Mar 18, 2023

CHANEL Spring Summer 2023 Makeup Collection | Comparisons

CHANEL Spring Summer 2023 Makeup Collection Comparisons

This is the part 2 of my coverage on Chanel Spring Summer 2023 Makeup Collection. You can find my overall review on the collection here.

When this collection was previewed, quite a few influencers dismissed it for being "too red and redundant". I feel almost defensive for the collection because these opinions are based on the assumptions, not from a hands-on experience. I happen to own all 3 red-toned eyeshadows quads that were created when Lucia Pica was with Chanel, so I can give you a pretty good idea how similar these new face palettes are to the previous eye quads.

Spoiler alert - they are not that similar and completely different products although this would be still subjective.

I have only compared the Caractère palette since this one has a real red color. Tendresse is more of a peach palette and not red at all.

Caractère ($90, Chanel) vs Candeur et Expérience ($68, Chanel)

CHANEL Spring Summer 2023 Makeup Collection Comparisons

The textures are to very different animals in these two palettes. Caractère is harder-pressed baked formula with no powdery finish. Candeur et Expérience is powderier and softer in texture. The colors are quite different to my eyes as well. The latter is more muted and the brown tone is dominant and it is easier to use on the eyes.

Caractère ($90, Nordstrom) vs Candeur et Provocation ($68, Chanel)

CHANEL Spring Summer 2023 Makeup Collection Comparisons

Maybe the deep berry shades are similar but again, the texture and the finish are very different. Candeur et Provocation is much softer and the overall finish is a luminous satin. Color wise, Candeur et Provocation leans more pink.

Caractère ($90, Saks Fifth Avenue) vs Candeur et Séduction (discontinued)

CHANEL Spring Summer 2023 Makeup Collection Comparisons

I would say Caractère is more of a muted color story of red and berry and Candeur et Séduction is more saturated pinky red with a strong purple undertone. Candeur et Séduction is most striking reddish eyeshadow palette in my collection but also hardest to pull off. Compared to this, Caractère is a breeze to create a cohesive look. And again, the textures and the finishes are different.

Caractère ($90, Bloomingdale's) vs Intensité (discontinued)

CHANEL Spring Summer 2023 Makeup Collection Comparisons

This would be the comparison with least similarities but I wanted to include this because of the gold shimmer shade. Intensité has somewhat similar texture since it is harder-pressed and drier but feels definitely different from Caractère in application. Color wise Intensité is more of a mauve palette.

Caractère ($90, Macys) vs Or Rose ($88, Chanel)

CHANEL Spring Summer 2023 Makeup Collection Comparisons

I compared the golden shimmer shade to the Éclat Lunaire in Or Rose. They have very similar texture and finish but Or Rose is slightly deeper with a dash of pink.

Caractère vs Rouge (discontinued)

CHANEL Spring Summer 2023 Makeup Collection Comparisons

My Rouge blush has now achieve the vintage status and rightfully so but I still wanted to compared the red color from Caractère because it is visibly very red. As you see in the photo, Rouge is more saturated and cooler with a shimmer finish. Also, Rouge is so much more pigmented and requires a very light hand in application.

I like to point out these new palettes are for both eyes and cheeks. Being a blush palette, I don't suppose the overall colors can be green, blue, or purple. With that perspective, I honestly don't think the new palettes are the mere repeats of the creatations for which Lucia Pica directed in the previous years. Most of all, the different texture and finish distinguish the new palettes from these eyeshadow quads, not to mention the eye quads are very difficult to wear as blushes.

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