Jun 18, 2018

Muji Skincare

Muji skincare review

I have been forever repurchasing Muji cut cotton since Mina of Citrine's blog pointed me to them. I've also enjoyed a few different types of toner, but this is probably the first time when my daily cleansing routine heavily relies on the brand. I find some Muji stuff is overpriced for what it is, but the brand still creeps into my daily life. There are Muji storage items, soap dispensers, and lint rollers in the house. I even own a set of ramen bowls that I really like. I guess it's mainly because of the unobtrusive designs (someone described the brand as "sedated IKEA". LOL) that are also functional. The same applies to their skincare offerings yet in this case they are fairly priced as well.

Muji cut cotton toner review

Muji cut cotton is the best deal I can find on 100% cotton pads. I usually get the Ecru (unbleached) ones. Only $3.50 for 180 pieces! The white ones are the same price but only 165 pieces are in the bag, which is still an amazing deal. If you like textured kinds for additional exfoliation, these are not for you. Other than that, I suppose anyone would enjoy this soft plush cotton pads. They separate easily without being linty so that you can make calming masks in seconds - just soak with moisturizing toner and place them on the face.

Muji offers different skincare lines (Aging care, Balance, Natural, and Sensitive series). I  often buy Light Toning Water from the Sensitive series. For me, this is rather perfect as the last step of cleansing. It is unscented and feels mild on the skin. There is the High Moisturizing type as well but I find it contains too much glycerin and feels a little sticky even in winter. 

Muji cleanser review

This was the first time I purchased Muji foaming cleansers. I got both regular face soap and face soap moisture. The moisture type is a few dollars more but I like this one far better than the regular face soap. Both produce a ton of lather (the cushy creamy kind) and do a very nice job cleansing the face. The regular one leaves my skin a bit tight so now I use this one exclusively for washing my makeup sponge. They are unscented and smell very honest (I mean, slightly chemical) but I prefer this over heavy perfume. Both will be repurchased.

Muji Oil Cleanser is simple and functional. Muji offers another one for sensitive skin, which is thicker and smells more like cooking oil due to the higher olive oil content. I actually prefer the regular type. It feels lighter on the skin and is easy to rinse off. This is very similar to my favorite, Hada Labo Gokujyun Cleansing Oil. I will stick with the Muji for now simply because these two work the same for me and the Muji one is easier to acquire.

Muji moisturizing milk review

I honestly thought this Moisturizing Milk (moisture type) was body lotion. A 400 ml bottle is priced at $14.50! Turns out it is a facial moisturizer and I apply this everywhere. My SO steals it sometimes, too. It is interesting that some of the Muji body stuff is more expensive. This one, again, is simple and functional. If you are on a high potency exfoliation regimen and need a moisturizer that won't complicate things, this would be perfect for you.

Recently, I was on a week-long work trip and didn't bring everything with me, obviously. And, guess what. Muji cut cotton, cleansing oil, and cleansing foam are the things I missed the most. How I managed to pack three eyeshadow palettes yet forgot about the cut cotton is still a mystery to me. Next time when I am in the local Muji store, I am so building a legit travel kit with them. The brand does offer cute travel sized items. 

Have you tried Muji skincare? What are your thoughts?

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