Jul 6, 2012

NOTD - French Lace (Frankenpolish), Summer Favorites

I still wear reds and deep purples but I tend to reach for light nude colors more often during summertime.
I wanted a neutral pale polish that covers better, so I ended up frankening one today.
(Gosh, don't you just love the words like "franken" and "frankenpolish"? Genius, if you ask me! )

franken  verb. mix different polishes to make a personalized nail polish.
frankenpolish  noun. a personalized mixture of nail polish.

Yup, you guessed it right. Just like the Frankenstein !

French Lace (frankenpolish)

This is basically an Essie polish since I only mixed ones from essie.
I don't know about you, but I think the finished polish easily gets separated if you mix polishes from different brands.
I used a half empty bottle of Essie Tennis Corset  as base and added Miss Matched  and Topless & Barefoot,  which also are my favorite light colors.

Tennis Corset

Miss Matched

Topless & Barefoot

I love this concoction!
Thanks to the subtle champagne gold shimmer from the Tennis Corset,  it is not all that boring despite of the understated pale color.
I named it "French Lace", but I am open to other name suggestions from you guys. ;)

French Lace (close up)
See the gold shimmer? Love!

My other summer favorite is the good old Essie Sugar Daddy.
This polish simply creates the look of healthy glossy nails and makes everything better if you wear this as topcoat.  :)

French Lace (franken) & Sugar Daddy

How about you?
Which do you reach for more during the summer months, light colors or hot sunny shades?
Do you franken polishes often? :)

Thanks for reading.
Happy weekend for everyone!

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  1. Omigosh, love your franken, Lena! It's so pretty. I tend to wear my bright colours in the summer but do still reach for my nudes/pastels sometimes. I tend not to wear "fall/winter" colours like taupes and dark purples when the weather is warm though!

    xo, alison*elle

  2. SO PRETTY!!! I only do nudes for special occasions (like a wedding or when I really have to look classic). I love nudes, but most of the time I prefer something that's got a bit more punch!

  3. MyrtedCaldonaJuly 06, 2012

    Oooh, I like that Frankenpolish. :D Perfect nude and healthier looking nails. :) I agree with Sunny that it is a great polish for special occassions such as wedding. :D Pretty!

  4. I've never made a franken yet! maybe i'll try soon. but i do really like this one, it's soft and pretty

  5. YES INDEED! You go Lena! I've never hear of mixing polishes. Too awesome!!! HaHa I was wondering where "frankenpolish" came from. I was like, I haven't heard of THAT shade. HAHAHAHAHA That is the prettiest nude color! I was waiting to read what the name of it was so I could buy it. I'll have to mix it! Awesome post girl. :D

  6. Wow! That's gorgeous! That subtle shimmer is especially beautiful. I never franken anything - I'm not creative enough ._.

  7. I've never really been a big "color" person. It's weird that I'm experimenting with so much in my recent outfits. I've noticed that I've been gravitating towards nude/pastel/very light colors for my nails though! I love your concoction! It's really pretty!

  8. French lace is the perfect name for this, I'm not sure what franken means but I'm guessing I don't mix my polishes at all xD


  9. OMG Lena this color is soooo pretty! you did a great job frankening the polishes. !! you should think about open up a frankenpolish business! lol :D

  10. The name 'frankenpolish' sounds like German. I'm from Germany... :D But I don't know if it's a german word. (:
    I love the polish that you created. I would wear this color as well, such a pretty subtle shimmer!!


  11. i think so. frankenstein is german origin, i guess?
    i think the word is so cute since we mix different polishes to make another creation, it is just like the novel! ;)

  12. haha thanks, Pam.
    i am not really good at this. to be honest, it is more like tweaking rather than creating something new.
    i am glad you like the color, though! :)

  13. thanks!
    i just included a few relative articles in the post if you're interested. you guessed it right! :D

  14. thanks, Laura!
    i was thinking this color would go perfectly well with your dress in the recent post. ;)

  15. thank you, Larie!
    it is more like tweaking, i guess.
    i've had great results mixing shimmery polish with streaky creme polish.
    some people add custom shimmer and glitters but i am not there, yet. lolz

  16. haha thanks for the cheer, Kim! :)
    i am sure you can find something like this especially from essie since there are countless sheer light colors available from the brand!
    i am so glad you like my little creation, though. :D

  17. really?
    i am not very into it myself to be honest since i am a bit afraid to mess up polishes that are already nice. ;p
    i franken polishes that are old enough or i am not so happy with finish, etc. you should definitely try it sometimes, Naomi. ;)

  18. thank you!
    this color covers very well but doesn't look stark thanks to the subtle shimmer.
    i am very happy with this. :)

  19. thank you, Sunny!
    this is perfect for my downtown work which is more of a conservative setting.
    i only wear light colors on my toes and it is perfect for my pedi as well.
    i also picture vivid fun colors for your nails. the mint green color you posted lately was very nice! :D

  20. thank you, alison!
    i guess taupes are more appropriate for fall/winter. to think about it, i don't reach for them as much although i love taupe.
    on the other hand, i still wear deep purple with creme finish. ;)

  21. hi lena! it's great to see you back as well! i missed your nails! i always seem to gravitate towards darker polishes but your post just makes me want to find paler polishes. umm..yes now it's my mission to find these colors lol.

  22. I love nudes. This color looks good on you.

  23. This is such a soft, elegant colour :) I've not ventured into the world of frankenpolish, I have thought about mixing my own nail polish though. The closest I've gotten was trying to manipulate my nail polish colour by painting a base coat of one colour, and then a top coat of another, with the end result (hopefully) being a mixture of the two. It didn't work out too well :p I think I need tips from you! :)

  24. I love these two soft colour !!! So comfortable to see it :)

  25. thanks! you're right. there is something very soothing about light neutrals. ;)

  26. i am not an active frankener (if it is a word, lol). i guess i like tweak things. when i mix a polish that is too sheer with some streaky opaque one for instance, i come up with nicer formulation.
    i love your layering work, though. i've seen many pretty creations from your blog! ;)

  27. i like both! i wear darks when my nails are shorter but go for light shades when they are kinda long.
    i can picture light neutrals would look totally gorgeous on you, though. ;D

  28. love the shade..i used to do this..even with lipstick!the delight in creating a frankenstein of your own!

  29. Proy VarnichgornJuly 08, 2012

    Love this colour! I've totally been in love with nudy colours recently. Love your blog hun. Really enjoyed your other posts too :). Now following

    Ploy <3


  30. Omgosh, I LOVE IT! Wow, you really frankened the perfect nude color for your hands! <3 I actually tend to wear a lot of bright polishes in the summer, hehe. I think probably because my hands tend to be dark so bright colors pop more on me.

  31. thanks, Diana!
    i also love the looks of neutral colors on tan skin. it is so sexy!
    to follow up our previous conversation, i don't get tan, unfortunately i get burn. T-T. i usually get rashes if i sunbathe for real. i still want pretty bikinis, though! :)

  32. thanks for visiting and adding me to your list!
    i am following your blog as well. ;)

  33. thanks, Debi!
    i assume mixing lipcolors would be more complicated.
    it is so fun playing with our creativity. ;)

  34. Love this! I'm also the same, hot colours for summer, but sometimes, depending on mood I will break out the deeper ruby and purple shades. But nude for summer is what I go for on fingers sometime.


  35. aww, the french lace is so pretty!!! even the name you created~ really lovely and catchy~
    I also prefer light and nude colors not only during summer but all the time..hehe~ I know I'm such a mainstream but I really prefer nudes and lighter shade interms of nail polish...^_~

  36. I love these pastel colors, ahh essie, I think it's my fav brand of nail polish!

  37. wow u made your own color!!! hard core np lover hehehe the color u came up with is sooo pretty! love the subtle shimmer. i think french lace is a great name for it

  38. The franken polish is so pretty Lena! Great job :) I've never made any of my own polishes, but I've always been curious!

  39. Frankenpolish - love it! The color you concocted is uber pretty. I love the shade and the ever so subtle sparkles. French lace is a fitting name. Maybe you should submit it to Essie ;) I generally wear light nudes and pinks in the summer as well. Essie Sugar Daddy and Au Natural are faves. I'm currently wearing Chanel Violette.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  40. This is a really nice nude-ish colour! I think I would like to put some studs or something to match my personality! Soft rocker chic? haha

  41. This is a really pretty color! I've never mixed my polishes before, but this sounds like a great idea to get extra use out of colors you might not particularly like anymore.

  42. I like the end result...I never thought to mix colors!


  43. great colour! me too never thought to mix colors.

  44. Hey there! Followed you over here from Kim's A Very Sweet Blog from our Margarita Bloom review! Just wanted to say Hiya! and thanks for the sweet words about our potions! So lovely to meet you! Feel free to stop by our blog to say hello anytime! You're always welcome!

    Lovely color!!!

    Kisses, Regina
    Retro Vintage Beauty & Skincare

  45. Yuki TsukiyamaJuly 15, 2012

    I also posted a similar entry! However, I like brighter colors better for summer~~ Well I guess it also depends on the style of clothing you wear! ^^

  46. I need to franken up my own concoction! Have never tried it, but what an awesome idea. Absolutely love your mixture!

  47. thank you, Stacey!
    i enjoy tweaking formulation/finish rather than creating totally new colors. i definitely turned some not-so-favorite colors into favorites. ;)

  48. i totally agree!
    i am thinking some bright color for the coming week, actually.

    i couldn't find your link, Yuki. leave me one next time? i'd like to read your post! ;)

  49. hi there!
    thanks for visiting and adding me to your list. your favor is returned. i am following you!
    keep bringing the good stuff. your store looks amazing! ;)

  50. thanks!
    give it a try. it is easy and fun. ;)

  51. thank you!
    i would start with mixing similar colors and tweak. give it a try! ;)

  52. exactly, Rinny!
    i wouldn't buy new polishes just to mix them. you can certainly recycle the ones you're not so sure about, though. ;)

  53. that is a great idea, Feelo! *looking for studs* lol

  54. thank you, Rowena!
    Au Natural is my other fave as well.
    now i wish i had written down the ratio of the polishes i mixed. lol

  55. thanks, Andrea!
    it is quite fun and satisfying. give it a try! :)

  56. thank you!
    i am going to stick with the name, then! i've been wearing this for the whole week. ;)

  57. thanks, Julie!
    i love essie, too. some complain that they have too many blah sheer nudes, but i like essie for them. lolz

  58. thanks, Janet!
    i love darks and brights as well but i could never without some good nudes and pinks! they are so classic and easily go with anything. :)

  59. thanks!
    i am thinking deep ruby or pink color on my short trimmed nails for the coming week! :D

  60. ooooh...so that's where franken comes from! interesting, interesting...haha love the final look! :) what a pretty colour! it's great that you can create your own shades without having to buy a totally new bottle :P

  61. love the color of those nails! it's so pretty and girlie!

  62. hey, lena. hope you had a great weekend! what have you been up to lately?
    i've been sooo busy lately... with the kids having the summer off, and my dad visiting...
    i love these pretty and subtle nail colours. i learned a few new vocabs, lol. :) take care, and have a terrific week! :)

  63. Oh wow, I give you a lot of credit! Knowing myself if I mix polishes, I will not like it. I tend to like what others do. :/ Yours is so pretty and you have gorgeous nails! :)

  64. wow,.. great shades..
    i love you're choices..
    i want to try it as well...

  65. oooh i love it!! its soo pretty :D

  66. thank you, Oreleona! :)

  67. thank you, Camilla :)
    it is really fun especially when you have some shades that you don't fancy too much.

  68. hehe thanks, Ahleessa! :)
    i tend to stick with "safe mixing". i don't do adding glitters or pigments. too complicated! and i will leave that to professionals! lol
    on the other hand, 'tweaking' is fun. :D

    (hope you're doing well. *hugs*)

  69. hey!
    sorry i am so late to your reply.
    i am doing very well. thanks!
    last week was so hot but now we're having a nice cooled-down weekend. same for you, right? :)

  70. yeah..i just love these new born made up words. it is romantic, almost! ;p
    i try not to get into it too much since it seems like another obsession for some people, though. lolz

  71. GlamKitten88July 23, 2012

    This is really a gorgeous shade. It's very classic.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  72. Hi Lena, the nail colors look awesome!! You make me want to try some of Essies nude range ^_^

  73. Sarah MendelsohnJuly 27, 2012

    Ooh I love this color. Simple and classy. I know what my next mani's gonna be. Thanks for sharing! :) xx


  74. thank you, Sarah :)
    have fun mixing your own colors!

  75. i love essie polishes in general, but this brand really shines through its nude/sheer range. you won't be disappointed. ;)


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