May 7, 2020

Small Paul & Joe Haul

Paul & Joe haul and reviews

I don't buy makeup just for beautiful packagings but in the case of Paul & Joe Beauté, the unique and delicately feminine packaging is certainly an enabling factor. Don't get me wrong. Paul & Joe Beauté is made by Albion which is a very solid Japanese manufacturer and overall nice quality. I especially like the brand's base makeup color range and powder formulations. It's hard to say that I am mesmerized by the formulation itself but the aesthetics of the brand always fills that 2% void and this is probably why I continue to buy from the brand. 

I did ignore the new releases for a few years because I couldn't stand the thought of ruining those perfectly cute lipstick bullets shaped like cats. And, because for me, all makeup should be worn not to be looked at. This time though, I was reminded that I needed a new lipstick refill for my case while I was decluttering my stash (For some people, decluttering ends up with more makeup...). Plus there were a few I wanted to try from the brand. 

Paul & Joe haul and reviews

It really was a small haul at first because when I placed my order from Beauty Bay, it was just Moisturizing Foundation Primer, a lipstick refill, and a lip balm. What I didn't realize was that the lipstick refill did not fit in my old case so I ended up ordering a cat-shaped lipstick case on Amazon. This pink cat lipstick case is actually a bit weird in real life. The details like tiny paws are cute but it's overall chunky and not as adorable as I thought it would be. I jokingly vented about this on Instagram and two people messaged me that it kind of looked like a mini sex toy, and now I cannot unsee it.

Paul & Joe haul and reviews

I've heard that Paul & Joe lip balm in the tin is awesome and it did not disappoint. This thick balm almost feels like jellied honey (royal jelly?). It soothes and hydrates my tortured lips and stays on until next morning. It is perfect for nighttime use and  I will definitely repurchase.

I chose 104 Groseille shade for my refill. 104 Groseille is from the clear (sheer) range and more like tinted lip balm. I tried the sheer lipsticks from the brand in the past and expected more of a slippery balmy texture but it wasn't like that at all! The formula is very much like Dior Lip Glow but only better. This glossy formula has a slightly tacky and lip-hugging texture that lasts on the lips quite a while and it feels so comfortable while looking pretty. Highly impressed, I went on and got another color, 101 Bonbon Cerise on eBay which came with the blue classic case for just $15. (My haul wasn't so small by this point.)

Paul & Joe lipstick 104 Groseille swatch
104 Groseille (currant) is a clear red with fine shimmer. 

Paul & Joe lipstick 101 Bonbon Cerise swatch
101 Bonbon Cerise (cherry candy) is clear hot pink with a blue sheen.

Paul & Joe lipstick swatches
Both are perfectly good standalone shades but they can be easily worn over lip tints for added comfort and shine.

Paul & Joe Moisturising Foundation Primer S 03 Creme swatch
I wanted a simple hydrating primer with minimal silicone-y feels and Paul & Joe Moisturising Foundation Primer is just that. It moisturizes beautifully and hides all the dry patches. The lightest  03 Creme shade is quite sheer and doesn't add any coverage but blurs and evens out the complexion.

Overall, very satisfying haul although it went a bit differently from what I initially planned. It does bother me that I couldn't find a suitable refill for my old but pretty pink classic Paul & Joe lipstick case, but I will survive.

*The Paul & Joe makeup items mentioned here were purchased by me. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for choosing to use them.

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  1. It's a shame the pink lipstick case is not all that practical in real life. I can see what people mean about it looking like a sex toy though haha, does it make you feel self conscious applying the lipstick in public now?

    104 Groseille is such a pretty colour. I'm really into glossy and sheer lip products at the moment, they're perfect for the warmer weather.

    xo Sarah | Oomph London

    1. LOL. I haven't had a chance to flaunt it out in public but when I do, I don't think I'd feel selfconcious. I expect that people would comment on it and I will probably joke about it, though. ;p Gorseille is certainly a very pretty color and would look good on all complexions. There are a few more shades in the same sheer range including a juicy coral although the 101 Bonbon Cerise now seems to have been discontinued.

  2. I am sorry to have been one of those two people LOL
    I love cats (obviously), but as much as I love cat-themed makeup, there are some definite hits and misses. I have loved so much of what Paul & Joe has done with their makeup like the cat head lipstick bullets and the cat paw applicator and blush, but I am still very sorry about your lipstick case!

    1. LOL. Don't be sorry! I thought it was funny and I agree with you (and kind of wish it was ;p) Paul & Joe did an amazing job with those cat themed makeup, didn't they? They are so detailed and adorable that I love looking at them. Using them is a different story, though.

  3. These look so beautiful! Such pretty shades!

    Shelley x

  4. Thats disappointing that the refill doesn't fit! I've never bought any Paul and Joe (again, because never saw it in person) but the packaging is so adorable. I think I would love those lipsticks too!

    1. I can't blame the brand because the new cases and refills are slimmer (hence less materials used) yet still beautiful. I guess I can guy some old refills on eBay but I know those are years old... Paul & Joe is as girly as I can do when it comes to packagings, though. (Jill Steward and Anna Sui, I no longer can do..;p)


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