Aug 28, 2012

Review - NEO Crystal Black from

I am glad to be back with a new color contacts review. ;)

Circlelensdiary generously offered this delicate and beautiful black pair for me to review.
They have a wide range of  GEO, NEO, Vassen and Seeshel lenses and I was very glad to see a bigger selection of NEO lenses at reasonable price. (You know I have a thing for this brand. ;p)
This website is very professional and easy to navigate with tons of nice reference pictures.

Circlelensdiary communicated with me in such sincere and friendly manners in our emails and shipping was very fast. They shipped out promptly after I informed them of my choice of contacts (which I really appreciate!) and even provided a tracking number. ;)

my lens choice for review, NEO Crystal Black

The package arrived safely in a bubble envelope and the lens vials came secured in a pink paper box.

Isn't this amazing? so delicate and pretty!
I was floored by the design. ;)

My thoughts on NEO Crystal Black

Product Details
Manufacturer: NEO Vision (Made in Korea)
Diameter: 14.20 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 45%
Duration: 1 year disposal
Package: 2 vials of contact lens + 1 contact lens case

Beautiful! Most one color models make my eyes look literally coked-up and I become instantly alienized(?), but NEO Crystal Black does not thanks to the delicate multi-dimensional design.
I just love those snowflake patterns.

Very comfortable as most NEO lenses I have tried.

I think it is just enough and perfect to my preference (14.2 mm).
This model offers a bit more enlarging effect than NEO Chagal which is older and simpler version.

Now some more pictures for you... ;)

overall looks

I realized I didn't put on my lip color at this point, so....

And I fixed my hair. It's better, right? ;p

Thank you very much for reading my review post.

The product mentioned in this post was provided by Circlelensdiary for review purposes.
All opinions are mine.

still image video

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  1. I love the design of the lenses.
    You're so pretty, I think that the lens suit you very much


  2. These looks really pretty. I have tried circle lenses but with no luck.

  3. The contacts are gorgeous!!! I love the design. :)

  4. What a pretty and unique design! I really love how it makes your eyes look naturally shiny, like you're giving us goo goo eyes. =P Great choice and review!

  5. This is so pretty! I've never tried circle lens but I'd love to try. Especially more subtle ones like these. It looks so nice on you!

  6. thank you, Jane!
    i am more drawn into subtle designs lately. after trying all the wild ones, i've realized subtlety is the way to go! ;p

  7. lol @ goo goo eyes! :D
    i was hoping the snowflake patterns would show up better but my natural eye color is pretty dark. i am just glad this doesn't make me look like a puppy.

  8. thanks, Alyssa! :)
    i love the design as well. the delicate patterns make all the difference. :)

  9. thank you, Simera!
    try some with smaller diameters. i can't wear anything bigger than this, either. ;)

  10. Love the clean clarty of these pictures!
    Material Fixations

  11. the snowflake like details!love the look.

  12. Wow! Pretty design and you have utterly flawless skin!
    I'm like you, I hav very dark irises so black ones would make my eyes super black!

  13. aww thank you! although it is the soft box lighting and e.l.f high definition powder. ;p
    have a great weekend!

  14. thank you, Debi!
    btw, your new profile pic is awesome! :)

  15. Ah these are the ones I saw before! The design is soooooooooo cool! I knew you wouldn't be able to see it on but you can actually a bit in the close ups! These are a great every-day natural pair!

  16. this is bit larger than my other black pair (Chagal - old school black circle) so i was a little worried.
    i don't look like a puppy, thank God! :p


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