Dec 26, 2012

Swatch, FOTD - L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Lipstick Rose Tafetta

I must have been so out of the loop that I did not know this lipstick line was introduced in the U.S. a while back.
(I used to be a (self-acclaimed) queen of drugstore makeup..!)

Better late than never, I finally got to try this thanks to the recent sale.
I know I have been more attracted to the higher end lipsticks lately, but this lipstick makes me realize once again that the drugstore brands really have amped up the game.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Rose Tafetta

I do wish they came in the same clear plastic cases like the UK ones.
Funny UK doesn't have the Infallible lipstick and the U.S. Infallible comes in the same plastic case as the UK Caresse.
Confused? Me, too!
I understand L'Oreal is a humongous global brand but they are constantly confusing us with different names and packaging (and ultimately make us to want the other versions)!

It comes with a shiny gold square case with a swatch belt(?) that is pretty much identical to the bullet.
(What can you say if L'Oreal determines that the Americans are more of "cheap gold case" kinda people, eh?)

I don't know if you can see..but there is a safety seal which I like very much!
(I haven't bought any Maybelline lipstick in a while for the opposite reason.)

Rose Taffeta (174) is a medium rose pink that is quite neutral and feminine.

It is well pigmented and provides a good even coverage but feels very light and moisturizing on.
It reminds me of the Yves Saint Laurent Satiny Radiance lipstick. 
(Then later on, I learned L'Oreal is the parent company of YSL, which also explains the similarities between the Glossy Stain and the new Caresse Shine Stain!)

arm swatch

lip swatch

To me, this texture is very interesting and even innovative.
It feels sorta silky and leaves a shine on lips upon application, but it sets down to an almost velvety matte finish after a while. Then it lasts for a long time. I only need a couple of light touch-ups through out the day.
Most importantly (and unexpectedly for its semi-matte finish), it is never drying!

This lipstick is scented with the weaker version of the (horrible) Colour Riche Lipstick, which means it smells a bit perfume-y and rosy. I didn't think it bothered me at all but I was expecting the sugary sweet smell of the Colour Riche Balms.

These are not similar colors but I wanted to do a comparison in terms of the color payoffs.

Colour Riche Caresse Rose Tafetta (L)
Colour Riche Balm Tender Mauve (R)

Rose Tafetta (Top)
Tender Mauve (Bottom)

This is a FOTD with Rose Taffeta

This color looks so feminine and soft so I felt like trying the "typical Korean girl" makeup.
A total fail!

I look sleepy and undefined and the worst part of it is that I need to work extra hard and use more makeup to achieve this look. Can you believe it??

Never again. ;p

Apart from this utter mishap in the overall look, I do love this lipstick and have worn this more than a few times already this week.

Have you tried Caresse lipsticks?
How do you like this line compared to those higher end lipsticks?

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  1. girl! what u mean a total fail? you look great!! i love the fotd!!!! and the color looks amazing on you!!

  2. awww thanks!
    i was frustrated to see i look so undone even after going through so many stuff! ;p

  3. First, how excited are you to try the stains! I have a great love for YSL Lipsticks but I am not a big fan of the Glossy Stain bc of the scent. Drugstore brands impress me recently starting with the Revlon Lip Butters. I will have to try this and I adore this color, it's perfect and beautiful on you. I just ordered a new YSL Rouge Volupte 'shine' I'm terrible. xx

  4. i love YSL lippies as well although i haven't tried many. i actually prefer the classic rouge pur scent (same as the glossy stain) over the fruity scent of rouge volupte.
    anyway, i think they are even better than chanel lippies for example. ;)

    do let us know how you like the new RV shine. i am very curious! :)

  5. hey lena! i've been a l'oreal girl for a long time! they make excellent lipstick. AND they make your lips feel good. i'm usually not a rose colored girl, but this color looks awesome! haven't tried the balm though. i just wish they would get rid of that horrid gold packaging. my only complaint! hahaha

  6. i think this color would look beautiful on you, Kim! :)
    packaging does matter, right? ;p

  7. I've tried the US cheap gold packaging kind! LOL I do love it a lot. I wonder if the formulas are the same? i love them more than the Revlon butters!
    And btw, you look very cute despite what you think! ^__^

  8. lolz! i wouldn't know since i haven't tried the UK version, but i agree with you! i like this better than those lip butters!
    (let's duck together.. ;p)

    thank you for your compliment. i might give it another try..;)

  9. I love the color!
    I might try it.

  10. thanks!
    it is a nice lipstick. do give it a try and let me know how you like it. ;)

  11. The colours are really pretty, I love the deeper pink.

  12. thank you!
    i love this color as well. very versatile and flattering for anyone. ;)

  13. LOL how would you define the "typical Korean girl" makeup?

    Your description of the texture reminds me of Dior Addict, though the price tag is A LOT friendlier!

  14. lolz.
    i mean... of course, i see "idol" looking super smokey looks but many tend to focus on the flawless bright skin tone, and that requires a lot of makeup and techniques!!!!

    and you just made me want to try dior addict so bad...;-/

  15. really love the colour... :)

  16. LOL at the typical korean girl make up! ;p
    btw, this color is pretty, looks like a perfect every day all year round shade! the colour riche caresse line sadly didn't launch here in Germany ( just like million of other brands ://)

  17. this shade is very attractive and versatile. i really like it! :)
    i think they might show up soon. better chance at that since l'oreal is global unlike revlon. :)

  18. LOL I could never pull off the typical "Korean girl" makeup, but I think you do a great job of looking naturally beautiful, Lena! I've been curious about these too, but I don't need any more lip products X_X

  19. ugh..too many "unnatural" products used to achieve this look. i am not a fan!!

    this might be a nice choice for deeper colors as well, i think. the finish is lovely. :)

  20. they do look very moisturizing, even wet like a gloss...although you did say it dries to a matte finish. i don't think i've tried l'oreal lipsticks before, but sounds like it won't dry out my lips. funny how "less" takes "more"!


  21. i know! i was shocked as well. primer, highlighter and a lot more makeup involved in this look, which i am not so crazy about..lolz
    this is a really nice lipstick. give it a try. hope the scent doesn't bother you. :)

  22. A total fail? Really? I think that shade actually looks lovely on you :) lol I would love to try them but for some reason I haven't been able to find them...weird! On the other hand I probably don't need them since I already own 1 mio lip balms/sticks haha xx

  23. thank you, Lina :)
    maybe the pic came out a bit better than what it was...i looked puffy and sleepy all day! lolz

  24. Total fail? Not true! You look great! I'm not too sure what that typical Korean girl make up is, but if it's what you're doing in that picture it's not a total fail for sure :)

  25. awww thank you, Isabelle :)
    i guess many korean girls focus on the flawless skin and they go for minimal eye makeup/natural lip colors..which requires much more efforts! ;p

  26. Great review! I haven't had the chance to get my hands on these but I definitely will when I'm in the US cause they are alot cheaper there then where I live :P LOL

  27. thank you! :)
    some of the drugstore goodies are marked up too much. good for you to decided to wait a bit. :)

  28. So pretty~ & I love these! They feel so good on my lips & the color selection is awesome~

    Holiday Giveaway

  29. thank you!
    i've bought another color and it is on its way. hope that one works out for me as well. :)

  30. I read it from somewhere too that YSL is the same company as to Loreal or I read it from your blog as well? My memory is really bad nowadays due to aging..lolz~ I love the elegant packaging and it reminds me of YSL. The shade is really pretty too and I won't quote it as "typical korean girl" but instead a Natural Korean Beauty look~ Merry Christmas Lena! =)

  31. lolz. i might have mentioned it but i only learned about it recently. ;)
    i was bummed to see my puffy face after all those efforts i put in!!!
    it involves too many different products as well..i don't think i'd do this anytime soon. ;p

    hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
    Happy new years, Janet :)

  32. Really cute colo of this lipstick!


  33. thank you, Raimar! :)

  34. I have this lipstick too, and I have to agree, although the texture and longevity is nice, the smell is kind of off-putting. Rose tafetta is a nice subtle wash of pink on you though!

  35. it is so much better than the original colour riche, which is the reason i hadn't bought any l'oreal lippies in a while. i wish they went with the sweet scent of the colour riche balms, though...

  36. Such a pretty colour!


  37. it is an utter mishap at all..i have never tried there products but i love the shade..i am obsessed with matte lip colours lately.

  38. i am glad this has sophisticated semi matte finish with very comfortable texture!
    matte lippies are so attractive. i wish there were more comfortable to wear, though. :)

  39. Olá adorei seu blog!
    Lindos batões bjs.

  40. I own one Caresse from L'oreal. The one thing I did not like is the smell. I noticed all L'oreal lip products smell or it might just be me. It looks hot on you! I think you look great with bright colored lip products.

  41. i agree that l'oreal lippies smell a bit overbearing in general. they should remember that revlon sales rocketed after they got rid of that classic super lustrous lipstick smell!!

    i got another color in this lipstick since i like the formulation so much.
    thanks for your compliment, Alyssa! :)

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    I become your new follower. If you have a minute, please visit my blog too. I'd like if you'll became my new follower.
    And happy new year sweetie. Xoxo Princess Kylie :))

  43. hi Kylie! thanks for such a sweet comment & following. ;)
    i would love to visit your blog but i am not so sure which one is yours. please leave me a link if you see this.
    happy new year to you as well! :)


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