Jan 6, 2012

Review, EOTD - NEO COSMO Queen Aqua, Maybelline Color Explosion Pink Punch, L'Oreal Infallible Eyeliner Teal

Here is an example that two negatives could make a positive.
Pretty much I can't wear anything green and I don't normally wear pink eyeshadows because they make me look drunk. : /

I guess I am cheating a bit since the NEO Queen Aqua lenses are close to teal. (Teal, I can do.) ;p

First, the lens review..
You should probably know by now that I love NEO contacts in general. 
the 14.2 mm diameter is just perfect for me and they are all very comfortable and natural looking.
This Queen Aqua model is not an exception. :)

*Item details*
Brand - NEO
Origin - South Korea
Diameter - 14.2 mm
Base Curve - 8.6
Water Content - 42%
1 year disposable

NEO Queen Aqua  in vial

NEO Queen Aqua in lens case

without makeup, natural lighting

The Queen series is very similar to Glamour series of the same brand, the only difference would be there is one more color blended in the middle part of lens which makes it a bit more natural.
However, these two series basically come in  the same color selections. I wouldn't choose Queen over Glamour if there is a price difference. 
(Some sellers offer them at the same price but some sell Queen series at a higher cost.)

The color and the design are very beautiful and I have gotten many compliments from wearing this. 
A friend of mine even commented that it looks like there are exotic flowers bloomed in my eyes. 
(Isn't that nice of her? ^-^)
They are very very comfortable. Wearing up to 8 hrs is not a problem at all.

As for Maybelline Eyestudio Color Explosion, I don't have much to say.
I think they are identical to the previous addition, Color Plush quads in terms of the way they blend and color payoff, etc. The only difference is the added glitter top coat shade.
They are very soft and blend very very easily but they don't stay true in color nor are they longlasting.
The unique nylon shimmer is quite attractive and definitely different from the classic Maybelline shadows, though.

I got this "Pink Punch" quint out of some kind of obligation(?) that I need to have at least one pink palette. lol. Of course this has been unloved despite the initial obligation. (or whatever)

I usually use pink cheeks and lips if I am wearing teal eye shadows and I like the color combination, so I thought I'd try the NEO Aqua + Pink Punch combo and it worked out pretty well.
At least I didn't feel like washing my face immediately and putting on a new face, you know? ;)

I am also wearing L'Oreal Infallible Eyeliner in Teal here.
This is a very nice waterproof eyeliner with vibrant color.
It comes with silicon smudging applicator with sharpener and the cap closes so tightly it prevent the liner from drying up. impressive.:)

another closed-eye look..

Thanks for reading. :)

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Have a nice weekend! :D

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