NOTD - Essie Sexy Divide

This color is one of my winter staples.
Some of you already know that I love deep purple polishes, and this one gets my special love for sure.

Essie Sexy Divide

I admit that it looks more blue than purple in the first picture.
I still wanted to leave it as it is since it does look like that under certain lighting. 
(It is also true my camera pulls more blue in the automatic setting.)

under warmer lighting.

This is one of those polishes that looks creme from afar but the shimmer glows when the light hits.
It always reminds me of a dangerously sweet hard candies, too.
I would have named it something like.."Poisoned Candy".

The name "Sexy Divide" is a little hard for me to understand, but nowadays very few polish names are comprehensible anyway.
In my opinion, this particular color plays the borderline between sophistication and funkiness. (Hence the name?)
I can still wear this on my short trimmed nails and look professional. I'd look a bit edgy at the same time.

The wear and the application is very nice.
It covers well with two coats and lasts for about one week on me with minimal tip wears.

Have you tried Sexy Divide?
What is your favorite purple polish with subtle shimmer and high shine?


  1. Lauren DewarMarch 17, 2013

    Wow, can't get enough of gorgeous this colour looks... And i'm not even a big purple coloured fan!

    I do love that Essie nail polishes tend to last about a week. Very impressed.

    Your latest follower, Lauren x

  2. Wow this shade is amazing! The coats look so glossy and beautiful and I'm in awe of the colour! I might have to find this and give it a go :)


  3. i, too, am very fond of this glazed hard candy like finish! :)
    there is really something about this shade. i'd recommend it. ^-^

  4. That is so beautiful... Gotta have it!


  5. its a beautiful color!! love it!! maybe the divide is that it looks blue and purple under different lighting? lol idk i think i need to go to bed...lol anyways i love it!! soo pretty i love its smooth finish

  6. i think you're right!
    i love the smooth hard candy like finish as well.
    hope you had a good night's sleep. ;)

  7. I have a tonne of Essie but not this! Do you think it looks similar to the purple that was part of the last OPI x Bond collection? This is very sexy and there's really no divide on it, hahahah.

  8. i don't own the latest opi bond collection so i looked up the swatches. i don't think any of them is really close, though. the warm purple creme is compared to the essie bahama mama, though.
    and Sunny(mostlysunnyblog) said this is close to the China Glaze Let's Groove.

    (but get this if you like essie polishes! ^----^)

  9. Such a pretty color! I love the dark jewel tone colors right now. I'm looking for an emerald or dark green (matte) color right now and just can't seem to find one!

  10. thanks!
    i find greens hard to wear so i don't have a recommendation on top of my head..but matte dark green sounds fantastic! :)

  11. I have this shade, I'm going to have to pull it out now :-) I love your interpretation of the name, I rarely put that much thought into it unless is a a deborah Lippmann shade which are named after song, I love that! Beautiful manicure

  12. i didn't know DL shades are named after songs! that is so cool!
    i like all the creative polish names and even admit that it is a brilliant marketing. but i guess i am a bit tired of opi polish names especially. lolz

  13. THAT SHADE OF PURPLE IS AWESOME :). I am so FOLLOWING. I hope you can check out my site: http://theproverbs.net and follow as well. So we can keep posted on each other. Thanks for your time. Hope to hear from you soon...God Bless!

    Steven B.

  14. thanks John (Steven).

    we're following each other, btw. :)

  15. These colors don't suit me! So I don't know if I have a favorite purple polish...maybe Dior Shadow, but that's much warmer :D

  16. really?? i think it'd look awesome on you.
    this one is quite neutral and even leaning towards warm. :)


  18. I can tell your favorite nail polish color is purple. I don't blame you it's the #1 color my friends love... hehe~ :) Speaking of nail polishes, I miss wearing them. I haven't been wearing any since my nails are so weak at the moment. :(

  19. lol. it is obvious, right? ;p
    hope your nails get better soon.
    have you tried nail hardener or taking biotin supplement? they seem to help. :)

  20. Oooh, love the gloss and shine it has on it. It looks glazed~ I hardly wear nail polish on my nails.. I do on my toes though! =)

  21. i love the glazed finish! the very word i was looking for, actually. ;)
    i tend to wear bright colors on my tips but i always wear clean nude on my toes.

  22. Sexy Divide is not something I would ever pick out on my own, but it's stunning in pictures!!

  23. Super sexy indeed - it has a good name to it. I can see the purple tint in this. It's beautiful.

  24. hahaha the name itself is pretty hard to understand but I guess you are right on looking a bit sophisticated and funkiness orelse I really don't know how to divide sexy~lolz~ The shade is really pretty and it definitely suits winter time~ ^_~

  25. i mean, i still like the name. it is not ridiculously long like the opi ones. ;p
    i kinda miss the old time when the polishes have names like red, pink and beige...

  26. Okay, I need this! Love the color.

    XoXo Chris

  27. haha ;D go for it, Chris!

  28. Woah thats so strange that it can look like two totally different colours under different lights! Beautiful polishes though, you've also brushed them on really professionally!
    Gorgeous blog, followed ;)


  29. i know, right? i guess it is the beauty of any nail polish. ;)
    thanks for adding me to your list, Gaby!

  30. Ahh Lena you read my mind! I've been wanting this one forever, though I think my China Glaze Let's Groove might be rather similar. The finish is so interesting though! Maybe I still need it anyways ;)

  31. they are quite similar to each other, i think. let's groove has more visible shimmer, though. :)

  32. wow!i love it!i wish i could get my hands on it!

  33. This colour is gorgeous!!

  34. This color looks so sexy and I can`t get enough of it! :)


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