Mar 10, 2024

Tom Ford Spring 2024 | Slim Lip Color Shine

Tom Ford Slip Lip Color Shine review, swatches

For Spring of 2024, Tom Ford has introduced a brand new lipstick line - Slim Lip Color Shine. It is not a limited edition collection but has a limited life since it will be only in production for 12 months. There are 10 shades available and they are mostly new except for a couple of Tom Ford classic shades such as 100 100 and Scarlet Rouge.

Tom Ford Slim Lip Color Shine ($50, Nordstrom)

Tom Ford Slip Lip Color Shine review, swatches

I initially purchased 2 light neutral shades, Iconic Nude and Rose Corset. They were very nice and pretty as any Tom Ford lipstick should be for its not-so-pretty price, but I didn't think they were very special. 

BUT, the more I wear these lipsticks, the more I love the formula. It is a cross between Tom Ford Classic Satin and Tom Ford Ultra Shine. It feels creamy yet lightweight. I wore this lipstick one day and talked at a Zoom meeting for 4 hours, usually, my lips would have been parched no matter what I wear or how much water I drink, but this lipstick stayed on beautifully and kept my lips hydrated. I also think these very fine, almost undetectable pearls in these lipsticks make them look even more beautiful on the lips. Enters the third shade, Velvet Tux.

Tom Ford Slip Lip Color Shine review, swatches

The lipstick bullet is indeed very slim (a good friend of mine calls it a "kid's lipstick" but the lipstick case is so long and rigid that I personally think kids would poke their eyes out. LOL). If you have smaller lips or want precise applications, you will enjoy these.

Tom Ford Slip Lip Color Shine review, swatches

Iconic Nude is a light nude with a peachy undertone. Rose Corset is a rosy nude shade with a warm undertone and looks quite lovely on the lips. Velvet Tux is a sophisticated berry shade.

Tom Ford Slip Lip Color Shine review, swatches

These colors look somewhat similar to a couple of Tom Ford Ultra Shine lipsticks I own so I made a comparison. I am relieved to find no real dupe here.

You are getting an insanely small amount of lipstick here since it is only about 1/3 of the standard size of a Tom Ford lipstick, but I am actually a bit excited about the thought of finishing a lipstick, which has not happened to me in over a decade.

Overall, more pros than cons. I would recommend trying these out for the impressive formula and the exterior.

Tom Ford Slim Lip Color Shine is available at these retailers:

* I purchased these lipsticks with my own money. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for choosing to use them.

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