Apr 4, 2012

Swatch - Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick & Etude House Plumping Lip Tint

Today I have swatches of lippies from two different Korean Brands.
It has been quite long since I got my hands on Korean lip products for real, I was so excited and pleasantly surprised by them. ;)

Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick in Baby Beige

Heartful Lipstick is a moisturizing type with sheer to medium coverage.
First of all, I am smitten by how adorable it looks!
The lipstick part is molded in a heart shape and it looks like it is going to maintain its shape with careful(?) applications. ;p

swatch on arm
Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick Baby Beige

The color Baby Beige is more like a pinkish nude and it is very wearable and actually perfect to pair with smokey eye looks. :)
It has a faint fruity smell and feels nice and comfortable on lips.

lip swatch

(My friend Pauline sent this to me from Korea. Thanks, Pauline! ^-^)

Next one is Etude House Plumping Tint in Volume Red which was included in the Makeup Box contest prize goodies. ;)

The most interesting part of this product would be the unique spatula applicator.
It is made of flexible silicone and it works great for applying just right amount of the product.
It feels more sanitary although I doubt it is actually more so than the usual doe foot applicators . ;)

arm swatch

The color Volume Red is a very sheer jelly type of Cherry Red/Pink.
In my opinion, this is more of a gloss than a lip tint. 
The color is quite sheer and much glossier than conventional lip tint products and the lasting power is not there because of that.
It does leave a very pretty after-stain without the drying feeling.

I did initially have problems with the "plumping effect" of this.
It felt quite irritating when I first applied on my bare lips and it lasted for about 30 minutes or so, which made me think about all the other things we women undergo in the name of beauty. ;-/
(It also made me wonder about other things, too. ;p)

lip swatch

However, as you see in the picture, the finished look is so pretty and the plumping effect is nice even for someone like me who already thinks she has big lips.
So I tried it over matte lip balm, and this time it is so much better now I think I could use this frequently. ;)

Have you tried these lippies?
What do you think about lip plumping products in general? :)

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  1. Naomi HingApril 04, 2012

    Hello Lena! How you are doing well! I need lip plumpers for my thin lips. And i adore the heart shape lipstick! totally love

  2. Eva_Chic_ProfessionalApril 04, 2012

    How lovely! I haven't tried Holika Holika but it sure looks great on you! Love the lipstick especially!

  3. Holika holika heartful??? I am in love!!! just the name sounds so cute and adorable! the packaging is stellar. I am such a sucker for cute things. I really love the heart shape!!!! >.< Like, seriously, you don't even know how much I squealed when I saw it.

  4. The lippie is so freaking cute! The gloss looks interesting too!

  5. Love the heart design of the lipstick! So freaking adorable! & the pic with the lips all plump.. somehow your mouth looks a lot smaller to me lol. The shades are so pretty!

  6. Oooh, that colour of the lipstick is gorgeous! Really pretty soft pink which looks lovely on you. The heart-shaped tip is too cute! :)

  7. that is the cutest lipstick!! and it looks super cute on your lips too! i'm going to need to make some friends in korea lol

  8. Oh this is so cute, but then again you make everything look cute!

    My lips are kind of immune to lip plumping products, and I don't really see a difference *shrugs* I'm just fine with the way my lips look though, so I don't really mind!

  9. omg i really want that Holika Holika lipstick >_<
    the designer is such a genius to make the lipstick in heart shade.
    and the color is lovely too <3

  10. oh the heart shaped etude lippie is sooooo pretty and cute!
    I'm not a fan of lip plumping product. it hurts my lips and I don't really see any different though .T.T

  11. Both lip products are so pretty! from the packaging to the swatches everything is just so cute ^_^~ Both shades suits your lips really nicely! you look gorgeous on both of them. Personally, I'm not a fan of any lip plumping product as I've tried it once and my lips looked awfully swollen --__-- At the same time, my sis also tried it and it looked super gorgeous on her! I just had to admit my lips are ugly w/ or w/out plumping effect o.O

  12. Both products are gorgeous. I love the heart shape of the first one, the colour suits your lips so well. The second one seems lovely too, but I hate the feeling of plumping lipgloss as well, so tingly haha.

  13. I love a nice pale lip color.....:) The heart one is too cute!

  14. *squeee!* that lipstick is beyond adorable! I'm going to try to hunt it down on the internet. It looks so pretty on your lips, to boot!

  15. Nisha SinghApril 05, 2012

    The Holika lipstick's shape is so adorable! I love the packaging of most Korean brands, I've never seen an applicator like that!

  16. wow i want holika holika products..
    too bad its not available here..-.-
    that lipstick from holika holika definitely will work for my dry lips
    and i love it cuz its heart shaped luv the packaging:)

  17. Ooh that holika holika lipstick is gorgeous! It looks super moisturizing too :)

  18. I love the shape of the lipstick! Sooo cute! I would not even want to use it xD

  19. lol
    i did think about not using it! then the color is so pretty, i had to. ;)

  20. yes! it is very comfortable and moisturizing on lips. :D

  21. i didn't know about the brand, either. i am familiar with its mother brand enprani, which is a nice korean cosmetic maker.
    it does feel very moisturizing. nowadays korean roadshop brands are all over the place. hope you find these somewhere soon! :)

  22. thanks!
    i really like the spatula thingy. it applies just a right amount and feels very clean. ;)

  23. thanks, Sarah! :)
    hope you find them.
    these made me more interested in korean brands, actually. ;)

  24. thank you, Katherine!

    this one is not as bad as some i've tried. the worst one was duwop lip venom. venom indeed!!! -_-;;;
    it is bearable over some lip balm..but then it wouldn't last as long, i am afraid.

  25. whhaaat? nonsense, Janet!
    you have beautiful lips! ^---^
    maybe you were really allergic to that lip product.
    i don't know..i have to think about the side effect these products would cause for our loved ones. lol

  26. i agree that the effect is quite minimal.
    i think it has to be super-irritating to give visible plumping effects, and i don't know if that is worthwhile.
    let's all blame jolie! ;D

  27. haha i am a sucker for cute packaging as well!
    i do not like the ones that are only pretty in the beginning..this looks like it's gonna maintain the heart shape, which i am happy about! :)

  28. thanks, Sunny! :)
    i would still use this lip tint for the color and the glossy finish, not for the plumping effect.
    i hope i become immune to the tingly sensation, soon! :D

  29. lol
    thanks, Jackie!
    i feel lucky to have a friend like her. :)

  30. thank you!
    it is really easy to wear.
    i like to do a classic smokey eye look with this lipstick soon. :)

  31. lol really??
    that is funny :)
    i really like the color and the glossy finish. i kinda wish it was just a regular lip gloss or something. ;p

  32. lolz :D
    i know you love cute and unique things, Laura! :)
    i should be really careful using it. i know i am gonna cry if it breaks or anything. ;p

  33. thank you, Eva! :)
    this brand has tons of cute packaged goodies. the price seems to be right as well.

  34. lol Naomi, you don't have thin lips! ;p
    i was on a trip but back on blogging again! :)

  35. GiadaBeautyApril 06, 2012

    Hi Lena!
    The Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick is Super Cute!
    Love the <3 shape and the baby beige shade!
    I need to find where I can buy this in the UK...
    great post, thanks for sharing xx

    *Giada Beauty*

  36. The Heartful Moisture Lipstick's packaging is really adorable.
    *sigh* why do Asian products have the cutest packaging?
    Hopefully it will retain it's cute heart shape ^_^

  37. i think the same thing!
    packaging is so important. call me vain, but i really think compact powder or lippies should be all pretty. i use them outside all the time, right? ;p

  38. Both looks so pretty on you!! But especially the first color <3 And it has a heart shape!! Omg, how cute is that!! (:

    Ohhh, nice idea!! I never dressed up on halloween but maybe I should try this year! (;

  39. hey Chloe! :)
    my pleasure. and thanks for adding me to your list! ^-^

  40. thank you, Natalie!
    i've been wearing these a lot this week. :)

    i really think poison ivy would be perfect one for you! ^-^

  41. the packaging is freakin cute! :D

  42. I don't think I like plumping things, either. Ah, well. You definitely don't need it!

    The heart-shaped lipstick is super cute. I should ask my mom if she can find these things! Of course, she probably won't bother to read the ingredients for me, haha.

  43. Omigosh, the heart lipstick is so freaking cute!! I feel like neither of these products would show up on my super pigmented lips though :(

    xo, alison*elle

  44. thanks Alison! :)
    mine is pretty pigmented as well and these show up decent. ;)
    the heartful lipstick shows up quite nicely. hths!

  45. my friend just showed me other korean roadshop brands and they are all so cute!
    i am sure this is easily accessible if your mom is in korea. they are quite affordable, too. :)

  46. Oh I want that lipstick! The heart shape is so cute! May even TOO cute....I might not want to use it in fear of messing up the shape lol

    The gloss looks really pretty on you too. I guess the irritation you felt might have been the plumping effect? It's rare to see plumping glosses do what they claim to.

  47. lol
    true its cute packaging and the shape was the whole point, but i am pleasantly surprised by the pretty color and how moisturizing it is. :)
    i think lip plumping products that really works is kinda dangerous. it should be really irritating!! ;p

  48. HeelinmintApril 07, 2012

    Very pretty colors and I love the packaging. The heart shaped one is cute! Love Asian brands :)

    Heel in Mint

  49. i am actually trying not to look too much into asian brands..they all look so tempting! lolz

  50. i love the heart shaped. haha the colors are pretty!

  51. I've heard of both brands (i saw holika holika on prettyandcute.com) but never bought any of their products, now i wanna try both i really love the colors!!

  52. ooh that is a nice information.
    i am sure many wanted to know where to get them!
    i will check out the site just in case i want more of them.

  53. Whoa, I can't believe the lippie is in the shape of a heart! That's adorable. Do you find application is a bit weird because of it?

  54. i know, right? ;p
    i was a little worried but it gives me no trouble.
    the heart shape is still intact after several applications. ;)

  55. love the hollika shape..and the plumping tint looks good enough to eat..is that weird?haha!

  56. how cute is the pkging! love korean products... but sometimes i question the ingredients... lol!

  57. ahaha, true true..
    i haven't been buying many korean makeup at all. they sure look and feel exotic(?) to me. ;p

  58. no. not at all. lolz
    i think it is a like a trap! your lips will look kissable then the kisser's lips will burn?
    i kinda like that. ;p

  59. Estee ChaMay 13, 2012

    Color I've looking for, very pretty, but than again, I think it's pretty because you have such beautiful skin. Not sure if I can pull that through on me, lol.

  60. i am sure it'd look beautiful on you!
    thanks for your sweet comment, Estee. ;)

  61. The holika holika lipstick looks gorgeous on you! I love the pretty milky baby pink and the packaging is super cute. Definitely going on my wishlish. :)

  62. thank you!
    it feels good on as well which makes me reach for it more often. ;)


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