Jul 6, 2012

NOTD - French Lace (Frankenpolish), Summer Favorites

I still wear reds and deep purples but I tend to reach for light nude colors more often during summertime.
I wanted a neutral pale polish that covers better, so I ended up frankening one today.
(Gosh, don't you just love the words like "franken" and "frankenpolish"? Genius, if you ask me! )

franken  verb. mix different polishes to make a personalized nail polish.
frankenpolish  noun. a personalized mixture of nail polish.

Yup, you guessed it right. Just like the Frankenstein !

French Lace (frankenpolish)

This is basically an Essie polish since I only mixed ones from essie.
I don't know about you, but I think the finished polish easily gets separated if you mix polishes from different brands.
I used a half empty bottle of Essie Tennis Corset  as base and added Miss Matched  and Topless & Barefoot,  which also are my favorite light colors.

Tennis Corset

Miss Matched

Topless & Barefoot

I love this concoction!
Thanks to the subtle champagne gold shimmer from the Tennis Corset,  it is not all that boring despite of the understated pale color.
I named it "French Lace", but I am open to other name suggestions from you guys. ;)

French Lace (close up)
See the gold shimmer? Love!

My other summer favorite is the good old Essie Sugar Daddy.
This polish simply creates the look of healthy glossy nails and makes everything better if you wear this as topcoat.  :)

French Lace (franken) & Sugar Daddy

How about you?
Which do you reach for more during the summer months, light colors or hot sunny shades?
Do you franken polishes often? :)

Thanks for reading.
Happy weekend for everyone!

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