Feb 7, 2012

Collective Haul - Jane Blushing Cheeks & Aquashimmer Eyeshadow

Remember Jane Cosmetics?
It was one of the hottest drugstore small brands and there was even a rumour at some point that Bobbi Brown had bought this company.
Sadly they went out of business years ago and Jane products disappeared from drugstore counters.

To think about it, The only thing I really liked from Jane was their Blushing Cheeks  blushes.
They are simply very high-quality with great color range even compared to higher-end brands.

Jane Blushing Cheeks

Other than Blushing Cheeks, I always thought the eyeshadows were a little hard in texture to work with (although there were tons of people praising Jane Eye-zing s) and the base makeup colors were too pink.
(So I guess there is a lesson here. "Thou shall not make pink foundation." ;p)

I had at least 5 Blushing Cheeks in the past but I only kept two shades and swapped the rest away.
Then the other day, my friend Pauline mentioned on Twitter  that she is craving some "tamed brownish pink blush" and that's when I thought about the famous Jane "Blushing Baby Doll", which I didn't have any longer.
I quickly searched online and found out that Jane cosmetics still has the website open and offers them at discounted price.
I added everything to my cart except the shades I own + the Blushing Glow  which I know for sure is too dark and muddy for my complexion.

I also got 4 Aquashimmer eyeshadow  quads that are supposedly mineral colors containing organic botanical ingredients.
(I personally suspect adding the mineral line might have caused the failure of company. ;-/ )
They are indeed very good quality (the shimmery colors are almost to die for) and consist of nice wearable mix of shimmery and matte colors.




Sand Storm

I swatched the Blushing Cheek Colors to show you how beautiful these are.
They are all gorgeous but the matte colors are so worth having in my makeup wardrobe. 
You don't find something like this from drugstore any more.

shimmery shades
03 Blushing Orchid Shimmer - fresh cool pink with shimmer
(I already have this but bought one more for backup. love this one)
07 Blushing Plum - shimmery medium plum pink
(This one is my favorite to use on stage.)
04 Blushing Earth Sheer - shimmery peachy pink

matte shades
01 Blushing Baby Doll - earthy brown pink
02 Blushing Blossom - gorgeous medium cool pink
06 Blushing Petal - muted English Rose
(Actually Pauline, this is the shade you want!)
05 Blushing Wine - pigmented medium wine

These blushes felt so fine and buttery smooth when I was swatching, I think I wept a little bit thinking about this fallen drugstore glory.

(You can still get them from www.janecosmetics.com. Not affiliated)

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  1. simera habeebFebruary 07, 2012

    Wow what a great haul. Everything looks nice.


  2. wow, love your hauls~~ though I've never heard that brand, but all the swatches so pretty <3 <3

  3. Hey Lena, thanks for sharing! I actually read this post not so long ago: http://www.vampyvarnish.com/2012/01/jane-eyezing-mix-match-compact-havana-tones-nordstrom-rack/#more-24948
    So apparently Jane is not really out of business! You can hopefully rest assured you'll be able to buy your favorite blushes again and again now!
    PS: Blushing Petal looks pretty similar to Tarte Exposed to me! I wonder if it's a good dupe :)

  4. love the matte shades..especially blushing petal!

  5. I do remember Jane cosmetics. It's so sad when brands we like just disappear and such a pleasant surprise when they resurface. You got a super haul! All the blush colors look super pretty and very wearable!

  6. Wow Jane blushes look really nice thanks for the swatches Lena xx

  7. I really like the blushes! I want to try them D; The colors of the palettes are amazing!

  8. marla ramirezFebruary 07, 2012

    great swatches! thanks for sharing!


  9. oh wow, the swatches are pretty! especially the shimmery ones. i wonder if i can buy these online too :o

  10. everything looks so good, never heard of this brand. So sad about them though!

  11. Indeed those blushes are gorgeous!! thanks for sharing such a underrated brand to us =)

  12. I had a few Jane items too. I've only seen them at Nordstrom Rack after they pulled out from the DS. I love the shimmer blushes you swatched! I want to get some now. Thanks


  13. i am sure we will see them around for years to come thanks to online and discount shops.
    the shimmery shades are really great. the shimmer in them is so fine and subtle, it looks glowy when applied. :)

  14. i will always remember Jane as a "great drugstore blush brand".
    other products were kinda hit or miss for me. :)

  15. it is sad!
    i think trying to expand their lines prolly took some tolls on the company, but then mineral makeup was a big thing. oh well.. ;)

  16. yes, you can! :)
    if you go to janecometics dot com, they have all the shades and many more at discounted prices. i believe everything is $3 now. ridiculously cheap. ;)

  17. online offers almost everything from the line at great price.
    the eyeshadows are great quality. the sand storn quad is just amazing and it is my favorite. :)

  18. my pleasure. :)
    i should thank my friend.
    i've forgotten about them but now i've found them all over again!

  19. ah you remember! i liked their pressed powder in translucent as well. (it was pinkish, tho)
    i was discovering all the drugstore goodies at that time. (the memories! ;p)
    the shipping is kinda ridiculous but they offer free shipping for over $50 and litterally got to me the next day since the warehous is located in nj. :)

  20. aren't they gorgeous!! blushing petal is a beauty. :D

  21. thanks for sharing the link!
    i am glad they are avail offline as well although i don't believe they have manufactured anything in a couple years.
    and thanks for the dupe alert. i will look for the swatches. excited! :)

  22. i am glad i got them! they will las me forever. lol

  23. thanks! i am very happy with them. :)

  24. Lena, i remember the Jane product line. Oh wow! Glad you could get some. Those palettes are gorgeous. I did the same for a blush that was going away once. haha Enjoy!

  25. Oh yes. I used to use Jane all the time. Had no idea they went out of business - so sad! Yes, their cheekers were so pretty.

  26. i have never heard of this brand before! must've been discontinued before i got interested in makeup -_- the blushes look so smooth! i wonder why they've been discontinued in drugstores =\

  27. Same here,never heard of this brand before.

    I want all the colors of the blushes! So prettyyy and the texture looks amazing.

  28. I USED to LOVE Jane cosmetics when I was in high school, but I totally didn't even notice that they're not being sold in drug stores anymore!

  29. Hi lenaaa! ^_^ How are youuu. Hehehe, and wow that's alot of blusher! Andddd I've never heard of this brand beforeee! Blushing Earth Sheer is cuteee!

  30. i know! i am on "no-buy" after this.
    i couldn't pass up the deal. they were so cheap!
    blushing earth sheer is really pretty. it was compared to nars orgasm back then.

  31. i guess that's how they went out of business. ;)
    i stopped paying attention around the time they were bringing out organic mineral stuff although it was "the" thing back then..

  32. they are really finely milled and pigmented (in a good way). easy to work with, too.
    matte colors are the real gems. i'd have to go to department stores to find something like that. :)

  33. they are so smooth to touch! no fall-outs either. it literally broke my heart thinking that they are gone. ;p
    i guess this company was brilliant with a few excellent products then tried to expand too much without any reserve. too bad..

  34. they were always one of those small brands in the corner, so i guess it was kinda quiet when they cleaned out the counter.
    it is sad. ; (

  35. i know i wouldn't be able to use them up any time soon but the blushing orchid is showing some use..i had to! lol
    the eyeshadows are so much better quality than eye zings. i am glad i got them. :)

  36. you are a make-up queen! you are so knowledgeable... :)

    enjoy your wknd, girlie.

  37. lol. i've been around for a long time. ;)
    have a nice weekend, Jas!


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