Jan 30, 2012

Swatch, FOTD - Wet n Wild Greed & Lust Palettes

I am quite late to jump on the bandwagon but I finally managed to get a couple of these Wet n Wild palettes.
(Thanks for the enabling, Stacey! :P)

My first choice was the inspirational Lust  palette, of course, and I grabbed another palette called Greed  as well.

Wet n Wild Greed  & Lust  palettes

Here are the close-up pics and swatches of the goodies. :)



Each palette contains 3 matte & 3 shimmery shades.
I find some of the matte shades are a little bit chalky but they are all super-pigmented and finely milled.
very impressive quality for a more affordable drugstore brand!
(*whispers* It is better than Maybelline...)
My favorite color is the gun metal grey from the Lust palette. 
It is just golden. (ironic for a grey shade, but you know what I mean. ;p)

Today I tried the matte shades from the Greed  palette. (pale peach, salmon, matte black)
These are not something I would normally wear on my lids but I am glad I tried them!
The matte black color is quite intense and it easily doubles as a soft eyeliner, and it looks nice when blended with warmer salmon color.

Also, I am wearing the Ardel falsies(108) again and I think I have improved a bit. ;D
For your reference, I am wearing
MAC Jest  lipstick (lips)
Bare Minerals Sorbet  blush (cheeks)
Revlon PhotoReady Mousse makeup in Shell

The possibilities would be endless but I'll be able to create at least 4 different looks with these palettes.
I am very excited! :)

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  1. ShoppingObsessionJanuary 30, 2012

    I like the greed palette. the colors are more natural. Looks great on you!

  2. The palettes are so pretty! I've always wanted to pick up a wet & wild palette, but at the store I would get them at, they're always dirty and cracked! Like what the heck, man!! You look great as always!

  3. Very much love the "Greed" color palette!!


  4. You're never too late to jump on the WNW bandwagon!! Glad you got Lust! ;)
    I even think some of the WNW shimmer eyeshadows compare with higher end ones, it's a real bargain!!

  5. they look great on u,,

    well i never try any wet n wild eye shadow
    and i think i should give it a try asap

  6. wowww~! lovely palettes! and you're very pretty!! your skin looks so nice^^


  7. Wow these look super pigmented! I think they work very well with your skin tone too! Please create more looks and share with us!

  8. CassandrapamelaJanuary 31, 2012

    they look good pigmented! the colors in Greed are all neutral! I love it!

  9. oh I rly like the colours *___* thanks for the review!

  10. You have such a nice blog! very informative (:
    I want Wet 'n Wild so bad!!! q__q But we don't have anything of this brand here... we had but I didn't see this brand for ages I think, haha :D
    New reader here. Keep on the good work, love it ♥

  11. aww Natalie, i appreciate it! :D
    this brand has improved dramatically over the years.
    i havn'et tried much since my initial experience (years ago) wasn't very good but now they have my attention! :)

  12. thank you, Melody!
    you are very welcome. ;)

  13. i am glad i stepped out my comfort zone and tried Greed palette. i normally shy away from orange/peach as much as i do from green colors. lol.

  14. thank you, Sunny :)
    i am excited to try all the colors.
    the shimmery shades from lust palette are all so pigmented. i was shocked!

  15. thank you, Camilla. :)
    i think WnW is best out of those cheaper drugstore brands. sometimes i favor them over maybelline or covergirl.
    the packaging could be prettier but i can't really complain at that price. ;p

  16. i was interested in these before but i think you gorgeous FOTD pics made the decision for me. ;D
    they are really great quality!

  17. i know!
    it's prolly because the eyeshadows are very soft and the packaging is flimsy.
    i've seen many broken inside, too.
    i hope you can find clean unbroken ones one sale soon! :D

  18. thank you!
    i thought i wouldn't like it as much but actually i do. i am glad. ;)

  19. thanks, Janine :)
    it is mostly the bright lighting. the foundation i used is quite good at light difusing as well.
    (there i revealed my secrets. lol)

  20. I just love every single one of your makeup looks :) the palettes look really nice xx

  21. i do love the soft black liner like look it gives..i am wary of too much shimmer in shadows but these look perfect.

  22. I don'tknow this brand but I'm gonna try soon I hope!!
    You're so pretty!!

  23. hey, lena! love cheap makeup finds. the colors are pretty! i really love LUST... you have the most amazing complexion!

    btw, thanks for your super-sweet comment on my last post. i was feeling fat and feeling like i'm really getting old... so your comment really made my day. :) you're an awesome b-friend. :)

    enjoy the day!

  24. Fashion And CookiesJanuary 31, 2012

    The Lust palette seems wonderful, shame it's hard to find this brand here in Italy ! You look so pretty <3

    Less than one day left to enter my giveaway to win a Zeleb party dress !
    Fashion and Cookies
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  25. Wet N Wild never cease to amaze me. Gorgeous palettes for an amazing price. Those colors are gorgeous Lena. You have the best lipstick shades! hahaha I love that one too. Have a great day.

  26. i like that the colors are not just random, they are well thought-out. WnW is the best among all the cheapy brands. ;)
    now..if they could do something about the packaging...;p (wishful thinking?)

  27. let's just hope WnW thrives and goes global!
    thanks for dropping by! :)

  28. no way! you are one hot looking mama! i always get amazed at how youthful you look in each picture of yours. ;)

    pleasure is mine. thanks for being such a great b-friend to me.:D

  29. aww thanks ayumi :)
    hope you find them soon. :)

  30. i know, nowadays it is so hard to find nice non-chalky(?) matte shades.
    i was surprised to see the lighter colors stays throughout the day as well. :)

  31. As much as I love Wet N Wild products, I try not to buy too many eyeshadow palettes because I never end up using them and then they pile up... but these colors are super intense and pigmented! I probably will end up getting these both!

  32. simera habeebJanuary 31, 2012

    I love these palettes.
    Wet n Wild has really stepped up their game
    I am a new follower by the way.

    My Blog:

  33. i'm lusting with the lust palette! haha does it sound right? nyaha! love the swatches.. your photos are crisp and clear! i just love your skin too ^^

  34. you look stunning as always hon <3 I like this look, it's subtle and soft! :)

  35. Yay falsies! They look good on you! ^^ I'm quite surprised how pigmented the WnW palettes are. They don't have a great rep where I live but now I'm tempted to give them a try.

  36. i think falsies really help when i wear lighter colors on my lids. i don't look as sleepy. lol
    WnW eyeshadows are great, in my opinion. at least better quality than covergilr or maybelline eyeshadows. :)

  37. aww Diane :)
    thanks a lot for your sweet comment. ^0^

  38. hi simera!
    thanks for stopping by and adding me to your list. ;)
    i couldn't agree more with you on recent WnW products!

  39. lol.
    we don't buy eyeshadows to use them up. (it's the truth!)
    you are too cute. ;D

  40. I havent gotten these yet! but these swatches are making me reconsider!

  41. lol go get them, girl! :D


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