Apr 1, 2021

Chanel Blush Swatches

Chanel blush swatches

I took these swatch photos a while ago but wasn't going to post them here since I heard Chanel has recently reformulated Joues Contraste ($45, Chanel). Things can quickly become irrelevant, right? But now, I hear people lamenting about their favorite blush formulation gone. I even see some are stocking up on their favorite colors in the original formula. So, I thought my swatches might be helpful to some after all.

Chanel blush swatches

My Chanel blush collection consists of vintage shades such as Rouge (please don't judge me for keeping this oldie. This is such an iconic shade plus I personally think Chanel blushes are forever!). I have been loving the recent LE releases. These hybrid formulations (bronzing and highlighting blushes) are beautiful so hearing that this new formula being subpar is a bit surprising to me.

Chanel blush swatches

Chanel blush swatches
  • Les Chaines de Chanel is such a gorgeous illuminating blush (reviewed) from the Holiday 2020 collection. It is still available on the Chanel site. I suggest you run and grab this beauty before it's gone forever.
  • Canaille is a stunning burnt amber shade from years ago. It has the baked formulation and the color payoff is superb. This color is very unique in my collection.
  • Rouge is a saturated red with a shimmery finish. It is Such a gorgeous shade but mega pigmented that you would need a light hand and super soft brushes such as NARS Yachiyo (currently on sale).
  • Tissé Beige is a soft wearable beige color with a subtle shimmer. It is very pretty but not available anymore. Guerlain Terracotta Nude Powder would be a better alternative (reviewed).
Chanel blush swatches
  • Fleurs de Printemps Duo is a part of Chanel's Spring/Summer 2021 collection and is so so pretty. If you love corals, I would highly recommend this. 
  • Rose Bronze is a sophisticated rose with a muted undertone. The formula is superb so it would be worthwhile to stock up if you like the colors.
  • Pink Explosion is a medium bright pink with sparse silver shimmer. Perfect for spring.
  • Vivacité is a beautiful cool-toned plum pink with a matte finish. I love the color but this particular shade is really hard to touch and goes on patchy and sheer. It's an LE and long gone anyway, so I'd recommend NARS Matahari blush instead. They look about the same on the cheeks.

New or old, I think I am safe from buying more Chanel blushes for now (I reserve my rights for upcoming limited editions, though) because they haven't brought out any shades suited for cool-toned complexions in a while. I find most of the current lineup is too elegant and muted. I would like to see something bright with high clarity! They used to make beautiful vibrant pinks like Ultra Rose and Turbulent. What happened to you, Chanel?

Thanks for being here. Do you have any favorite color from Chanel Joues Contraste? Are you planning to try the new formulation?

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