Jan 29, 2012

Swatch, Review, FOTD - L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow Bronzed Taupe

I saved the best for last. :)

Bronzed Taupe (890) is my favorite out of the five shades I got from L'Oreal Infallible range.
I even think I like this as much as my holly grail shimmery taupe shade, Chanel Vega (It is a legendary taupe shade that is now sadly discontinued.).

Bronzed Taupe is very shimmery and I think it is probably the most shimmery one out of the five I have.
This shade doesn't have much of grey undertone but stays quite neutral without being too warm.
Application is buttery smooth and the color payoff is just awesome.
I used a sponge tip applicator and smoothed it out using my fingertip after, and this method works very well.
The color last for a long time without creasing or fading when paired with eyeshadow primer. (I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance Candle Light, for your reference.)

This is another great stand-alone shade and I can see this would look gorgeous when paired with dramatic lip colors. 


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  1. Very pretty color!

  2. ooh i really like this look on you! very classy:)

  3. Oy vey! I already knew I wanted it but now I WANT IT!! Looks gorgeous and you look very classy too. :3

  4. Anna Theresa WinklerJanuary 30, 2012

    just came across your blog & love it! i'm following you :)
    come and stop by at my blog some time.. and tell me what you think!
    maybe you can become a follower of my blog too :)
    xx love


  5. This is lovely! Definitely a shade I'd love to have if I had access to it (still don't know why L'Oreal has to release different shades in different countries)!

  6. Pretty! A very easy go-to everyday shade. Now I just have to figure out if this colour is available overseas - it's so confusing that the ones in the US are named differently!

  7. It's lovely in the pot and even prettier on! I can see you getting alot of wear out his. I think I need to go seek it out :)

  8. this is so shimmery it makes statement by itself. very convenient for me cause sometimes i am just too lazy to put multiple colors on my lids. lol

  9. i think it is one of the few with the same name but i could be wrong.
    now i am more interested in shades released in europe. we have a limited selection here in the u.s.

  10. i know! it is so confusing. i truly want to know what their intention was. maybe they are trying to trick us!
    but i can't really hate them since they made this gorgeous shade avail at drugstore price. lol

  11. hey Anna :)
    thanks for following. i returned your favor.
    hope to see you around often!

  12. lol @ oyvey. ;D
    yes. you want it, you need it. ;p

  13. It looks gorgeous on. I thought it was going to be darker. It's very soft. Lena, what lip color do you have on and brand. That's so pretty! :)

  14. you look so beautiful!love that shade..shouldn't have been discontinued!

  15. sooooo pretty!!! i think this may be my fave shade released in the US. they are so easy to use, i love how it looks so pretty even just worn alone.

  16. Pretty! Love the sparkles. It makes your eyes so bright and fresh.
    Thanks for sharing.


  17. hi!
    thanks for the compliment! :)
    color contacts often creates bright look with enlargement.
    i am loving the shimmer of this eyeshadow!

  18. i really like the look you did pairing with other shade and i totally agree with you on that this might be the prettiest one! :D

  19. thank, Debi :D
    maybe i was confusing you. i meant the chanel shade was discontinued, which is why i am hoarding on it. lol
    but now i have this cheap alternative, maybe i won't have to. ;p

  20. thank you, Kim :D
    it is not so dark but just enough to create some depths, i think.
    the lip color i am wearing is tarte lipsurgence in carnation. :)

  21. It's such a pretty shade! Don't know if I need it, considering I have both versions of the Naked palette.. chock full of nudes & bronze tones haha. You look beautiful!

  22. you are right. there are more than a couple simlar shades from the Naked.
    then i can justify myself even more. i don't have naked palette! kehkeh ;p

  23. oh my bad..i read it wrong!

  24. wow i need to go pick up some from the drugstore! i love shimmery taupes and golds like this! you look so pretty in the fotd!

  25. i'd highly recommend them! the u.s. selections are limited but they managed to include 3 pretty gold taupe shades. they'd look amazing on you. :)

    thanks for the complement, Oreleona!

  26. lol. no problem, Debi! :)

  27. been waiting for this reviw...lovvvvvviit!! the shade is just super gorgeous!! and he FOTD look so pretty!! so elegantly chic =)

  28. thank you, Janet. ;)
    this is one of the prettiest shimmery taupe shades. i love it!

  29. Your looks with the infalliables are so grogeous >.<


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