Aug 15, 2020

Suqqu AW 2020 Blush Palette 101, Multi Glow Stick 101


Suqqu AW 2020 review swatches

I was pretty certain that I would pass on the Suqqu AW 2020 collection but the Blush Palette was too special. I bought the Multi Glow Stick on a whim but this one sold out even before the official sale date on This is the thing with Suqqu that I am not very happy about, though. Why were they available two days before the advertised sale date and why did they sell out so quickly? I am no marketing guru but have to wonder if Suqqu is even making money continuing with this elusive LE games. On the other hand, they seem very generous with PR gifting.

My small rant aside, this is a very beautiful collection and I love both the Blush Palette and the Multi Glow stick. Let me show you some swatches and looks here.

Suqqu AW 2020 review swatches

Suqqu Blush Palette 101 review swatches
The Blush Palette 101 consists of 4 blush colors and 2 highlighters and is priced fairly at $63 on Selfridges.

Suqqu Blush Palette 101 swatches

The blush colors are all pretty deep and saturated but come in the superb formula that I have already experienced and adore. The blending is very easy and even the darkest shade doesn't appear muddy on the skin. The highlighter shades are also beautiful. While I find the pale pink easier to wear, the beige one looks so interesting having some khaki undertones.

Suqqu AW 2020 Blush Palette 101 swatches
You can see the pigment used in the palette is clear and they all adhere to the skin beautifully with zero powder kickup.

Suqqu Multi Glow Stick 101 swatch

Suqqu Multi Glow Stick is a highlighter that you can apply on complexion or on eyelids for the subtle skin-like glow. I got the shade 101 which is a very pale pink with no visible shimmer. The finish is incredibly pretty and it doesn't feel too sticky. I can easily wear this over powder-set skin with no issue. Unfortunately, this particular shade sold out in a blink of an eye but the other shade 102 (a champagne shimmer) is still available. This certainly reminds me of Chanel's Baum Essentiel Multi Glow Stick, but the Suqqu is more affordable.

Suqqu Multi Glow Stick 101 swatch

I have put together a look mainly using these two products. I used two blush shades as eyeshadow colors because they are deep and complex. Although I didn't experience any irritation, I have to caution you that some of the red pigment used in blush is not safe to use around the eyes.

Suqqu AW 2020 look

First, I applied a black cream base lightly on the lids and added the burnt rose (c) and the coral (d) blushes to blend out. The beige highlighter (2) was used along the lower lash lines. On the cheeks, I used the wine (a) and the magenta (b) and topped with the pale pink highlighter (1). The Multi Glow stick was applied on the nose bridge.

Suqqu AW 2020 makeup look

Makeup products used in this look:

Suqqu AW 2020 makeup swatches looks
Suqqu Nude Wear Liquid Foundation ($52, Harrods)
Giorgio Armani Eye & Brow Maestro ($35, Nordstrom)
Suqqu Blush Palette 101 ($63, Selfridges)
Suqqu Multi Glow Stick ($32.50, Selfridges)
Suqqu Moisture Rich Lipstick 11 Rinku ($32.50, Selfridges)
L'Oreal Lash Paradise Waterproof mascara

Thanks for being here. What do you think of Suqqu AW 2020 collection?

*The makeup items mentioned here were purchased by me. This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for choosing to use them.

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