Jun 19, 2020

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Best lip balm lip mask reviews

I have to admit that following the recent lip color trends hasn't been easy on my lips. Nowadays, we have some non-drying matte lipstick formulas but they are not exactly moisturizing, either. Those long-lasting lip tints really seem to do numbers on my lips while I find them very convenient on a busy day. Naturally, I have grown more interested in lip balm and lip masks to remedy the situation and amassed quite a few of them. Today, I will show you the lip treatments in my rotation and share some thoughts on them.

collective lip balm reviews

1. Kiehl's Buttermask for Lips ($26, Sephora)

I bought this on sale with high hopes. It is a very dense and emollient balm that you can leave on overnight. It is scented with a pleasantly sweet fragrance that reminds me of butterscotch candies. To be fair, it is a great lip balm that does soothe and smooth, but I am not sure if it is worth $26. The jar is quite small and it's not very easy to get the balm out. A wider and shorter container would have worked better. A trivial thing like this makes or breaks the deal for me. Rather than using it overnight, I prefer applying a generous amount whenever I put on facial masks because my lips need some tender care, too. I might repurchase if I spot a very good sale.

2. Paul & Joe Lip Treatment Balm ($18.69, eBay)

This lip balm is such a great find and I intend to repurchase as long as it's around. Being a Paul & Joe product, the packaging is gorgeous, of course. What's inside it truly impressive. It's lightly scented with the signature orange flower fragrance and feels slightly minty. The semi-transparent balm is rich and jelly-like. It is one of the few lip balms that stays on my lips throughout the night and actually improves my lip condition. This is my choice for the nighttime treatment and placed on the bedside table. I highly recommend it!

3. Somaluxe Lip Collagen ($16.92, Amazon)

This is an organic lip balm with 3 different collagens that supposedly diminish lip lines. This fruity lip balm has a medium weight and feels pleasant. Not bad really, but I am still wondering if it is worth the price. 

Best lip treatments for dry chapped lips

4. DHC Lip Cream (3-pack for $22.80, Amazon)

I have gone through several sticks already. It is a great basic to have around. I think the easiest way to apply lip balm regularly is to place more than a few around the house and this is the one I have on my work desk. It reminds me of the Bite Lip Balm but I much prefer DHC Lip Cream. The slimmer stick is easier to use and it moisturizes my lips so effectively without being over the top. Plus the DHC is half the price. 

5. Caudalie Lip Conditioner ($12, Nordstrom)

I think this one is easy to be misunderstood. It is literally a "conditioner" that feels almost nothing on the lips. The moisturizing effect is minimal but it's good that way. I use it as a lip primer and it works wonderfully under any lip color because it softens the lips without being oily. This is one of those items that I initially dismissed then ended up appreciating for what it is. Another item to be repurchased.

Rosebud Salve Trio review

But, nothing beats Smith's Rosebud Salve for the price. I like the Original and the Minted Rose equally and finished quite a few of them, which is something because a tin lasts for a long time and I get bored easily. I am not very fond of the Strawberry one because it has a somewhat different texture and goes on thin. Sometimes I find the artificial strawberry fragrance a bit annoying, too. It works pretty well as a lip makeup remover, though. I recently found this trio set on Amazon under $15. Of course, I had to get it because I can always have some Rosebud Salve around (I actually fell for the square tin that they came in).

Thanks for being here. What are your favorite lip balm and treatments?

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