Aug 3, 2012

Current Obsession - Swarovski Bella Pierced Earrings

Diamonds are girl's best friends, right?
Not every girl can afford 5/8 inch big perfectly clear diamonds on her ears, though.
These Swarovski Bella Pierced earrings look pretty good when you think about that. ;p

They are my favorite earrings for the moment and I wear them almost everyday.
However, I never thought I would end up getting them in every color available. ;D

Swarovki Bella Pierced Earrings

I just love how simple they are in design and yet so versatile and eye-catching.
I think they are perfectly suitable for any occasion and outfit. You can wear these to work, night out and special occasions!
They are quite big in size and the signature radiant cut offers tons of sparkles, but also a little reserved looking due to the fixated drop design. (meaning they are not dangling)

Bella Clear Crystal
This is probably the most popular and versatile one.
Colorless clear stones are set in rhodium-plated metal (silver/white gold finish).
They look most sparkly against my long dark brown hair.
(Please don't mind the pink reflection. It is my pink camera. -_-;)

Bella Black Diamond
These are my favorite!
Medium colored grey stones are set in ruthenium-plated metal (Gunmetal finish). 
There is a slight green tint to the color, which makes it more interesting.
They look great with smokey eye makeup.
very sophisticated and chic! :)

Bella Golden Shadow
Golden amber colored stone are set in gold-plated metal.
These are very warm and alluring, also perfect for fall and winter time.
They look great under indoor lighting.

Bella Light Sapphire
Sky blue stones are set in rhodium-plated metal. (White finish)
These are especially nice in summer.
I just wore them today and received tons of compliments. ;)

So what do you think? Did you enjoy my little Bella collection? 
I think I wanna do a mini series on eye makeup looks pairing with these earring in the future. ;)

(They retail $75 from Swarovki site and other authorized stores.
I am not affiliated with Swarovki although I should at least get a thank-you note from them. ;p)

Thanks for reading and sharing the current jewelry obsession of mine!
Wishing everyone a happy weekend. :)

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  1. Oh, I really like these! They are simple and elegant. I definitely think you should do eye looks with these! Maybe eye shadow colors to match? Or all three of them at once!

  2. Oh those are so lovely, yet so 'simple'. All the colours are really nice, but different, must be awesome to wear with different outfits :)

  3. they are so pretty!! Earrings are also one of my obsession ;D my fave is the bella light saphire, the light blue color is soooooo divine :)

  4. They're really pretty! I bet it looks gorgeous on you. :)

  5. I love simple but yet elegant earrings! Your collection is amazing! If I find a nice pair of earrings, I would want to get it in every single color as well.

  6. I have the Bella Clear Crystal ones and I love them! Black Diamond looks gorgeous~~ I wear mine on special occasions ^_^

  7. Cute and definitely classic.

  8. They look gorgeous! I really love the designs, you can see the quality in the diamonds too! Y U NO MODEL THEM OUT FOR US?!

  9. PLEASE do coordinating makeup looks with these! They're so gorgeous and I'm sure you look fantastic with allll of them!

  10. Ooh pretty! I would totally get these except I think my holes have closed up :( But I'd still love to see that series with coordinating makeup looks! :)

  11. Wow they're so beautiful!

  12. Oooh, these are simple and understated pretty little gems! I need something like this in my everyday life!

  13. oo i love them..i so want a diamond stud you know some day..but till then these would be awesome too..

  14. Hi Lena, these are soooo pretty! They do look perfect for everyday wear. They're big enough to catch the eye but simple enough to go with everything. I love the color of black diamond :)

  15. These are some gorgeous jewels.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. Beautiful! I especially love the light sapphire color. Would love to see these paired up with different eye makeup! Not a bad obsession to have, especially considering how much more affordable these are than big diamonds. =)

  17. thanks, Diana! :)
    i like to match stuff when it's possible, so having all four makes it easier. lol
    i wouldn't mind having a diamond pair this big in the future, though. ;p

  18. thank you, GlamKitten! :D

  19. thank you, Dovey! :)
    black diamond is the most subtle in color but there is something about this. i love it. ^-^

  20. exactly. i have a pair of diamond studs but they are not as big as these. lol
    i am afraid even the real ones as big as this would look fake, but lets not worry about it until we get an awesome pair in diamonds. ;p

  21. thanks!
    they are very versatile, and that's what i most like about them. ;)
    i get compliments from my collegues at work but they don't think i am wearing too flashy of jewelry at all!

  22. thank you, Katherine! :D

  23. hehe thanks, Joyce! :)
    that's too bad. actually it happened to me once and i had to get them pierced again. ;(
    will do the looks for sure!

  24. i will, Sunny!
    thanks for the encouragements! ^---^*

  25. i also have the more affordable swarovski crystals in rivoli cut, and they beautiful but not as sparkly as these radiant cut ones.
    i will do the looks, promise! :)

  26. oh i bet they look fabulous on you!
    this clear color is a no-brainer. ;)

  27. ah thanks!
    a justification from friend is always nice. lolz
    i know there are light purple and deep blue colors out there although they are officially discontinued. i still like to get them! :)

  28. awww, thank you, Ahleessa! :)

  29. me, too! i like earrings the best!
    light saphire looks really cool and great especially in summer time. they could look very icy and wintry as well. ;)

  30. thank you, Teri!
    that's exactly how i see them.
    lately my other earrings are being neglected since i find these bella earrings to go with anything. ;)

  31. thank you! :)
    it is good to have all, i guess. i wouldn't have to decide, which is prolly the reason i got them all. ;p

  32. thank you, Larie! :)
    i really want to to the makeup looks with these.
    i have been wanting some inspiration in makeup and blogging, maybe this is it! :)

  33. These are super cute! Nothing that would usually catch my eye in the store, but the colours are beautiful

  34. I love the simplicity of the earrings! I haven't worn earrings in so long.. you've reminded me that I should probably make sure my piercings haven't closed up lol

  35. I love how simple yet elegant they are! And I think series of pairing make-up with your earrings would be awesome! :)

  36. thanks!
    i really love all the colors and their unique characters. ;)

  37. thanks, Andrea :)
    yeah, that happens if you don't wear earrings for long period of time. i have another piercing on my right ear and i am sure that one is closed up. ;-/

  38. thanks, Yuki!
    i am doing the makeup look for sure. maybe i could pair them with my color contacts, too! :)

  39. these are absolutely gorgeous! love the yellow ones the best... but all are really great and i'd wear all of them myself. :)

    have a lovely wk, lena. good to see you posting again. :)

    Adam ❤ Alex Mommy

  40. definitely definitely enjoy them, Lena! You've got some lovely earrings! I really like the sapphire ones and the golden shadow ones. They're not studs and they're not dangles, they're a cross almost! and that's what I love about them!

  41. wow the sapphire one is so beautiful! they're all so pretty!

  42. yes-yes, color contacts and make-up! :D

  43. Hey Lena! I love these earrings. I'm always wearing small earrings (pearls), but these add just the right amount of color. I would love to see corresponding makeup with them. That would make for a great post! I miss your posts. I'm always checking your blog. Hope all is well.

  44. Wow, these are so beautiful!!! I wish I had a pair to wear to an upcoming wedding I'm going to be apart of this weekend!! I would love to see what make up you pair with these beauties. ^-^

  45. thanks, Marissa! ;)
    these are perfect for special occasions. would compliment any outfit.

  46. hey Kim ;)
    i am doing well. hope everything is great with you as well!
    i love nice pearls, too. your comment makes me wanna expand my peal collection as well. (uh oh)

  47. thank you, Oreleona! :)

  48. exactly how i feel about them.
    i have smaller rivoli crystal dangles as well. they could be very flashy due to the movement.
    i don't reach out for warmer toned jewelry but i do enjoy the golden shadow earrings. :)

  49. hey Jas, thanks for stopping by! :)
    there is very special quality to the yellow color.

    hope you're having a great week yourself!

  50. Your Bella collection of earrings is just lovely! Swarovski crystals catch the light in the most beautiful way. I really like all the pretty colors and it looks like you have pair that would work with just about any outfit.

    Thanks for your kind comment Lena! I know it's a matter of time before I completely recover and I'm just feeling impatient lately. I've been learning alot about gymnastics from my hubby ;)

    Yeah that cape coat... totally to die for!

    Hope you're well :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  51. those are really pretty! I like how they shine :D

  52. The blue one looks amazing!!!

  53. thanks, Katherine! :)

  54. hi Rowena! :) good to hear from you.
    i really hope you have a speedy recovery. i have a mild condition myself and i get depressed and irritated because of that quite often. i guess i am trying to say i understand what you're going through. ;)

    hope you are enjoying your weekend! xoxo

  55. They're beautiful :) Simple but elegant. The colours are all gorgeous, I can't decide which ones I like the best!

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