Jan 5, 2012

Review, Swatch - Revlon PhotoReady Mousse & Liquid Makeup Comparison

I like Revlon for their foundation, nail polishes and lip makeup.
(Well, I don't like any of their mascaras since they have always failed me. I don't know Revlon, is it so hard to make a decent mascara? *doing the hand gesture*)

Anyway.. ;)
I have used the famous Colorstay liquid makeup for years and lately I have been enjoying PhotoReady line as well.
To me, Colorstay liquid is overall superior to PhotoReady but by very little. 
More importantly, PhotoReady line gives a very close color match (03 Shell) where my best Colorstay bet Buff looks ashy and flat on.

I could order this new PhotoReady Mousse makeup online with confidence because I knew this shade would work for me, and of course, the "mousse" concept was very interesting to me. :)

Here, I am trying to do a comparison review on these sisters.
Hope it helps you to decide which on to get. ;)

Right - Mousse
Left - Liquid

Right - Mousse
Left - Liquid
Once the puff of the mousse is gone, they don't feel much different.

Right - Mousse
Left - Liquid
I don't know if you can see the swatches here but they look identical on my arm.
Mousse Makeup feels lighter when blended when Liquid feels creamier.

under bright natural lighting
after blended well

Mousse Makeup

Liquid Makeup

Now, the throw down... :p

Mousse feels much lighter on skin but it sets very quickly so is is less forgiving when you blend. I need to quickly work it through to prevent unevenness.
Liquid form is much creamier and easier to blend and it feels a tad heavier when compared to Mousse.

I would say Mousse evens out the skin tone better but Liquid provides a little more coverage.
They are both shimmery and I think Mousse form is even slightly more shimmery.
Some people say these are "disco ball" shimmery but I wouldn't go that far. ;)
I personally like base makeup with shimmer and it is not so noticeable like that anyway, in my opinion.

*Oil control*
Mousse Makeup is much better in oil control. I hardly need touch-up although it is dry winter time here.
I am happy with Liquid Makeup for now but I might prefer Mousse Makeup for its light feel and oil control.

Mousse Makeup loses a few points because of the unexpected...

1. It smells rather weird, like plastic-y? Some even reported it smells like "dirty socks" lol
2. It doesn't provide any sun protection where Liquid Makeup has SPF 20
3. It seems a little gimmicky to me since I did not see any benefit of the mousse form in terms of better blendability. It might contributes to the light feel of the product,  but honestly I have seen similar consistency from other liquid makeup. It is fun to use, though!
4. The pressurized metal package could be hazardous. (as much as any hair spray can would be..?)

I was satisfied with Mousse Makeup both times when I wore this but I would have to use this a little longer to make any conclusion.
If I have to pick now, it would be the Liquid Makeup. :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Pamela RidwanJanuary 02, 2012

    oh the mousse make up looks interesting! I have tried revlon photo ready liquid foundation , but I had a bad luck with it :(

  2. allaboutjylJanuary 02, 2012

    I've been wanting to try this...is it just me or the lighting? The mousse seems a bit pinkish tone while the liquid look kinda orangey/yellow tone...I love shimmers too as long as its not too obvious and wearable during daytime =) I think I'll go for liquid as well..:) Thanks for the review and shades...=)

  3. ooooh mousse .... I want to try it! I do have oily skin :X does it give air brush look?

  4. i think i ll try liquid one, coz the mousse's color seems pinky .. thank u for sharing babe !! ♥

  5. PopChampagneJanuary 03, 2012

    the liquid one sounds good, I've been looking for something like this for a while! btw happy new year and hope you have a great 2012!


  6. hey Julie :)
    happy new years to you, too!

    i think photoready line is great in general for normal/combination skin. it is very easy to use. ^-^

  7. sure thing!
    sorry if my swatches are a little off.
    honestly, lighting changes by the second. i've been taking pictures by my window but i've ordered a lighting set. i hope my swatches will be better soon! :)

  8. to be honest, i don't think it gives air brushed finish. very nice but not air brushed, if that makes sense. lol
    it is not a mattifying type although it is much lighter than the liquid. hths! :)

  9. i think it's the lighting. sorry!
    they really don't look different in terms of color once blended. i've noticed the mousse makeup is slightly more shimmery, though.

    in PhotoReady line, it usually a neutral/cool shade if the number of it is an odd number. for example 02 vanilla is very light yellow based, etc.. :)
    i think Shell(03) does look tiny bit pinkish compared to vanilla but works for my neutral skin tone.

  10. aww too bad the liquid didn't work for you..
    i've tried cream to powder type of the same line and i didn't like it much. on the other hand i liked the powder foundation.
    hope the mousse type works for you! :)

  11. I was wondering what the point of mousse foundation was. I guess if it's like it's nice but I don't think I'd be able to deal with such fast drying. I need to blend my foundation out man! haha Your lucky you found a colour match, fits you to a T!

  12. it provides quite even finish with very little work, but i am like you and like to blend and blend! lol
    honestly, it is the second time i found my color match from any drugstore foundation line.
    002 vanilla is closer match during winter time and 003 works year around. ;)

  13. Pamela RidwanJanuary 03, 2012

    I'll give it a try once they're available online because we don't have revlon here in Berlin. too bad :(

  14. ah, i didn't know.
    actually revlon is not officially availabe in korea, either. they went in a decade ago and pulled out. ;(

  15. thanks for reviewing..
    i will buy soon will definitely going to try it

  16. my pleasure. ;)
    i am wearing this for 4 days now and i think i like this more. it does set fast but provides very even finish. the trick is to work fast before the puff is gone. lol

  17. I've never tried foundation in mousse form before, though I think I will skip this one. I like the packaging and the fact that it's feels lighter on the skin but I'm not too keen on the shimmer aspect. Thanks for this comparison!

  18. i think i am getting the concept of the mousse form now. it is tricky, really..you have to work fast but it evens out very easily in a speedy kinda way..? ;p
    this would be additional option for people who already have enjoyed shimmery PhotoReady line, i guess.:)

  19. I havnt tried the airbrush revlon one.... i dont think they have that in the UK.

    http://tzeyien89.blogspot.com/ xxx

  20. hi Stephanie. thanks for visiting!
    if you're in UK, you'd see these pretty soon. some of the revlon products show up in the UK first, even. ;)

  21. Ohhhh thank u for this review! I've been contemplating of what to get from this brand..but we don't have the mousse Revlon here in Singapore..but I gez the PhotoReady is good enough for the coverage..^^

    Thank U

  22. you're very welcome, Elrica :)
    either way, i think the photoreay line is good for everyday use. i know you are a professional mu artist so i reckon maybe you'd prefer good old colorstay line after all. i don't know if you are familiar with this name. Jung Saem Mool (one of my favorite korean mu artists, she has a youtube channel too).
    i heard she has every single shade from colorstay liquid foundation in her arsenals. ;)


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