Feb 1, 2012

Review, Video - NEO COSMO Monet Blue

It's been a while since my last color lens review.
Today I'd like to review on NEO Monet Blue contacts. :)

NEO Monet Blue lens
natural lighting

This model is one of the classic NEO designs and I don't think these types are overly popular anymore.
It seems that eveyone thinks the bigger the lenses the better they are, but personally I don't think the current trends are for me.
After spending hundreds of dollars on lenses since last October, I came to realise that I don't like anything bigger than 14.2 mm in diameter and I prefer natural colors and designs.

I came across these beautifully simple lenses on circlelens.com, which is my current favorite place to buy my contacts.
I like this company because
1. There is always some kind of good deal going on
2. They offer very fast free shipping and reward program
3. The website is very professional and super easy to navigate
4. The customer service is stellar.

circlelens.com order

NEO Monet blue in lens case

Design/Color - 9.5/10
Outer rings are very dark grey color with dotted finish which is very natural and they are connected with soft blue spike patterns
It is very very very natural but gives an interesting effect that makes your eyes look pure.

Enlargement - 5/10
I don't see any visible enlargement effect from wearing these. 

Comfort - 9/10
very comfortable. 
I don't feel any difference from my conventional contacts.

Overall - 9/10
This is as good as it gets when it comes to natural looking contacts with a little bit of twist.
If you are looking for obvious enlargement and gyaru styles, this is not for you.
I myself absolutely love this. 
I have been wearing them quite often and actually in some of my recent FOTD's as well.
(hence the recycled pictures..;p)

with eye makeup

Overall looks

I also uploaded a still image video on YouTube. :)

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  1. Very pretty! I like the subtlety of these. Quite natural but would probably make you do a double take. My mom said that my eyes looked blue for about a year and a half after I was born. Too bad it didn't last but that might look freaky lol.

  2. wow these are so unique. the color is very subtle but makes your eyes so pretty!

  3. Lena, those are so beautiful on girl! Do you know, I've worn contacts all my life (like since 7th grade) and have never tried color contacts. HAHAHA You're making me change my mind. Love that lipstick! I saw your tweet on Twitter about someone asking you where to find the lipstick and google. I died laughing. It was too funny! I love that shade. Some people want you to do all the work. So unfair.

  4. Lena, these lenses look so good on you! I've always wanted color contact since FOREVER, but apparently I can't wear them because I read too much. I think my optometrist is bleh.

  5. Super pretty! The colour seems pretty natural and nice! ^_^ Hehehe and I'm having a barbie lens giveaway! :p

  6. Thanks for joining The Girlie Blog. Very nice to have you, and I followed back. So nice to meet other Asian Beauty Bloggers.


  7. Those lenses looks pretty good !!

  8. They look pretty natural on you! Sadly I can't wear anything that's not daily disposable. Sensitive eyes aargh

  9. ah..too bad. i know there are some 2 week color lenses available but i haven't seen anything daily disposable.
    i like to use peroxide solution often if not everyday. this increase the comfort level dramatically. maybe this would help? ;)

  10. thanks, moeri :)
    i like how natural they are. often people can't even tell.

  11. thanks for dropping by and adding me to your list. :)

  12. thank you, Aki :)
    bigger size lenses look all good on you. i am a little jealous. lol
    have a happy giveaway! :)

  13. thank you, Laura :D
    i think i wear glasses more now because i am more concsious of taking care of my eyes now. so my eyes doing better than before when i was just using conventional contacts.
    i think color contacts are like wardrobe or makeup. you should give them a try. ;)

  14. oh wow. i've been wearing contacts for about 20 years myself, too. ;)
    they are fun and i can wear different makeup, which i am very happy about!

    yeah, about that email and the girl..i've been upset for days. she has emailed me multiple times asking personal questions but never has once left a comment here on my blog. i don't think she understands the concept of blogging and sharing information (& fun). ;-/

  15. thank you. ;)
    i'd be interested in grey color in the sames design.

  16. yes, i've seen some new born (asian) babies have bluish dark eyes. so pretty!
    i think i've read an article explaning why but now i forget. lol
    this is the most subtle 2-tone design. i love it! :)

  17. CassandrapamelaFebruary 02, 2012

    the lenses look really pretty!
    too bad I can't wear any lenses! I'm too afraid to put something into my eyes. coward,I know

  18. your make-up is gorgeous Lena! The lip color is HOT!

    You probably laughed at my tacky make-up post huh =) I am such a newbie!

  19. nonsense! i thought you look beautiful with such simple makeup and envied you. lol
    that revlon lipstick is my all time favorite. you should try it. ;)

  20. ah so you're like rachel from friends. (remember the tv show? ;p)
    i am curious. do you do okay when they perform glaucoma test on you?

  21. CassandrapamelaFebruary 03, 2012

    yes I know! I'm a huge fan from friends! lol
    but no I haven't had glaucoma test before :/ I dont have any idea what it is..

  22. really? you should get it annually. it's nothing but they blow pressurized air into your eyeballs to check your eye pressure. it could be scary if you are afraid of that sort of things. ;-p

  23. the lenses look so natural i love it on u! i didnt know u had a YT definitely subscribing :)

  24. thanks, Oreleona.
    you are so sweet! :D

  25. could you tell me please if you still buy in circlelens.com or where to buy?

    1. Hi, Luisa! I've been buying from kpop2.com or klenspop.com. I think Monet Blue is still sold at kpop2.com, fyi. :)


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