Mar 26, 2012

FOTD, NOTD - Smokey Black and Pale Lilac

Sometimes I think I am a good example of the "Green Frog" character.
What am I talking about? ;p
"Green Frog (aka 청개구리)" is the beloved(?) character from a Korean folktale, and it is commonly used to refer someone who does everything opposite. The folktale itself is usually told to teach lessons for kids to listen to their parents. lol
(I found a modern version of this folktale on amazon for those who are curious. ;) )

So obviously, I was rocking the vampy wintry nail polishes when it was so sunny and almost summer like, and now I HAVE to wear super pale pastel shades as soon as the weather returns to normal (meaning cold and windy). ;-/

Revlon Lilac Pastelle

I love love this color and I remember I hunted six different drugstores down to find it with it's matching lip gloss back in 2010 spring. (Now that's what I call passion!)
This is one of those shades. 
It is so perfectly pretty it makes my imperfect human hands look ugly.
(I still love it!)

While I was pulling this beauty out of my polish box, I found two more sisters of her, which is another proof I am a sucker for this type of color. ;)

L to R
Essie Miss Matched, Revlon Lilac Pastelle, Zoya Marley
(Be a friend, tell me they all look different, hmmm?  ^-^;;;;)

The matching Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in Lilac Pastelle and the Bubble Gum lip butter are the perfect complements to this nail color.

Didn't I tell you before that they are the same shade?? ;p

See the swatches

together on lips

I was inspired by Candice's recent eye makeup look, so I tried a modified version using the two darkest shades from Wet 'n' Wild Greed palette.

I paired it with green color contacts since I love the pale pink + green color combination.

overall look
(note to myself - next time, smile!!)

makeup products used for this look
Missha M signature BB cream mixed with stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer
e.l.f. High Definition Powder
Wet 'n' Wild Greed palette
Jane Blushing Cheeks in Blushing Wine
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Lilac Pastelle
Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Bubble Gum
Ebony drawing pencil - eyebrows
L'Oreal Voluminous wp mascara in Black
Milani Liquif'eye Metallic Eye Liner pencil in 01 Black

Thanks for looking!
Wishing everyone a great week. ;)

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  1. Pretty! I don't usually go for that sort of soft pink color on nails or lips, but it looks really lovely and ethereal on you :) And I remember that frog story! I just saw another reference to it today, actually, now that I think about it.

    see? Haha.

  2. OMG, so pretty! Your nails are really looking good, at the first glimpse,I thought you're wearing gel nails. O.O

  3. Ahhh as ravishing as ever, Lena! You have such nice nails and you do GREAT manicures! Love your green contacts, the light smokey eye, and nude lips! xx

  4. Such a pretty color for nails and your lips too! I love it.

  5. ShoppingObsessionMarch 26, 2012

    of course these shades are all different shades of pink, not at all the same. I like the Essie one the best! I'm loving the Essie more and more now.

  6. I'm pretty much in love with everything in this post. I think this shade of pink really suits you well! ♥

  7. Hi Lena, I love these lilacs and greys together! I actually have Lilac pastelle too --- I snatched it up when it came out. I haven't gotten much use from it yet, but you've inspired me to take it out. It definitely fits the current season and would look pretty contrasted against peaches or corals!

  8. haha how cute you matched the lips to your nails! It IS a really pretty colour. And yes actually believe it or not...I can definitely tell the difference between the nail polish colours. Not so much with the lipglosses though xD

  9. Eva_Chic_ProfessionalMarch 26, 2012

    Nice! Love the lips and the nails. THe pastel colors looks really nice on you.
    And you look lovely as always!

  10. LOVE this lip color and matching nails, the shade looks beautiful on you!

  11. Naomi HingMarch 26, 2012

    Lovely lena! I'm loving lilac shades lately! hehe.

  12. Hah, you and I have the same problem of buying the same shade over and over again! Luckily this lavender/pinkish pastel is gorgeous. I really like the look of the purplish lip gloss, though not sure how wearable it would be or flattering against my skin tone. Very pretty look with the green eyes and pink lips :)

  13. Ohh love the nail polish! Such a pretty shade!

  14. that revlon lilac shade is gorgeous lena. love your eyemakeup girl! woot and YES those shades are VERY close.

  15. I know, right? I painted my nails last night a bright pink and woke up this morning to wind and clouds. UGH. I am super obsessed with light pinks too, though! And had to bust out my super pastel pink polishes over the weekend.

  16. beautiful! I love this, you've inspired me to paint my nails lilac ^.^ I've got Orly Lollipop

  17. hehe your FOTD & NOTD match perfectly with your blog!! And yes, I can see the difference of the three...well my laptop colors may not be accurate but looks like Essie is more peachy-beige nude, Relvon is more pink, and Zoya is more pale and cool-toned lilac. Then again, maybe you could try wearing them all together? jk

    No matter, it looks very pretty on you, both your NOTD & FOTD! :3

  18. i love this shade of pink in nails and lips as well..usually i see people opt out of wearing it because it is so pale that it stands out..i love the whole look!and lol smile next time haha!

  19. your nails are perfect! I'm the same as you when it comes to the weather and nail colors lol. The lip butter washed me out really badly but it looks great on you. I gotta pick up that revlon polish now. ^_^

  20. Love the nails!! This shade looks stunning on your skintone, especially for the gloss & lip butter!

  21. thank you! :)
    i am big on matching lips and nail colors. lol

  22. thank you! :D
    actually the bubble gum color washes me out. i can't wear it by itself. you might want to pair it with some gloss. ;)

  23. thank you, Debi! :)
    i either look goofy smiling or bitchy not smiling. lolz
    need to find a happy medium! >,.<

  24. lol! i haven't noticed until you said it. they do match! ^-^
    i think you are spot on the color difference. they sure look different especially swatched next to each other..
    hehe you are a nice friend! :)

  25. ooh Orly Lollipop is another beauty!
    go right ahead, Sarah! :)

  26. actually i am more upset about the fact that i reorganized my closet for the spring!!
    pink nails would look great with your flowery dress from your last outfit post. i can totally picture it! :)

  27. hope you are talking about the lip colors, Kim (*looks at Kim suspiciously*) lol lol
    thank you! ^----^

  28. isn't it pretty!?
    thank you, Banny! :)

  29. told ya! ;)
    these are luckily different enough for me to justify..i must confess there are identical ones, though..haha
    thanks for your compliments.
    the nail color and even lip colors are a bit high maintenance, in my opinion. i need to moisturize and take care of the cuticles and wear right kind of makeup to pull the colors off. ;)

  30. thanks, Naomi!
    maybe lilac is in again. :)

  31. aww thanks, Eva :)
    i wanna visit the spring colors i already have rather than buy new (similar) ones. lol

  32. thanks, Izzy!
    they are different, right? (you are such a nice friend. *winks*)
    i am 100% sure revlon recycled the color for the lip butter! :)

  33. thank you, Dovey!
    give it another try. i do think that it is like a fussy little princess and i am not entirely happy how it looks against my skin tone..but it is still a very pretty color that makes me feel happy! :)

  34. thank you, Feelo :)
    you are so sweet.

  35. yay!
    (*singing "you've got some friend in me"~)

    thanks! :)

  36. thank you, Sunny! :)
    this is the "full-blown green" contacts i was talking about. i like them quite a bit. :)

  37. thank you, Pam!
    i get that often, actually..maybe it is because my nails are quite think and i always apply good healthy amount of topcoat..:)

  38. lol thank you, Larie. :)
    what a coincidence!
    i love her blog, actually. she makes all kinds of creative yet authentic korean food and always tells nice stories.
    thanks for sharing! :)

  39. Those colours are so pretty, Lena! When I saw the first pic, I was like, oooh, finally something Springy!! haha. I wish I had this Revlon polish, it's beautiful for Spring!

  40. thanks, Andrea! :)
    i think it is now a part of the core collection possibly with different name.
    i also wanna try essie liacism. :)

  41. Mie NielsenMarch 28, 2012

    Oh wow I love that look on you.. awesome make up :D
    Oh and that nail polish is so pretty i need to find something like it :P

  42. thank you, Mie! :)
    there are many similar shades, actually. i think essie has at least a couple. ;p

  43. OH. EM. GEE. i just borrowed the book 'the green frogs' for my son! i usually pick out five random books, and this was one of them this week!! i totally know the story :)

    this color is really pretty on your nails and lips...the green is a nice complement to it. i didn't really like the lip butter colors i picked out...i like the bubble gum.


  44. hey, lena! how are you?
    i've been so swamped lately with the move and everything... i've been so bad at visiting my friends. hope you are well, and hope you're enjoying Spring. :)
    such pretty pink shades you picked! very pretty and toned down, and it's subtle and feminine. love it! you're gorgeous even if you don't smile in your photos. i rarely do either. :) btw, thanks for always leaving me the sweetest comments, lena. i really value our friendship, and i feel like i know you even though we never met in person. :) thanks for the frieindship and all the love! have a great day, and ttys!

  45. I love the green + pale pink combo! It suits you so well, pale pink lippies usually completely wash me out. :P

  46. Oh my god! Are these your nails? I would hire you as my personal nail painter (hahah) if i had enough nails always look kinda retarded whenever i paint them orz
    By the way, totally dig your colour choices, pastell forever~


  47. lol yes they are mine. ;)
    i guess i've gotten good after all these years of self-painting..but it is not perfect by any means.

    thanks for stopping by! :D

  48. thank you, Stacey!
    this color washes me out as well, i had use a quite dark blush color to balance it out.;)

  49. hey Jas! hope you are doing well.
    no worries. i imagine moving and organizing (not to mention shopping for the new home) would be so overwhelming.
    i actually love when you smile. you have the prettiest dimples. ;D

    hope you have a great weekend!

  50. lol what a coincidence! another blog friend told me she saw the very story was mentioned somewhere on the same day i posted. ;D

    i have six lip butters and only like three colors to be honest with you...they are rather hyped, right? ;) (*ducks*)

  51. Wahhh if you think your hands look ugly in these pics then mine look like the crypt keeper's LOL. Seriously though, your nails look like they were professionally done!

    I love the lip colors on you and they look great paired with the soft smokey look. You look beautiful as always Lena :)

  52. its such a beautiful color! the finish looks light and glossy :)!!

    I like light purple tone/lilac lip color but it just really doesnt go well with my tan skin :( meeeh

  53. thank you, Denise!
    i think light pink/lilac shades look sexy on tan skin tone. actually this color washes me completely out, i had to pair it with strong blush and eye makeup. ;p

  54. ah mind that i am only showing very small part of my hands! lol
    i still enjoy this color but honestly it isn't best color for any human hand. haha

    thank you for your compliment! you're very sweet. ^-^*

  55. Penelope_LApril 03, 2012

    What a gorgeous FOTD, the colours suit you perfectly. Your skin is flawless, and that nail polish is so pretty!

  56. wow, that nail polish is amazing!!! also love the lip glos!!

    Kisses, Lucy!:)

  57. Eden UyeharaApril 04, 2012

    love this pretty pink and thanks for combining the polish with other makeup products! What a helpful post!

  58. thank you, Eden! :)
    i try not to overdo but i love matching lippies with my nail colors.

  59. aww thanks, Penelope. ;)

  60. OMG you look great in lilacs / light pink!! I tend to gravitate towards these colors all the time when I'm in the store (cuz they're so pretty), but they never look right on me *cries*

  61. there there, don't cry,Amy! :p
    i feel the same way! i'd still wear them anyway..but having more than one in the same color doesn't make it look any better on me. lolz

  62. omggg, so pretty~ Lilac colors look awesome on you Lena! :D

  63. Naww, the nail polish is in such a pretty pink!! I think I saw this shade but I put it down and convinced myself that I didn't need any more nail polishes. After seeing this though I'm definitely going back to hunt for it. Thanks for also matching it with other products, especially the lip products. Will be quite helpful. :D

  64. thank you!
    i am glad you find this post helpful, lhnguyen!

    i love matching colors in a couple of makeup items. matching everything would be weird but a little bit does the trick! :)


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