Aug 31, 2012

Collective Reviews - VIVITE Skincare

I have been using this skincare line for the past 5 months with optimal results.
I am happy to report that my skin has behaved very well with no need of getting facials on regular basis.
I am almost out now and I will probably use some other products this time, but I think I would come back to this line later on for effective glycolic acid regimen.
Everything in this line is quite nice but I do have some favorites among them. I will be reviewing briefly on each in today's post. ;)

Vivite Core System

Before I start, I would like to mention that this whole system contains glycolic acid which is a very effective form of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and it could be quite harsh sometimes.
I am used to AHA and I had no problem using everything altogether from the beginning, but I would recommend starting slowly if you are new to this exfoliating agent. 

*Exfoliating Facial Cleanser* 
This would be my favorite! (and the facial serum)
It does a nice job cleansing face but it is not a conventional cleanser and I can't say it is optimized for makeup removal. This is more of an exfoliator with bit of cleansing agent.
I use this almost daily in my shower unless my skin feels extra sensitive. The exfoliating beads in this cleanser works effectively sloughing off dead skin cells with the help of glycolic acid . 
My face feels instantly smoother and evened out everytime I use this and makeup seems to apply better.

*Daily Anti-oxidant Facial Serum*
This is my other favorite and I am on my second bottle.
Not only this has glycolic acid in it but also with peptides and other anti-oxidants, which makes it perfect  to use under sunscreen. (Sunscreen works better with anti-oxidants.)
This serum is also quite moisturizing, I didn't feel I needed to put additional moisturizer over.

*Night Renewal Facial Cream*
I enjoyed this a lot but I am not sure I want to repurchase this.
The white paste like cream spreads evenly and provides good moisture without being greasy, but it balls up sometimes. (It's not a big deal cause it is for night time use. I am just saying.)
It does feel a little irritating if I put this on my neck area, but this is probably because my neck is more sensitive then my face. ;)

*Revitalizing Eye Cream*
It is mild and it moisturizes my eye area well without causing any millia (tiny bumps!) but I didn't notice any dramatic results.
(I have yet to find any eye treatment that shows dramatic result, though!)

*Daily Facial Moisture SPF 30*
I purchased this for my neck area. This is non-greasy moisturizer with good sunscreen agent. The price is a little steep for moisturizer with sunscreen, though. I know this contains glycolic acid but I didn't particularly notice this evens out the skin tone.
This contains Abovenzon which is not my favorite sunscreen agent despite of the fact it offers broad-spectrum protection. There is usually the distinct odor with this ingredient and it is not very stable.
VIVITE has a sunscreen that is more affordable with different blocking agents, I would try that next time. :)

SkincareRX had a nice sale later on, so I purchased a couple more items from VIVITE.

VIVITE Hydrating Bundle

This was a very nice combination, actually.
I used up my serum twice faster than other products so I needed another bottle.
The cleanser and the Hydrating cream are non-acid based and they are so mild and soothing.
I rotated them with the core system whenever my skin feels a little sensitive (sometimes you do need a break from glycolic acid!) and they worked perfectly well.

The cleanser is very solid basic that removes light makeup without stripping your skin, but I especially recommend this Replenish Hydrating Cream  to everyone.
This is probably the most effective and soothing moisturizer without any frills. I think I will keep purchasing this since it is such a nice basic.

I like the fact this whole system is carefully composed to work well together. Frankly, this is the least irritating glycolic acid based products that I have ever used not to mention this come with other anti-aging benefits.

I purchased my VIVITE regimen here.
Actually, they are having another great sale, it seems. 
All VIVITE products are on 50% off sale now. ;o

Thank you for reading this long post!
Have you used any glycolic acid based skincare item?
What is your favorite? :)

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  1. thanks for reading! ;)

  2. i agree with you completely! that is why i always alternate with regimen with different active ingredients after one term.
    everything in moderation indeed! :D

  3. i like AHA and retinol family for my active skincare ingredients as well.
    there are so many new "breakthrough" ingredients in the market, but i always find myself going back to the old goodies. ;)

  4. oh you've tried a lot!
    i think what you're doing is very smart. glycolic acid could be harsh and that tingling sensation could be annoying, if you ask me. ;p

  5. AHA promotes moisturizing in general, but i think this serum contains good amount of moisturizer. it's perfect since i hate going through multiple steps in the morning. ;p
    and you're absolutely right!
    you don't want the cleanser in your eyes nor in your mouth!! (it tastes sour! not that i tasted this intentionally. lol)

  6. Glad to hear glycolic acid works for you! I started using Alpha-H Liquid Gold a couple of months back and it works well for me, but I can't use too many products that contain AHA/BHA because my skin gets a little too thin and fragile that way. Everything with moderation eh :)

  7. This seems like a great skincare system! I've tried using Murad's scrub that had both AHA and BHA. It helped my skin a great deal. I love skincare reviews!

  8. I have used glycolic acid products from Natura Bisse, Elemis, and Brazilian Peel. They all worked well on my sensitive skin. I only use glycolic acid or exfoliate once a week, not more than that.

  9. Nice product !! I want to share another great thing with you, I was using Revitol's product from past few months and it is giving me wonderful results. I am very conscious about my skin so hopping your product will give me good results as well.Thanks.

  10. oh Lena this is such an interesting review! I've never tried this line but I am a fan of AHA because it works really great!~ I've been using Murad's AHA cleanser for over a year and everytime I tried switching to different cleanser my skin reacts badly. So I always stick with AHA cleanser because it helps keep my skin controlled and in nice condition..Thanks for sharing this =)

  11. I love AHA products! They're one of the few exfoliators that don't make me break out. My favorite product is probably Ole Henriksen invigorating night gel. It's a little stinky and sticky, but if you use it lightly it makes your skin so nice and glowy :)

  12. Never heard of this brand but 50% off their products seems like a fantastic deal! I am extremely clueless about skin care and have a limited routine, but I like the sound of the serum, especially if you found it moisturising. I find that serum-type products can absorb into the skin really quickly and not be as hydrating as a conventional moisturiser. I know what you mean about exfoliating cleansers not being as effective with makeup removal. Particularly considering you can't exactly rub it over your eye area! :p

  13. i've heard of Ole Henriksen. i used to use mama lotion which was extremely strong and sticky, so i had to stop using it after a while.
    AHA is so old school but i find them working really well for me, too. ;)

  14. there is milder form of AHA like lactic acid..but i find glycolic is the most effective if you could stomach the usual irritation. (if it doesn't sting, it doesn't work, they say..;o)
    i agree finding a right skincare regimen is a pretty hard task!

  15. I've never heard of this brand. I don't think I've tried anything with glycolic acid, yet, but I'm getting into skincare more now so I have to do some research. So much work X_X

  16. Good to know. ALways nice ot learn of products other girls like.
    Mom Fitness Journal | Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  17. skincare reviews tend to be long..lolz :)
    i am happy you find this post interesting.
    sometimes effective exfoliation takes care of lost of problem! your skin looks great. ;)

  18. i think sticking with one or two effective ingredients paired with good suncreen is all you need! :)
    thanks for reading!

  19. To be honest, I am blind when it comes to skin care ingredients. I really have to start learning more about them, and be aware of what I put on my face. lol
    This is a great review, Lena!

  20. very detailed review :) i once tried a ponds product that had the key ingredient of AHA and it made my skin super sensitive to touch :( but this one seems gentle as you said, i think it would be nice to try it. I totally agree with you on finding a good eyecream that shows dramatic results, i'm still on the search :( sighhh maybe i should just be patient with my olay regenerist

  21. i must thank you for me to choose this line! your reviews were so helpful. ;)
    i am getting more and more interested in brands like this that focus on performance. it is quite comforting to know i am not paying much for advertisements and other costs.

  22. I love this line! I'm very thankful that I was introduce to this line. It's great learning about new brands. Thanks for the thorough review. :)

  23. thanks Oreloena!
    i tried ponds AHA products as well and i thought the same thing. they were quite effective but a little too harsh! i think the main thing for good AHA products is the balance between effectiveness and irritation level.

    olay products are great, too! peptides tend to work a little slower so be patient. ;)

  24. I am new to this line, perhaps it's in the states only? Some of the products sound good though, although I'm sure everyone has their own tolerance to certain ingredients in the product.

    Have a fab week lovely!

  25. haha funnily enough this morning I was thinking I really need to amp up my skincare. I just got all these breakouts overnight! this sounds like a very promising line. I'm glad it worked for you and I have never thought about glycolic acid. thanks for sharing :)

  26. thank you so much for doing this post, Lena. I have been using a different regimen, which was doing me well, but I was just thinking about starting a new one with Glycolic acid. I am glad to hear that this worked for you really well!

  27. ahhhh, none greasey moisturizer.. I love for those!! thanks for the recommendation!

  28. yup! it sounds simple enough but hard to come by..;)

  29. you're welcome! :)
    if you're new to AHA, it might be better to start with something milder than glycolic, like polyhydroxy acid (search exuviance - this is also excellent line).
    hope you find a regimen that is gentle and effective!

  30. my skin easily acts up when the season changes..hope your skin feels better soon.
    try to simplify your regimen until the irritation subsides. :)

  31. i guess this line is not global, yet. it is not very widely known even here in the u.s.
    i just wish glycolic acid was a bit
    for someone like myself who is used to it sometimes find the stinging sensation quite annoying.
    this line is mild compared to other glycolic acid line, though. ;p

  32. You're welcome! :) It's great finding new brands that I have never heard of, and knowing they're really great products. I recommend another brand called Reviva Labs. I love them as well! :)

  33. This sounds like an interesting line - thank you for introducing us. I always use up my serums very fast as well, but I guess it's due to their texture. I have dry skin and I feel like I need more serum than usual, haha. I really like the idea that it is glycolic acid based.

  34. thanks for the recommendation. i will definitely check out reviva! :)

  35. i've even used mama lotion (which contains 30% of mixed AHA), so this was pretty mild for me, but i still experienced occasional stinging. lol
    i need another good serum for daytime use. something more moisturizing since my skin is drier due to the weather change. ;)


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