Feb 5, 2012

Swatch, FOTD - Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Fire & Ice

Thanks to the relaunching of 2010, now many of us know about this legendary red lipstick that was originally introduced in 1952.

Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick  Fire  &  Ice 

This lipstick is probably the BRIGHTEST color that I own.
At a glance, it is a bright orange-based warm red, but there is certain amount of pink/neon in it if you take a second look.
I suspect that is why this blindingly bright shade is still wearable and even flattering for me. ;)
Nonetheless, this is an amazing red shade although it might not be your everyday red.

swatch on arm

on lips

To me, Revlon is a company with reserved force.
I know that this company was originally a competitor of Estee Lauder (They just took very different marketing tactics and now stand on very different places.), but the fact speaks for itslef that they have introduced a shade like this in the 50's and that color still works now.

This is definitely a retro red but there is also very modern quality to it (unlike it's sister Cherries in the Snow, which I will do a post soon).
The formula is fantastic. very moisturizing and long lasting.

For overall look, I decided to go overboard and have some fun so I wore REALLY BIG falsies. ;p
(These were included in Tiffany's giveaway package that I won a while ago. Thanks again, Tiffany!)
They are called butterfly lashes  and indeed they remind me of big butterfly wings! :)


makeup products used for this look
Maybelline Fit Me foundation 110 + 115
Maybelline Fit Me powder 115
Borghese Mineral bronzer (as blush)
Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick Fire & Ice
Clinique eyeshadow South Beach (all over lids)
L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering liner in Black (lower lash lines)
L'Oreal Voluminous False Lashes mascara in Blackest Black
Butterfly lashes
NEO COSMO Dali Extra Brown contacts

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  1. The lipstick is pretty. Wow! You are gorgeous. This is a great look for you.

  2. Liked it Len! U look good on red :)

  3. I love this look on you! You look gorgeous with red lips. I really like Fire & Ice, and it goes so well with those lashes - the boldness of both the lipstick & lashes really compliment each other!

  4. This look is mega hot on you!!! Love it!

  5. the big lashes are just perfect with this brilliant shade of red.

  6. Very pretty! That lipstick looks great on you, and the overall look is absolutely stunning. This is such a unique red, and it works perfect for you!

  7. This is such a beautiful bold red. I love how it looks on you Lena! You look beautiful in your FOTD!

    Haha you know what I think of when I look at your fotd pic - Snow White! You really do look like a real life version of her, especially with the fair skin and red lips :D

  8. Joanne CuaycongFebruary 05, 2012

    My friend really love this particular lipstick. It's so bright and gorgeous!

    Oh and I awarded you with the Kreativ Blogger Award

  9. thanks, Joanne! :)
    this is very unique and pretty red. it will suit you very nicely.

    i've done a blog award post very recently so i am going to pass this time, but thanks for your thought. ^-^

  10. aww Rinny, i don't know what to say. thanks so much! :)
    i wasn't sure about this look thinking it is kabuki-sh. lol
    i just wanted to have some fun with my makeup. totally editorial. those lashes are not going to daylights too often. ;p

  11. Nikki, thank you so much. :)
    if i wear this during the daytime, i blot it a lot and it looks much more wearable.
    i love this color. ^-^

  12. thank you, debi. ;)
    funny thing is i've always thought those lenses are too big, but they finally looked alright paired with huge lashes. now i understand why everybody wears falsies with big lenses. lol

  13. i am glad it worked out. like you said i wanted to balance out the bold lip color. :)
    of course, this is just for the pure love of makeup. i don't think i've worn big lashes like that even on stage. ;p

  14. thanks, elrica.
    it means a lot coming from you. :)

  15. thank you. :)
    it is fun to wear bold colors from time to time. ^--^;

  16. Lena this look is so amazing! This is the most beautiful and classic way to show your beauty! I am so in love with the way it turned out :))

  17. whoa!! that is a bright red!! I love bright red lippies!! i need to get this shade! i really love the fotd and the false lashes! the lipstick is definitely your color! you look so pretty lena :)

  18. Valeria LaurenziFebruary 06, 2012

    Love your blog!!! xoxo from Rome


    Ps. Follow each other???

  19. Hi, wow this lipstick looks great on you! I love Revlon's super lustrous line! I wish they have this one here, the ones I have don't have the part that says Revlon :(

  20. hey Diana, thank you. ;)
    that one was an LE with retro logo. there are silver packaged on as well. i thinking about buying them as well. they are still available at many places and not that expensive.
    the lipstick itself is the same since it was already part of the core line. :)

  21. thank you, Oreleona. :D
    i can't wear this color too often. honestly i think i wore this home more than i wore this out. lol
    you should definitely get this! :)

  22. aww thanks, Anel :)
    in real life it looked a bit theatrical even, but i did have lots of fun!

  23. Lena, you look like a DOLL! Sooooooooo cute! I love the false eyelashes on you and what a fabulous shade of red lipstick. I super love it. :D


  24. karoline lia aaslandFebruary 06, 2012

    Thank you! :)

    Wow, I love your lashes, they´re fab :D

  25. Thank you! :)

    Wow, I love your lashes, they´re fab :D

  26. Fashion And CookiesFebruary 06, 2012

    Your whole make up is flawless, I adore it ! You look like a model =) and that shade of red is a beautiful classic !
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  27. The lipstick looks great on you! I am new here and just wanted to tell you that I am having a FREE giveaway on my blog. Please check it out! =)


  28. love your eyes.. and the lips! wow luscious lips indeed! the shades suits and compliments your skin so well.. really beautiful

  29. Are the lashes made of human hairs? It looks very natural in pictures :)

    The lip color looks amazing, I learn something new everyday,didn't have the slightest idea before that Revlon was once on par with Estee Lauder.

  30. omg love this color on you!!! esp w the big fluttery lashes. i think i'd try out this look for a holiday party or something. and i had no idea revlon was a competitor of estee lauder, interesting...

  31. omo! you are super super gorgeous!! and lashes on you adds up the spark on your eyes..loving it...overall adding the red lipstick= simple beautiful! =) you remind me of Kim Min Hee on above pic..classic beauty rules ^_^~

  32. aww Janet, thanks! :D
    i don't know what to say.
    (you might see more of pics with heavy falsies and too much lighting in the future. ;p)

  33. thank you.
    yeah, i think this looks is only good for special occasions. holiday parties..or halloween. ;P

    they were indeed competitors in the beginning but EL took department store with GWP marketing whereas Revlon went on with drugstore and rep sales. :)

  34. yes, they are. on the back it says made in indonesia as well but i don't know which brand made these since there is no brand name marked. :)
    the revlon estee lauder rivalry thing happened a long time ago. maybe beginning of american cosmetics history? lol
    i came across this article a long time ago. :)

  35. thanks very much for your complements, Diane! :)

  36. thanks, Kay!
    i hope you have much fun blogging in the future. i know i am! :)

  37. ah, nonsense! (but i appreciate it. ^---^*)
    thanks for the invitation. :)

  38. thank you, Kim :)
    they are the biggest lashes i've worn in my life. heh heh

  39. Yay! I love the lashes on you!! ^^ I really like this lip colour, I have a similar shade but I tend not to wear reds too often. It definitely suits you though.

  40. thank you, Feelo :D
    i think i've worn this red out just once or so. other times it was all for playing inside.
    i'd like to try this for a party or something in the future, though. :)


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