myself. ;p

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  1. One of my faaaavourite nail colours! Like a lighter, shimmery-er (shimmerier?) version of OPI's green-wich village.

  2. thanks, Lina :)
    how are you doing? ^-^

  3. thanks again for this gorgeous giveaway, Alyssa. ^-^
    i've been playing the piano as long as i remember, but i only teach beginners and intermediates since i am not a piano major. ;)

  4. I, also am not a fan of green but this shade doesn't look like a striking green but instead a much subtle green which I might not dislike at all~ It looks really pretty especially with the added shimmers..I think I might like this shade too ^_~

  5. LOVE this one on you! There are so many shades of green, and I'm sure nothing works on everyone, but Tracie is adorable on you!

  6. I love this color! It's gorgeous on you. I don't blame you for not giving it to your student... hehe~ Oh wow didn't know you're a piano teacher. How long have you been playing piano?

  7. This color looks like the perfect spring/summer color :) gorgeous xx

  8. This is the prettiest spring green polish ever :)

  9. I love it! It's such a pretty green. I love the new blog layout, too :) And oh, you teach piano! I haven't played in a very long time...I would have to trim my nails :P

  10. thanks, Larie! :)
    i minored in piano. i just teach beginners to intermediates and sometimes accompany voice. :)
    so i can get away wearing longish & polished nails. muhahahaha ;p

  11. thanks, Sarah. ;)
    i thought the same thing. this would suit better for spring time!

  12. thank you, Sunny. ^-^
    i am very glad to find this soft "real" green that works for me.
    i should be more open minded from now on. ;p

  13. thank you!
    i should take a look at green-wich village as well. ;)

  14. i agree! the shimmer is especially gorgeous in this color. i think you'd like it, too. ;)

  15. I love it! it looks really pretty which is rare, because I usually don't like green..
    and you have the nicest nails!

  16. aww thanks, Pam :)
    i guess i am not the only one who isn't so crazy about green. ^-^;

  17. That color is so pretty :D i dont even know if we have that brand in denmark

  18. thanks, Mie :)
    it's kinda hard to find zoya in retail settings even here in the u.s. i personally think they are doing a smart marketing by not overly distributing. they seem to do very well directly connecting with consumers.

  19. Woooow, it has suuuuch a pretty and soft shimmer, I LOVE it!
    I wanna have! *w*


  20. thank you, Natalie!
    i think this color would look amazing on you. :)

  21. lol awwn at your piano student! the color is beautiful!!

  22. she is cute as button! now, if only she listens to me better.... lolz

  23. Ohhh I love green! lol I can't imagine that it would look bad on you. The color is really nice, it has a sort of light and airy feel to it. I didn't know you teach piano! Teach me, I will pay you in nail polishes, LOL. ;P

  24. really, i am not kidding. i look specially terrible in kelly green. i own one green scarf (that also has lots of cool-toned prints thrown in) and that's about it. lol

    you know i'd say yes in a heart beat to that offer, right? ;p

  25. I still don't believe you. Pictures as proof, please. And even then, I might blame the lighting, lol :P By the way, have you ever counted your nail polish collection? hehe I am wondering if you have a massive amount...or if I do in comparison. =X

  26. haha i know you have a big collection. i am trying to par down, though. i have about 70 bottles now. this is after i gave out about 50 to friends and family. ;)


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