Jan 28, 2012

FOTD, Mini Review - Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara & Green with Fashion Eyeshadow Quad

I bought this eyeshadow quad more than 3 weeks ago (see my haul post) and completely forgot about it until today.
I was initially attempting to do an in-depth review on the new Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Mascara but I quickly realised there are not much to talk about this mediocre mascara, so I decided to throw in a FOTD using this forgotten goody. :)

This quad is from Maybelline Eyestudio line, which is a slightly higher-end of the regular eyeshadows.
I am not so crazy about Maybelline eyeshadows in general, but something from the Eyestudio line would be my choice if I have to pick one from Maybelline.

810 Green with Fashion is an LE.
consists of cooler green shade and pretty neutral shimmer.

Overall, I am pretty happy with this quad since color payoff is great and each colors blend in seamlessly.

Here is a close-up on the eye makeup.
I am wearing the New Illegal Length Fiber Extensions wp Mascara in Blackest Black as well.

To be fair, this mascara is not horrible. I will probably use this until the 3 months expiration date is up.
The intense color is nice (Maybelline is known to make mascaras of really glossy black) and it doesn't smear or flake on me. The brush is easy to use.
But is it enough to be called "Illegal Length"?
Nah, it is legal, all right. It doesn't provide any visible lengthening or volumizing. Just some defining, is all.
It should be illegal to give such an extravagant name to a mundane mascara like this and make suckers like myself open wallets, though.

The makeup products used for this look
Missha M signature B.B. cream + stila illuminating tinted moisturizer SPF 15
(when mixed together, it is quite nice.)
e.l.f. High Definition Powder
NYX powder blush Angel
Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadow Quad Green with Fashion
Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions wp mascara in Blackest Black
Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner in black
NYX lip liner in Dolly Pink
Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Baby Pink
NEO COSMO Dali Extra Violet contacts

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  1. oeh, i'm loving the green eyeshadow <3

  2. CassandrapamelaJanuary 28, 2012

    oh you look so pretty!! the blue-green color fits you really good and makes your complexion brighter :D

  3. i really like your make-up! you look very good *-*
    mhh so sorry this mascara isn't as good as it seemed to be-.- I have made such experiences many times :( but I found the perfect one(s) for me... maybe you'll like them, too?- it's the maybelline high heel mascara in black (waterproof) for the lower lashes and for the upper ones I take L'oreals telescopic mascara (the golden one)... they never failed me :))

  4. Ohh I love the green color, I have the mascara its alright nothing special though hehe ;3

  5. You look so pretty Lena! And your skin always looks so flawless in your photos ^^ I have the Missha Signature bb cream and really like it. It doesn't cause me to break out, unlike the Perfect Cover bb cream.

    Lol I hate false advertising too - I think mascara companies definitely win hands down in that department. Most of their claims are never true >.<

  6. OMG!! So pretty!! Love the eyes! couldn't help but stare! hihihihi :D
    love the way you did with this makeup! I so adore it! <3

  7. Gorgeous look for spring!

  8. I'm loving the green eyeshadow X purple lenses combo. Very pretty!

  9. Who says you can't wear green (OK maybe it leans teal but still)? I love how you use the pop of color to create a look that pops but isn't over the top!

  10. green eyes with pink lips is one of my favourite combo! Looks really great on you Lena!!!!!

  11. Your skin is flawless. The green eyeshadow suits you very well.

  12. Hehehe so pretty! ^_^ Green shadow looks great on you! Hehehee.

  13. hi Sunnie, thanks for stopping by and commenting. ;)

  14. thank you, Naomi. :)
    i always try to mix and match the color elements in my makeup.
    i like to use coral with blue, which creates the similar effects. ^-^

  15. i guess nobody's gonna throw stones at me if i wear green eyeshadows. lol but i constantly think about "ah i am wearing greens today. i wonder how that looks" and feel a little self-conscious about it. heheh.

  16. thank you. :)
    nowadays i almost always pair with violet contacts when i wear green shadows.
    it changes my coloring and makes it easier to wear greens!

  17. thank you, Anel.
    i think this spring green & pink colors are in? ;)

  18. awww thank you, Rhea :D
    NEO Dali extra series is one of my favorites. it creates natural enlargement with shiny dolly eye effects. :)

  19. lol. thanks Rinny.
    i think my lighting set is paying for itself! :D
    i like m signature bb cream so much better for myself, too. nice coverage with no darkening.

    i think my search for the perfect mascara continues. i wanna try one of your recommendations. :)

  20. oh you have it, too Banny?
    glad you agree with me. ;p
    it was pretty expensive since it was new. -_-;

  21. thanks Melody!
    you mean stiletto mascara? (maybe it is a different name whenre you are). i have used it before and loved it. i think it is similar to illegal length but better!
    i will defnitely try the telescopic mascara. i like l'oreal's mascaras in general. :)

  22. thanks Pam :)
    i am glad this green quad leans toward teal shades. i feel more comfortable wearing that kind of greens. ^-^*

  23. Green shadow would look garish on me but it looks wonderful on you. I still haven't met a Maybelline mascara that I like yet.

  24. aw thanks :)
    i think the same thing about green shades on my lids actually.

    i liked maybelline falisies but i honestly thing l'oreal makes better mascaras in general. will go back to false fiber mascara. ;)

  25. Ok, I think this is the same lip color you used in the post above! That's what I get for missing posts. HAHAHA Maybelline is hit or miss for me too. But that is a nice palette. Thanks for showing us girl. It looks good :)

  26. i agree with you on that maybelline is hit or miss! i still don't trust the brand and get quite skeptical whenever they bring out new products. lol.
    i just replied to you, but the lip color in the other post is from tarte lipsurgence. that one is darker and without shimmer. same color family, though. :)

  27. That mascara looks heavenly!! I don't think I've ever seen you wear green shadow! hehe it's a nice surprise.

  28. Stephanie HildebrandtJanuary 30, 2012

    Love Love Love! I have GOT to try that liner!

  29. thank you, Stephanie. ;)

  30. really? (*gives another look at the mascara*)
    i guess i like it a lil better. it doesn't clump and defines nicely so it works great with falsies. :)

    you'd be surprised, girl. i even wore salmon peachy colors and coral lipstick in my recent FOTDs! ;p

  31. i love cool-tone shadows! love that green.... you're so pretty!

  32. hehe thanks!
    it is my makeup resolution, to get out of the comfort zone and wear different colors!
    (you will eventually see mishaps. ;p)

  33. you make me want to buy the quad madly...in your previous post..I found the colors really nice..except for the "green" one..thus the hesitation, but upon seeing your FOTD...it seems the green look quite nice..not too"shocking"..totally loving it..!! =)

  34. this whole series seem very bright but they apear a little muted after blending out.
    i am usually afraid of any green shade but i find this is doable. it is pretty mermaid green. ;)


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