Sep 13, 2022

DIOR Extraordinary Garden Collection

Dior Extraordinary Garden Collection review swatches

Dior Extraordinary Garden Collection was Japan exclusive (Isetan Shinjuku) but this simple yet beautiful collection has made it to the U.S. as well. It is currently available on the Dior website. To me, this feels more autumnal than the rather disappointing En Rouge Collection (reviewed here). The overall aesthetics are more subdued and certainly in the style that is preferred in Asia for sure. I have made a video review with a quick makeup demo if that's your choice of media. Otherwise, please keep on scrolling down for my thoughts and some swatches.

Dior 5 Couleurs Couture 509 Golden Bouquet ($65, Dior)

Dior 509 Golden Bouquet review swatches

This stunning eyeshadow palette comes with Dior's Millefiori embossment (actually, Dior will be launching another pretty collection in the same theme very soon). The color story is very similar to the existing Grand Bal eyeshadow quint but in a different finish. I do not own Grand Bal but this one has more shimmery shades and glittery toppers. Golden Bouquet has 2 matt and 3 shimmery satin shades.

Dior 509 Golden Bouquet review swatches

I initially thought the texture might be powdery and somewhat dusty but not at all. It is very creamy and all shades have good color payoffs even the lightest cream color (it just doesn't show up that well because it is close to my skin tone). The darkest matte in the center also applies very smoothly and I was very impressed!

Dior 509 Golden Bouquet review swatches

This isn't a palette that yields many versatile looks but if you like cool beige eyeshadows with a refined finish, you would be very pleased with Golden Bouquet.

Dior 509 Golden Bouquet review swatches comparison

As I said, Golden Bouquet is very similar to the Dior Gand Bal palette, but color story-wise, it is also close to the Chanel Codes Elegants quad. The Chanel quad has a baked formulation with a metallic finish, though.

Rouge Dior Colored Lip Balm 427 Rosa Damascena ($42, Dior)

Rouge Dior Colored Lip Balm Rosa Damascena swatch

The lip and nail colors are ongoing and re-promoted in this collection. I must say the people at Dior have curated it very well since they all work harmoniously together. I am new to this velvet lip balm formulation but I must say I am quite smitten. I have tried the satin version of this lip balm and I prefer the velvet version.

Rouge Dior Colored Lip Balm Rosa Damascena swatch

The Rosa Damascena shade is lovely. It is a soft rose with a nice balance between brown and pink and looks very flattering on the lips.

Rouge Dior Colored Lip Balm Rosa Damascena swatch
(The texture of this lip balm is also quite forgiving.)

Dior Vernis 320 Copper ($30, Dior)

Dior Vernis 320 Copper swatch

Copper is a shimmering bronze polish with a sheer finish. It covers pretty well for what it is and I find it is more flattering when I apply just one coat of it. It is a perfect rose gold shade and I kind of wish it was named so.

The bottom line, a beautiful high-quality collection that is thoughtfully curated. If you love wearable neutral colors, I'd recommend checking out this collection. Neutral for sure but they are certainly extraordinary.

Thank you for being here. What do you think of the Extraordinary Garden Collection?

*The makeup collection was purchased by me. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for choosing to use them.

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