Mar 13, 2012

Swatch - Cargo Spring 2012 Get The Look Spring Kit

It was so mild and springy here in the NYC today, it was almost disturbing, but it definitely put me into "spring makeup swatching" mood.
(I know I need to pick up on swatches a little more. There are tons of unswatched stuff on my vanity staring at me.. ;o)
So one at a time, today I have the swatches of my recent acquisition, Cargo Spring 2012 Get The Look Spring Kit  for you. :)

I found this campaign image from Cargo FB page.
Isn't she gorgeous? I love the whole look with fresh colorings and butterflies!

(recycled pic from my recent haul post)

The set consists of the soft neutral colors with healthy glow that would flatter most skin tones.
To be honest, I am into cooler colors and I feel more comfortable wearing them, so this "safe" warmer colors from the set was bit of a "dare" for me. :)

Cargo Beach Blush Coral Beach
(a bit of sad drama..I dropped this! I am just glad it is still in one piece. T..T)

swatches of the individual stripes

blended together
This blush creates gorgeous shimmery coral glow.
It is a perfect combination of blush and bronzer, in my opinion.
Cargo Blush  packaging is just great for swirling and tapping the colors into the perfect mixture.

Cargo Eyeshadow Duo Sardinia

cool toned light satin pink + medium brown with golden copper undertone
Together, they create a simple and defined daytime look. :)
The light pink color is one of the prettiest I've seen. It is fabulous to brighten the inner corners of my eyes.
The texture and the color payoffs are excellent.

Cargo Longwear Lipgloss in Fresno

Fresno swatch
glossy sheer pink with very subtle shimmer
I am slightly underwhelmed by the tacky texture, but the color is very pretty. :)

Cargo Triple Action Mascara Black
I love this mascara!
It is one of the few non-waterproof mascaras that holds my curls.
This does everything it claims and doesn't smudge on me. :)

Swatches on me :)
No, thank you. I just got back from hunting.
(You know what I mean, twilight fans. ;p)

Obviously, the only unnatural part of this look is the vampy color contacts. 
(I am wearing Dueba Big 23 Pink here ;p)
I am especially in love with the blush color and pleasantly surprised by the mascara.
This collection would be perfect for naturally feminine look.
I gotta tell you though I always feel natural looks take more time and effort to achieve!

Have you tried these colors?
What color are you into for the new season?  :)

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  1. Janine SonMarch 13, 2012

    i like the pale pink look~! :) it really matched your contacts! lovely~^^

  2. ShoppingObsessionMarch 13, 2012

    I am loving the blush. When you said it could be a blush + bronzer, lightbulb lit up in my head. I'm kind of lazy, less product to use and still get both is perfect for me. Another trip back to Sephora. Good that I am only in the city for this week. Would be broke if I keep popping back to the store.

  3. VERY pretty Lena! I love the look girl. Those blush swatches are gorgeous and come out really soft. NICE! :D

  4. very pretty!! I like the butterflies in the picture... I like butterflies.. as long as they're not real, else they freak me out- ya I can't stand going to bug zoos lol

  5. Naomi HingMarch 13, 2012

    Beautiful as always lena!

  6. Aaahh I'd LOVE to have Coral Beach! I'm a big fan of Cargo blushes. Can't wait to wear my Cable Beach more often when the weather gets better. We had a couple of days of spring weather and now it's all gone down south again :p

    Love your vampy contacts!

  7. oooh that lipgloss is calling my name, Pink and brown are always so perfect for spring.

    xox champagne

  8. Eva_Chic_ProfessionalMarch 13, 2012

    Aw I hate it when I drop powder products!I understand your pain. Good thing it didn't shatter too much.
    The blush looks so lovely on you.

    The promo pic is really pretty, though I really like how you used the products for a more every day look.

  9. I am a sucker for blushes! and I've been wanting to try cargo blushes, I can order them online, but my self control is still strong! lol.
    btw so sad that u dropped the blush, T.T but it's good that the blush didn't shatter into powder.

  10. Debi ChakrabortyMarch 13, 2012

    usually people consider warmer tones as safe colours..but you are like me in this regard..and the colours do look awesome..i think i need to get me one of those blush/bronzer thingys...and the contacts are so cool!

  11. i know, right?! we share the color comraderie! :)
    i am glad to hear that you think these colors work for me.
    i am a bronzer dummy and don't even know where to start, so this is just perfect for me.
    i like this contacts, too..but people stare too much. lol

  12. yeah..i am kinda sad but also relieved it didn't break completely. :)
    coral beach would look gorgeous on you.
    there are so many beach blushes from Cargo, i myself am trying not to look at them!

  13. (*sobs*) thanks for understanding, Eva!

    i think Cargo is promoting the blush sticks for this season, so i am pretty sure some other colors were used for her look. ;)
    it feels nice to step out of the pink blush zone sometimes. ^-^

  14. the lipgloss color reminds me of NARS turkish delight a bit!
    i agree pink and brown combo is quite nice for spring. ;)

  15. i remember your cable beach post, Sunny!
    i was not into striped products at all, but i can' deny this is a superb blush.
    i love love the color. :)

    i should try this colors with my blue contacts and copy the girl in the pic. lol

  16. LoL thanks, Julie!
    i thought the same thing. "at least the girl didn't have to fret around the real butterflies!"
    you comment revoked one of my childhood memories. i actually completed a summer course at a bug zoo and learned how to pin and preserve them. ;p

  17. thank you, Kim :)
    i was a little afraid that it might look too dark and intense on me, but it is nice! i am glad. :)

  18. exactly. lol
    i am not embracing the idea of applying blush AND bronzer, so this is perfect for me.
    i mean i could use this that way as well since the colors are striped. ;)

    happy shopping! ^----^

  19. aww thank you, Janine :)
    i am glad the looks works for you. i actually put on the contacts for fun.;p

  20. The lenses looks soo good on you!
    The blush looks more like brown shimmery than coral to me! LOL

  21. Wow, I like the shimmer in both the blush and eyeshadow! And you look super pretty as usual! <3

  22. Anna Theresa WinklerMarch 14, 2012

    nooooo omg i'm so dumb...i seriously don't know whether i sent my comment now or not!! argh... now it might sound weird trying to write down what i've been just writing but i said that i really like that advert. looks truly inspiring with the butterflies :)
    and then i said that i like your eyes :D amazing and creepy at the same time! "EYE-CATCHING" ;)
    xxx love,

  23. Anna Theresa WinklerMarch 14, 2012

    ok just realised that i actually haven't sent it the first time! :D

  24. You look really beautiful! I love the wink to Twilight ;)

  25. i love the eyeshadow and the blush..
    great colors.. i love the blush when it all blended..

    thanks for the swatches..

  26. thanks Camilla!
    glad you like this. ;)

  27. lol. thank you, Sarah :)
    pink contacts always remind of them after hunting. ;D

  28. lolz no worries Anna! :)
    i am sure pink and even red contacts got popular after the twilight saga.
    i totally agree with you on "cool and creepy at the sam time". ;D

  29. aw thanks, Aki! :)
    i am happy that at least one warm colored blush works for me!

  30. thanks, Carla :)
    i see what you are saying. there is definitely some "brown bronzer" quality in the Cable Beach blush. :)

  31. i actually like the color of the contacts. maybe it won't look as vampy further back... but i really like it. :) yes, that model is gorgeous! she has amazing eyes, and the campaign is amazing. love those butterflies... so spring and fresh. :) hope you're well, lena! xoxo

  32. the eyeshadow colors and blushes are beautiful!!!

  33. Love the colour of those eyeshadows!!!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  34. HwalkeechanMarch 15, 2012

    Love how soft and fem the colors are!

  35. the colours are lovely on you! very suited for springtime makeup :) and haha love your contacts. Need a pair of pink circle lenses, they're so unique-looking and pretty!

  36. Love the last picture. You look gorgeous with the pink/purple (?) contacts! I can't pull it off but you do well. :)

    The blush color looks great on you, very natural, and I think you look great with warm tones.

    So great to hear you like the Vivite serum!... wheee~ :)

  37. thank you, Ahleessa!
    actually your review on VIVITE system helped me a lot to make my purchase.
    it is working great for me. ;)

  38. thank you, Izzy!

    i like these contacts but i think i don't need to get more pink lol
    i also like the Max pure design. it is very subtle and feminin with salmon pink color. ;)

  39. love the blush!
    thank you Oreleona. ;D

  40. lol thanks, Jasmine! :)
    i am thinking i should try the whole looks with blue lenses..haha

    hope everything goes well with you move.
    congrats! :D


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