May 8, 2020

Swatches | Pat McGrath Mini Lust : Gloss Trio Cool

I still haven't formed my full opinion around Pat McGrath makeup. I can tell her eyeshadows are very special in many ways but I have kinda failed to love my first eyeshadow palette from the brand. Plus I dislike the brand's wasteful packaging and marketing. I am not usually gravitated towards bigger palettes and I could never do her lipstick cases no matter how great the bullets within are, so staying away from the brand wasn't too hard. 

However, Blitz Astral Ritualistic Rose Quad was finally back in stock and there was a good sale going on. The quad had been on my wish list forever so I caved in (Ritualistic Rose Quad is now out of stock again). I wanted to try something else from the brand as well and this mini lip gloss set didn't look half bad especially on sale.

My order came in a black cardboard box filled with black plastic pubes (sorry, but I wouldn't know how else I could describe them). The lip gloss trio came in a plastic pouch filled with gold spangles. SO MANY SPANGLES. I guess I can use them for photoshoots for the blog at least. Be prepared for spangled photos in the future. I took many more like the one above.

Okay, the lip glosses. They are very nice! There are 3 different mini sets available and I chose the "cool" set consisting of pale pink and rose colors. 

The tube is quite standard and nothing gaudy. I like smaller size lip glosses so the mini tubes are great for me. Of course, there are full-sized ones available if you want to commit to your favorite colors.

I forgot to take pictures of the applicator. It's a nice doe foot applicator that picks up a perfect amount of color and is easy to work with. 

These lip glosses have medium-to-thick consistency that feels a little bit weighty on the lips, but it feels very comforting and moisturizing. It isn't slippery and stays on for quite a while. The high-shine formula is quite forgiving and smoothing. I detect some vanilla/cookie batter scent but it isn't too strong. The 3 colors in the set may be lighter shades but they are actually quite pigmented. The formula reminds me of Chanel Glossimer ($30, Chanel) a lot. They are about the same price but I have to say I prefer the Chanel gloss as it is as shiny yet feels a little lighter on the lips. 

Dare To Bare is a creamy nude pink with a slightly warm undertone. 

Pale Fire Nectar has a clear cool pink base and opalescent shimmer. Very pretty.

Divine Rose is a cool medium rose with fine shimmer. This is most pigmented out of the three.

Overall, these are great glosses with a good formula and attractive colors. I initially thought I would top this over lip liners or lip tints, but all 3 colors are well pigmented and look better when worn by themselves. They are flattering paired with darker smokey eyes and I think I will reach for them quite often.

Thanks for looking. Have you tried Pat McGrath lip glosses? How do you like them?

*The lip gloss set was purchased by me. This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for choosing to use them.

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  1. I like the PM lipsticks and the foundation, but I have not tried the glosses yet! I guess nothing has stood out to me yet, but I do like the look of Pale Fire Nectar! I like gloss with a bit of sparkle so that looks like something I would enjoy! I might start off with the deluxe sized trio though just to get a feel for them without taking the full plunge.

    1. I think there are 3 different finishes in her gloss lineup, and the ones like Pale Fire Nectar stand out of the bunch! I guess PM knows how to do shimmers. There are some other interesting trios and I myself might go for another one if there is a good sale! :)

  2. Divine Rose is lovely! On another note, why exactly are they so excessive with the packaging and decoration? I'm sure it has put other people off before as well!

    xo Sarah | Oomph London

    1. Divine Rose is very pretty and also practical. I could wear this with everything. Regaring PM's packaging and marketing, I am as puzzled as you are. Her makeup style is about being extraordinary and opulent, so maybe it has something to do with it. Still, she is so influential and highly respected for her artistry that it's a shame that she couldn't make a better choice.

  3. I quite like these colours! But yes whats with all that packaging? So wasteful of materials for nothing?
    Maybe they want to impulse us to do some home DIY sticking gold sequin things everywhere?? At the same time I understand the need in online commerce to cushion your product in the boxes so that they don't get damaged on the way, but surely there are cheaper and more eco friendly methods!?!

    1. I've never had issues with other brands packing with papers and water-soluable packing peanuts. PM could have certainly done that but deliberately chose the other way simply because they look better to the eyes, I'm afraid. I don't love everything that she offers so I will maintain my distance from the brand. The Ritualistic Rose quad is so special that I don't regret buying it, though. ;)

  4. Your description of the packaging is hilarious! My daughter would flip over the gold spangles though. I really like these colors though. I haven't tried Chanel gloss in a few years too so need to check that out again.

    1. I wish I could give these them to your daughter! I see gold spangles in blog & instagram photos often and we can all thank Pat McGrath for that (*rolls eyes*). Chanel is raising the price on everything but I'd say go for one of the new Glossimers over these if you want a lip gloss with high shine. :)


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