Aug 12, 2012

Fragrance - Child Perfume

I am a big fan of Big White Floral fragrances. (Did I use "big" twice in one sentence? ;p)
Unfortunately, that doesn't mean all of these heady exotic beauties love me back. I have been often rejected and left alone (not too mention causing others some headaches).
Maybe it is just too difficult to capture something that beautiful and fragrant as it is.
To me, many of white floral fragrances are like ladies whose hair blown out too big and maybe with too much foundation or something.
I mean, I tried a lot and to me, Child is as real as it gets when it comes to white floral.
There is a certain "innocent" quality as its name might suggest, but it still manages to smell seductive and alluring.
(After all, this is a (big) white floral. ;p)

Child Perfume

When I first tried a sample vial, I thought it smelled beautiful but maybe a little too simple because it almost smelled like straight up Pikaki.
Then I tried some pure pikaki oil and other copycats but I never was able to find a good dupe.
The biggest difference would be the quiet but clear transition from top to base notes where others just leave sour after taste on my skin. 
Child is never sharp and gets rounder and creamier on my skin throughout the day.
It has great sillage and lasts on me literally all day and some.

There is a special edition of EDP version of this, but I would still prefer oil base for my Child. 
(Seriously, I think it is even better to stick with oil form. It stays prettier and it is less likely to hurt other people's heads.)

Top : Vanilla, Lilac, Faint Magnolia
Middle : Jasmine, Tuberose, Violet
Base : Creme Musk, Rose, Mimosa

I found Child after many disappointments (aka Kai, Michael, Chanel No. 22, Fracas, etc), so I think it was well worth paying sixty bucks for 1/3 oz roll-on bottle.
I would say you should try a sample first to really find out if Child is for you. 
(If you prefer green and edgy white floral, I would recommend Kai which is in the same vein. Too bad Kai turned too green and sour on me. It still is a beautiful gardenia scent.)

Child perfume is hand-poured by the creator, Susan D Owens and can be purchased from her website and other authorized retailers.

Child is well known as a niche perfume that many celebrities wear and supposedly) "drives men wild", but I couldn't care any less about that. 
I am just glad to have found a white floral that smells beautiful on me and yet lets me feel I am myself. ;)

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  1. White florals are difficult - a lot of them get to be too overbearing really quickly! This one sounds lovely and still delicate. I've been in the mood for more perfume lately, myself, but I'm not sure what I will buy.

  2. Wow you're so knowledgeable about perfumes. :( I have to admit that I barely understand haha.

  3. I've never heard of the brand. Thanks for introducing it to me Lena! I'm glad you finally found something that you love :)

  4. I haven't heard of this brand, either. I think the packaging is elegant :)

  5. I've never heard of this brand. But you really describe it well. I am suck at describing perfumes, just the opposite of you. lol

  6. i don't know if we have this here..but finding the right fragrance is so important!i remember i was once wearing my dad's musky perfume(don't ak why!just felt like it then)and many people complimented me that day..including a few girls i barely know so i was like "maybe i am giving you guys the wrong signal" :P

  7. girls can wear anything as a matter of fact! as long as it agrees with your body chemistry. i've worn a couple of men's scents as well. lol

  8. lol. thanks! ;)
    this brand is not overly available even here in the u.s.
    the creator only made two scents so far. Child is for women and Heir is for men. ;)

  9. it is a simple frosted glass roll on.
    perfect for this type of scent. ;)

  10. yeah. i am so glad i have finally found one.
    weirdly enough, single note perfume never worked for me. this is prolly why Child smells nice where other single note white floral oil failed on me. ;-/

  11. lol. i wouldn't say i am knoledgeable at all.
    i just like perfume and i am interested in finding more scents that work for me, is all.
    (actually some of the professional perfume blogs make my head spin. they use too big of words!)

  12. i usually prefer alcohol base for my perfume, but white floral is a different story. it will just knock you over if you spritz this on. lolz
    i myself feel like getting light but complex florals lately. happy scent shopping, Larie! :)

  13. wow you described the perfume elegantly lol now i want to buy it! nice review Lena :) i like perfumes that lats all day and have a nice transformation that you can smell even at the end of the day while taking your clothes off , i hate those ones that smell sour at the end.

  14. hey lena! i've seen this somewhere. it always intrigued me but you never know about fragrances. hahaha you are so good at describing it. i'm going to see if i can find this. i love soft scents.

  15. Thanks for introducing, I don't think i've come across this brand before - maybe cos I'm across the pond?

    Anyhwo, I love flowery bases - it's got some lovely notes too!

  16. indeed! it is really hard to find a right "white floral". i love perfume but hate to offend other people. ;p

  17. aww thanks, Jane!
    it is still a very heady exotic scent but the drydown is lovely. :)

  18. True perfumes can be strong at times... hehe~ ;)

  19. I haven't hear of Child, but you make me REALLY want to buy this lol. I love me some floral scents! ;)

  20. i really think ms. Owens should create more scents.
    i am wearing this today and i am in love! :)

  21. lol. my pleasure!
    i think the creator wants to stay as 'niche perfumer' or something.
    i wish she expands her horizon and lower the price. ;p

  22. thank you, Kim! :)
    i hope i didn't mislead my readers. this is still a BIG white floral but there is something very comforting and endearing about this scent. it is never harsh.
    i only dabbed a couple of times on me today and it is still going strong after 12 hrs. ;)

  23. aww thank you, Oreleona ;)
    i think everything is about body chemistry.
    most scents that work for you tend to stay longer and true on you regardless of the strength of juice, which is another way to tell if they are for you. ;)

  24. Really? That's so cool I didn't even know that! Kool!

  25. it is fascinating! :D

  26. Your review makes me want to buy this! :) I'm not sure what this would exactly smell like on me but I bet it'd be nothing short of amazing based on your review!

  27. That's great you found a floral perfume you like! :) I might have to ask for a sample... hehe~

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