Jun 24, 2021

Espoir Real Eye Palette Mauve Me, Couture Lip Tint Shine Hey Bestie

eSpoir Mauve Me Hey Bestie review swatches

I didn't shop much when I was in Korea but ended up picking up a few KBeauty stuff. These two from Espoir were something I had been interested in since I saw them quite frequently on my Instagram feed. Plus my mom was complaining about how my makeup style is so "alien" in Korea (*rolls eyes*) so it seemed a perfect excuse to buy some sheer lighter colors. I am not convinced that these are best suited for my personal coloring and preferred makeup styles but I have to say the quality is right up there. 

eSpoir Mauve Me Hey Bestie review swatches

First of all, the packaging is very pretty and doesn't feel cheap at all. They feel rather substantial in my hand. Price-wise, I think Espoir is slightly more expensive than the U.S. drugstore stuff in general, but it seems I am getting a better deal because of the high quality and thoughtful color stories.

eSpoir Mauve Me Hey Bestie review swatches

Espoir Real Eye Palette (available at Stylevana) Mauve Me is a one-and-done palette for people with "light cool summer" colorings. You can use everything in the palette on the eyes but the shades in the rectangular strips can be used as blush and contouring shades. The palette also has two different types of glitter shades which are handy for multi-dimensional looks. I really love how the texture is so fine yet there are virtually no powder kickups. Although quite sheer, they don't turn into some mushy indescribably grey. I don't mind sheer colors as long as they stay true!

Espoir Couture Lip Tint Shine (available at Style Korean) Hey Bestie is such a gorgeous shade for spring and summer! I adore the formula as well. It is a natural-looking tint with lots of juicy shine. The color deepens a little bit once it settles down and leaves a perfect amount of stain even after the shine is gone. I might pick up more shades.

Here are a few overall looks that I created using these two products:

espoir Mauve Me, Hey Bestie review swatches

espoir Mauve Me, Hey Bestie review swatches

I am impressed by the KBeauty quality yet again! It seems the similar color scheme - muted lilac and mauve - is all the craze lately in Korea and I think I got the good ones here. I still prefer something with a bit more color payoffs (Dior Backstage Cool Neutrals palette & ColourPop Making Mauves palette, for example), but Espoir Mauve Me would be perfect for travel or for makeup beginners because it's impossible to overdo. I have always loved Korean lip tints (such as Romand Juicy Lasting Tint) so it's no surprise that I enjoy Espoir Hey Bestie. If you don't want to shop from overseas, do check out Espoir's Amazon store. I find the price is marked up but reasonably and they have a decent collection.

Have you tried Espoir makeup for yourself? How do you like them?

*The Espoir makeup items mentioned here were purchased by me. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for choosing to use them.

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