Swatch, FOTD - Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Raspberry Bite

Today, I wore Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Raspberry Bite (745).
This is the most stunning red shade in my book, and the lipstick itself is so creamy and has excellent color payoff.

Raspberry Bite is interesting shade because it looks burgundy in the tube but when applied on lips, it is a saturated blue-based hot red.

My camera brings out the blue like crazy in general, but this swatch is pretty close.

on lips

You can even create a soft goth look if you put on layers of this lipstick, but I usually just stop after 2 coats with careful blotting.
This is not much of a high maintenance color since it leaves pretty stains even after it starts to fade away.
I think it is definitely one of the best Revlon Super Lustrous colors with superb quality.
Try it even if you are not a red lipstick lover. 
I am not, but I still love this shade so much. ;)

Now, FOTDs...
This would be a very good comparison to my alien eye post of yesterday. lol
Here I am wearing my newly purchased NEO Monet Blue which gives me absolutely no enlargement. 
(This is just a beautiful pair of sweet nothing. I love it.)

(I should have smiled a little, huh? ;P)


  1. such a pretty shade of red! and the lenses you're wearing today look much better :)

  2. such a lovely shade of red! looks fab on u!! <33 it!!

  3. Such a gorgeous colour, it looks amazing on your lips.

  4. You're so great at putting lipstick on!
    Every time I try, it's like all over the place.
    That color look nice on you.
    It seems like every color looks great on you :3
    I just look foolish with red lipstick on.
    I look so gross that I don't even own one ):

  5. oh my,i love your lip swatches =D almost like an ad :D

  6. thank you! :)
    i think i finally figured out how to work my camera to capture macro shots.
    it was pretty hard for me, actually. ^-^

  7. thanks, Miko :)
    but trust me, i still don't feel easy about putting on red lippies.
    what i can garantee you, though is it will get easier as you get older. lol
    i have a few tricks to apply bright lip colors. maybe i should do a post on it.
    i didn't use brush this time but usually it helps more than just using lip liner.

  8. thank you, Katherine :)
    it is a fab color. i first fell in love with it after i saw a model wearing this shade in vogue years ago. she looked like an amazing goth princess. i wish i can find the picture again. ;p

  9. thank you, Oreleona.
    i think i am getting encouraged about this whole red lippie thing.
    thanks! :)

  10. hi, lena! hope you're having a great wknd!

    i am so like you--i'm a smokey-eye-and-neutral-lips kind of a girl. i put some gloss sometimes on the lips, but rarely any shade of color. but yes, i LOVE this shade of red with tints of blue! you have the most gorgeous lips, and it looks stunning on you. you just made me overcome my fear of colored lipsticks, and i may just want to try it! :) great review.

  11. hi, Chloe!
    thanks for your commenting and for adding me to your reading list. ;)
    i will review on these new contacts later, but i agree! these are so much better. ;p

  12. hey Jas!
    thanks for your sweet comment as always. *^-^*
    i guess putting on light lip color makes it so much easier to talk and eat not to mention to kiss your lovely children.
    i also think this is great time to venture into bold colors. red lips look so much nicer in colder months. :)

  13. Oh my, I love it! I'm in such a bad red lip phase. I don't even wear red that often either though. I wear purple (legit purple) lipstick more than I do red but there's something about red that is so appealing. so excited to see all your lip reviews!

  14. no worries! I would've followed awhile ago but it just slipped my mind to check out my new followers hehe :) can't wait to read the review x

  15. now i am officially encouraged. lol
    i used avoid all kinds of red shades. ;p
    i just wish my camera didn't make everything look so blue! (other than than i like it..)
    serisouly i am considering to get some lighting system (when i really need is a new vacuum cleaner!) to take a better pictures.

  16. thanks again. ;)
    more reviews coming up! ^---^

  17. I bought a kit with three of these (but one will honestly work). You could use either a white or silver umbrella (white will give off a "soft" more natural look). http://www.ebay.ca/itm/500W-Photo-Studio-Lighting-Kit18-200cm-Light-Stand-Umbrella-E27-Holder-and-Bulb-/180746480958?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a15546d3e Definitely worth it!

  18. thanks! i actually ordered something similar from amazon but my package was missing the umbrella! lol
    i sent it back but i still want to get another one. do you think something like this worth the money? or should i just get lighting with one umbrella? ;)
    (thanks! i am glad you mentioned this. your pictures are so nice!) http://www.amazon.com/ePhoto-VL9004S3-Lightstands-16x24-Inches-Softboxes/dp/B003PDB1KW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1323653580&sr=8-1

  19. Do they have just a two stand kit? It's worth the money BUT I've yet to use my third stand. Two is really all you need and lately I've even just been using one! The soft box and umbrella are kind of the same idea. You can always buy a soft box/umbrella separate no matter which one you decide to buy!

  20. thanks again for your input! the one i ordered was only about $20 bucks. maybe i will just order 2 of them. it would be great if they send umbrellas this time. :D

  21. Oh.. if they're 20$ I don't know how legit they'll be. I found that they're usually around $50 each, (you tend to get a better deal if you buy it in sets though).

  22. i will for 2 lighting set for around $100.
    there are so many and they look similar, so it's confusing.
    btw, thanks for the amazing post. it is really helpful! :)

  23. XxxbeautyredefinedxxxDecember 12, 2011

    I have this lippie and it is amazing! One of the best Revlon lipstick I have. Looks gorgeous on you too!

  24. i can't agree with you more!
    i am planning to buy another tube since i've had this for a long time. hope revlon never discontinues this color. ;)


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