Apothica, SkinCareRx haul - Cargo & VIVITE

I was going to do some informative post today, but my brain isn't functioning right due to the cold and congestion.
Luckily, my recent order from Apothica & SkinCareRX arrived today, and I swear I am feeling a little better now. ;p

Cargo Spring collection 2012

This is such a great deal.
$39 for a full size Beach Blush (Coral Beach ), a full size 3 Triple Action Mascara, an Eyeshadow duo (Sardinia ) and a Long Wear Lip Gloss (Fresno ) in a whimsical makeup pouch with pink butterflies!
Honestly, the pouch is not as pretty as I pictured and those cute butterflies will come off eventually, but it is still an amazing deal.
I mean the Beach Blush by itself costs $30. ;o

VIVITE hydrating bundle
Replenish Hydrating Facial Cleanser (6 fl oz, 180 ml)
Replenish Hydrating Cream (2 oz, 60 g)
Daily Antioxidant Facial Serum (1 fl oz, 30 ml)

I recently got the core system from VIVITE, and so far I am loving how effective they are.
They could be a little too intense sometimes since everything in the system contains glycolic acid, so I wanted to add some soothing moisturizing products to complete the regimen.
There was a great deal on bundles going on, which I took advantage of. 
For all three full size products, it only cost $92 after 50% off. :D

They can be purchased here and here. :)

I know I am a little bit behind on my reviews, but hopefully i can do a post or two about my current skincare favorites soon.

Happy International Women's day! 


  1. Janine SonMarch 08, 2012

    nice haul~! the lip gloss color looks nice^^


  2. great haul!! that cargo set is a great deal. it's a shame Cargo isn't sold at sephora anymore. and i rarely see it at Ulta either.

  3. OMG the cargo haul is such good deal!!
    I love the blushes' packaging!:)

  4. PetiteMiniMarch 09, 2012

    I've never tried Cargo. Is it any good?

  5. The cargo haul is such a good deal! I love cargos tin packaging.

  6. oh this is so cute! I've never tried cargo blush before because they're only available online and sometimes I avoid ordering cosmetics online because German custom office can be really annoying :/
    I can't wait for the review and swatches! xx

  7. Happy international women's day Lena! I'm liking how the Cargo set looks. With that price, it's a steal!

  8. Hows Vivite? I might try Mario Badescu as I've heard some amazing things from the 'fromheadtotoe' blog.. I'm using the Kiehl's oil free at the moment and I'm still breaking out a little bit!

    Thanks and I can't wait to read your reviews

    xoxo champagne

  9. ShoppingObsessionMarch 09, 2012

    I haven't tried Cargo but am loving your set, especially the beautiful color of the blush. Coral is such a pretty color and I think it looks great on us Asians. Thanks for the review. I may have to run back to Sephora later on today. Hope you will be feeling better soon! I, too, am suffering from sinus congestion. Nasty headache won't leave me alone!

  10. i haven't tried many from Carog, but their blushes are my favorites. i think i even like them better than nars. (i know it is abomination to some people. lol)
    i actually shy away from coral/peach colors in general. Coral Beach looks so pretty, my fingers are crossed. i hope it works for me! ;)

    feel better soon and have a great weekend!

  11. i like it alot! of course, the whole regiment is no joke, it contains higher potency of glycolic acid and other anti-oxidants. it could be intense sometimes but nothing i didn't expect.
    if your concern is occasional breakouts, it might be perfect for you. i will do a review post soon. ;)

  12. yay!
    i am excited to try the Beach Blush.
    i think i might make a perfect combination of blush and bronzer. super pretty! :)

  13. i know what you're saying.
    u.s. custom is pretty tough, you'd have to mark it as "used cosmetics" or something. ;-/
    i can't say anything about others, but for sure, their blushes are superb!

  14. don't you just love the clean tins!
    i have a thing for tin packaging. lol

  15. i haven't tried many from Cargo, either.
    i know i love their blushes,though.
    hoping to like the other goodies i got this time.
    will update soon! :)

  16. i know, right?
    it is obvious the colors are not new, but i think the whole set is composed nicely with awesome price. ;)

  17. oh, i didn't know that.
    i usually get my higher-end makeup from beautydotcome of apothica, though.
    it is better to actually test the products before you make a purchase, of course. :)

  18. thanks, Janine!
    i love the lipgloss color, too. ;)

  19. Hope you're feeling better hun, I've never heard of Cargo, but really - their blusher is better than Nars? I do love a good coral shade - or even a bright bold pink too!

  20. I love how little hauls can make us feel so much better, haha! Hope you feel better soon :)

  21. i love getting a good deal. 50% is a lot... and great items you got! alex just pointed out your cargo gloss and said, "i want that ake-up!" lol!


  22. uh oh, hopefully you're not getting sick. I like the look of Cargo's products. Please do a favourite skincare review post! I'll look forward to it.

  23. i am officially sick. but hopefully i will be better by sunday cause i have a recording session scheduled. ;/
    i used the Cargo set today and i am in love with the blush and eyeshadow duo. :)

  24. yeah, i was surprised to see a deal like that. :)

    alex is so adorable!! makes me smile just imagining her saying those cute words.xD

  25. thank you, Larie.;)
    we all are believers in retail therapy!

  26. thanks! :)

    more people like nars blushes, of course. Cargo is a bit underdog in makeup world, but i personally like the color range and sheer but buildable pigmentation.
    Cargo Amalfie is my favorite color and it is a quite bright pink. check it out! :)

  27. I've been lusting after the Cargo HD Foundation for a while, I'm not sure what's stopping me!

  28. You bought amazing stuff! Love the lip gloss:)

  29. thanks Lucka :)
    i am quite happy with my purchase!

  30. oh i've heard many good thing about HD series. people say HD blushes are fab! :)
    let me know if you try the powder!

  31. Debi ChakrabortyMarch 10, 2012

    the stuff looks truly amazing lena

  32. thanks, Debi :)
    i just tried the skincare items as well and i like them alot.

  33. nice haul!! hope u feel better Lena :)

  34. aww thanks, Oreleona.
    i feel much better. ;)

  35. Happy International Women's Day Lena! I love that butterfly clutch! How cute is that. I still haven't used my SkinCareRx gift card. Ohhhhh what to buy? HAHAHA You got some great stuff.

  36. i am happy with my purchase, Kim :)
    the skincare bundle is really a great deal and they have some sales on gift sets as well at apothica.
    you still have time. hold off until you really feel you need something. ;)

  37. MyrtedCaldonaMarch 18, 2012

    Your pouch is definitely a beauty! :) Such a cute thing.

  38. thanks!
    i just need to glue those butterfly wings down. lol


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