Apr 7, 2012

Swatch - Milani Baked Blush in Corallina & Dolce Pink

I am a bit late to get my hands on these beauties. :)
I have been gravitated towards peach and coral shades lately, and I had to have Corallina  as soon as I saw it.
Thanks to the sale, I also grabbed Dolce Pink, which was also a safe color choice for me. ;p

Milani Baked Blush Dolce Pink & Corallina

To be honest, I didn't think much of the new and improved baked version of this Milani blushes since I've already liked the old ones that are smaller and more affordable.
I've always had some problems getting the colors out from baked makeup products (*cough* Bourjois), so I naturally assumed these would be not so different.

I have two old version of Milani blushes in Luminous  and Mango Tango. They are smaller and compact but still hold tons of products with much cheaper price.
I believe the Luminous  color has been reincarnated as the Luminoso  baked blush but Mango Tango was discontinued a log time ago.

Milani Powder Blush in Mango Tango & Luminous

Milani Baked Blush Corallina

Milani Baked Blush Dolce Pink

They are very different colors, but I find both of them are quite wearable for my neutral/cool toned light complexion.
Dolce Pink  has this almost warm shimmer to it and creates really soft and pretty glow that is not too warm nor too cool.
On the other hand, Corallina  is obviously a bright coral color, but it is adorned by silvery swirls and some cool quality, which gives me just enough flush without making me look like a burning potato. ;p

comparison swatch
(from L to R)
Dolce Pink, Corallina, Luminous and Mango Tango

Corallina  blended with brush

Dolce Pink  blended with brush

They are both well-pigmented and go on beautifully. I don't have any problem picking  up the colors from them.
Staying power is just okay, nothing amazing in my opinion.
One more note would be that they are quite shimmery with bigger particles. If you don't like obvious sparkles, better steer away from these.

I myself prefer the older version since they give satiny glow with  better color payoffs and staying power not to mention they were much more affordable.
The baked ones come with mirror and blush but they look a little flimsy to me.
I might still grab a couple more of these since I've seen some interesting and unique colors from the collection. ;)

Have you tried these baked blushes?
Any color recommendation? :)

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  1. I have not tried these but they look so pretty! I really like Corallina!

  2. yes i've tried baked blushes.. but i never try any products from milani
    i love the mango tango a lot

  3. I think it's time for me to pick up some of these blushes. The packaging is so nice and the colors look so pretty.


  4. i havent tried them but they look so glow-y hehe and pretty!! i love milani as a brand, it was one of the first that i started out with

  5. like the "Corallina" color Blush:3

  6. The colours are so sweet, they look beautiful. :D Mango tango doesn't remind me of mangos at all though haha.

  7. Loving the look of dolce Pink, such pretty hues! That heart shaped lippy is so sweet too!

  8. Oh my strangely enough I like Mango tango instead! hehe, oh well...

  9. ShoppingObsessionApril 08, 2012

    I love the coralina. Can't really see it in your swatch but does it have a little bit of shimmer?

  10. I actually haven't tried anything from Milani believe it or not (well the brand is not available here)! I haven't tried any baked blushes either. I don't have the best experience with mineralized eyeshadows, so maybe that's why I prefer to stay away from these :p

  11. I really like the baked Milani blushes! Although I agree the older packaging looks more compact. The baked ones are kinda bulky to throw in your makeup bag. I have Dolce Pink too, as well as the Luminoso one. I tend to use Luminoso more though. Corallina looks really pretty!

  12. oh I love Milani baked blush, eventhough they're quite dusty but the pigmentation is just great!
    I have Luminoso and Red Vino ;D

  13. I am the same with you about liking the older versions, in terms of formula, affordability and pacakaging- but I have never seen mango tango I would definitely have gotten that!

  14. You definitely know what colours suit you. Just made me want to go hunt for some more make up~ Keep up the work!

    And you've officially been tagged by me :)
    Here for more info:


    I would be so happy if you contribute with your thoughts keke and use this meme, i would like to know more about you~


  15. I haven't tried Milani blush but it seems pretty interesting. Those 4 shades are really sweet and lovely!

  16. I have yet to try Milani baked blushes, but Corallina is definitely first on my list! Not a fan of the packaging (a bit bulky) but the colour pay-off is just right!

  17. They're all such pretty shades, Corallina especially (I've also been gravitating towards peachy/coral shades). I haven't tried Milani blushes before though I've heard some great things about them. I guess it's good you still have the older versions that you prefer, especially Mango Tango which has been discontinued since that shade is so striking and vibrant.

  18. I dunno why I always bypass Milani whenever I go to the grocery store/drugstore. They have lovely colors, but I always think they're too intense or too bright on me. These ones are lovely though!

  19. hey lena! i love these colors. i haven't tried baked makeup. i just bought some blushes in these colors (bouncy by maybelline). will do a haul about them.

  20. Hi hun. I awarded you with a Blog Award

  21. hey Kim :)
    how are you doing? hope you're well!
    i remember i really wanted to by those bouncy blushes then i stopped myself thinking creme type blushes are not the best option for me.
    would love to hear about your opinions on them! :)

  22. maybe you're right, Laura. actually Milani started as a makeup brand for women of color.
    i like that they offer more of deeper color range which is unique compared to others.
    dolce pink is quite soft and lovely to wear. it will suit you, i know. ;)

  23. Corallina is just cool enough for me to pull. lol
    i have to use stipple brush for the Mango Tango one, but it looks very pretty with light application.
    it feels i am paying for the bulky case and the useless brush..but they are still great for the price. oh well.. ;p

  24. i just saw your coral love post!
    you'd definitely love corallina! ;)
    i agree that the packaging could be better. ;p

  25. there are a couple of items i really like from the brand including these blushes.
    they are great drugstore brand for sure. do give them a try! :)

  26. I have heard a lot about these baked products but have not tried them. My most recent purchase were some physician formula stuff because there was a sale at CVS and I still haven't use it! I seriously need to start using more make-up ;)

  27. thank you, Elvira! :)
    i like these a lot since they are unique and manage to stand out of the sea of pink/coral blushes.lol

    thanks for tagging me!
    i am not doing any tag currently so i'd pass it this time, but it is certainly an interesting tag! (wish i knew a little more about Japan not to mention japanese cosmetics! lolz)

  28. i just found i have another DC'd color that is a deep deep wine. lol
    i really like the old version.
    i personally think Luminous color is even prettier than NARS orgasm! ;)

  29. oh i remember those two looked beautiful on you in your blog post!
    they offer some unique colors, right? ;)

  30. i totally agree with you on that it is not the best to be in my makeup bag especially mine is kinda small. lol
    the brush is not that great so it doesn't serve the purpose. ;-/
    Corallina is definitely one of the few coral shades i can wear. i am pretty happy with it! i reach for Luminous or dolce pink more often, though..

  31. i think i agree with you. i am not very fond of any baked type makeup..! i love the colors from bourjois blushes but they are so hard! it is almost impossible to get the color off the pan.
    luckily these are not the same case. the colors show up great. ;)
    i wish the color lasted a little longer, though!

  32. both of them have quite big chunks of shimmer. it is not as big as to be called glitters but not the subtle type! ;)

  33. mango tango is a great color!
    i need to use it with very light hand, though. ;)

  34. thanks! :)
    i wore dolce pink today. such a pretty and easy color to wear.

  35. haha it reminds me of those red/green mangos a bit?! ;p
    it is a very vibrant and summery color. super-pigmented, so i need to be very careful with it, though.

  36. thank you, Fanny!
    i like it a lot, too. :)

  37. i love how glow-y they are as well!
    for something with obvious shimmer, it gives great subtle effects. i really enjoy it! :)

  38. i am intrigued by other colors they offer as well!
    mauve and wine-y colors are on my next purchase list. :)

  39. lolz
    i see mango tang is getting lots of attention! :)
    i think the beautiful colors they offer is the merit not the baked formula. ;p

  40. do give them a try!
    they are pretty nice.
    i normally don't use coral/peach shades much, but this one is very very nice. ;)

  41. lolz! poor physicians formula stuff!
    i sometimes forget about things i bought and get surprised to find them later on.
    these are quite pretty. i think you will enjoy them. ;)

  42. yes and they're really good pigmented :D

  43. Love corralina!! I'm going to make a cherryculture purchase soon, so maybe I'll pick it up! Thanks for the swatches. :3

  44. my pleasure, Feelo! :)
    they do have some unique colors which got me interested in possible future purchases..lol

  45. i love the effect of corallina..but even a little bit of shimmer makes my skins go crazy shiny!

  46. wow, they are beauties! good that you got them on sales, too. i love blushes.... and i think i want to get these. don't have any recommendations for ya... i 'm sure you know more about me since you're the makeup guru, not me. :) hugs!


  47. lolz. i don't know about "guru" but it is for sure i have more makeup than fashion items. haha
    i can't say i am crazy about the bigger shimmer but the colors are unique and gorgeous. give them a try! :)

  48. i'd say Corallina goes rather matte(?) since it only gives some sparkles not the overall sheen, if that makes sense any sense.
    i think it'd look beautiful on you. :)

  49. Great review! :)
    I'm a new follower :) You're awesome, keep it up! :) Looking forward for ur new posts and hoping that you'll check and follow my blog too. <3 :)



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