Mar 12, 2024

CHANEL Les 4 Ombres Tissé Camélia

Chanel Tisse Camelis, Tisse Cambon, Tisse Rivoli Swatches

These days, it is increasingly scarce to find the classic Chanel eyeshadow quads with the Tissé formula. 2024 is Chanel's 100th anniversary of their makeup, and the brand is supposedly launching many different makeup collections this year. The rumor has it that Chanel will be discontinuing the Tissé formula or at least updating it, and I am afraid it might be true. Tissé Camélia had been on my lowkey wishlist for a very long time and it was finally crossed off. I wanted to share some swatches of this classic beauty as well as a couple of other classics such as Tissé Rivoli and Tissé Cambon.

Chanel Les 4 Ombres 202 Tissé Camélia ($68, Chanel)

Chanel Tisse Camelis, Tisse Cambon, Tisse Rivoli Swatches

Tissé Camélia has such a subdued, almost boring yet lovely color composition with soft pink and taupe.

Chanel Tisse Camelis, Tisse Cambon, Tisse Rivoli Swatches

The medium taupe and the cool dark brown have a tinge of purple, and I find them very alluring and unique. It is not the most pigmented eye quad I own but all shades have a creamy texture and the color payoff is not bad at all. If I use the darkest shade a bit more, I can easily come up with a cool dark smokey eye look, and in fact, I wore this quad in my recent video that showcases the new Rouge Allure Velvet Nuit Blanche Collection. There is a reason why this mundane eyeshadow has been loved by so many all these years.

Chanel Tisse Camelis, Tisse Cambon, Tisse Rivoli Swatches

I have swatched Tissé Camélia next to Tissé Cambon and Tissé Rivoli. All 3 are beautiful classics but if I have to get a backup, it would be the Tissé Rivoli. It is still one of my favorite cool neutral palettes. Viva la Tissé Rivoli! (I would be very disappointed if Chanel gets rid of this one. Serious).

Chanel Tisse Camelis, Tisse Cambon, Tisse Rivoli Swatches

All 3 are beautiful in their own right. Tissé Camélia is probably the easiest to wear. Tissé Cambon stands out with its brighter pinky purple tones, and of course, Tissé Rivoli is unmatched for its chic taupe brown shades with amazing sheens.

Love having these 3 Tissé eye quads in my collection. I have another Tissé that was sadly discontinued (Tissé Riviera, a beautiful blue quad that I still keep for the sake of having it). It is such an iconic classic eyeshadow formula from Chanel. I hope they will improve and update the line rather than stop making it, although I would be just happy if they leave them as they are but maybe add some new shades.

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi-effect quadra eyeshadows are available for purchase here:

Thanks for being here. Are you familiar with the Chanel Tissé eye quads? Which one is your favorite?

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