Oct 19, 2020

Madeca Derma Skincare (Revitalizing Serum, Cream, & Mask)

Madeca Derma Skincare Reviews

These days I feel lukewarm about PR offers but my interests were piqued when Madeca Derma reached out to me. It's because they are developed by a pharmaceutical company that makes the topical ointment that I have used all my life! Madecassol is like Neosporin in Korea but only so much better. I have to tell you this story - A long time ago, I went rollerblading without proper gears (I was confident because I learned speed skating growing up) but ended up hurting myself pretty badly. I put on Neosporin for two days and my wounds didn't get any better so I went to a Korean pharmacy and bought Madecassol instead. Everything healed right away with no scar behind! Madeca Derma skincare line also benefits from the same ingredient used in the ointment (Centella Asiatica) which is known to be exceptional for healing and revitalizing, so I knew this skincare line would be good and it certainly did not disappoint.

Madeca Derma skincare review

I have used them for about 2 weeks as a part of my nighttime routine. Here are my thoughts on them:

Revitalizing Serum ($36.99 on Amazon)

This is viscose and super-duper emollient serum that would be more suitable for dry and dehydrated skin. Initially, I found that it was a bit too much for my normal to dry skin because it felt quite sticky after application, but now I think it works better as the weather is colder and drier with indoor heating. My skin feels deeply nourished and revitalized in the morning if I get through that sticky feel. 

Revitalizing Cream ($29.99 on Amazon)

The shape of the tube is just like the beloved ointment so it makes me feel almost nostalgic. This is a medium weight cream and absorbs much better than the serum and gives me a subtle glow. I enjoy it more than the serum only because of the consistency. My skin looks and feels best if I use the combo of a small amount of both serum and cream, though.

Revitalizing Masks ($19.99 on Amazon)

Probably my favorites. The cotton sheet feels great on the face and the fit is quite awesome. No irritation. Each mask includes a generous amount of serum that I can soak some cotton pads and quickly fashion a "neck mask". It feels very soothing and hydrating. I only need eye cream on a night I use one of these.

Madeca Derma skincare reviews

Overall, I think this is an excellent range that delivers visible results quickly with simple comprehensive steps. I also like that they are now readily available in the U.S. market (on Amazon) and priced very reasonably. Do give this range a try if you are familiar with Centella Asiatica and its benefits.

Have you tried a skincare product with Centella Asiatica? What is your experience?

*The Madeca Derma skincare products were provided for review considerations. All thoughts and words are mine as always. This post includes affiliate links. Thank you for choosing to use them.

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  1. Oh i never heard about this brand, but I love a good serum :)
    have a great day,


    1. Thanks, Tiziana! I am glad this brand has decided to claim the market share because it does have a long history and benefits from a well-researched ingredients! :)


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