Feb 8, 2018

Lunasol Sheer Contrast Eyes Coral Coral

Lunasol Coral Coral review swatch

I love all my Lunasol eyeshadow palettes but this one is quite special. Coral Coral was introduced many years ago and at some point achieved a cult status in the Asian beauty community, too. It must be still popular since it is one of the few classic Lunasol palettes that are in production.

Lunasol Coral Coral review swatch

You have to like more noticeable shimmer to appreciate this quad. All 4 colors are shimmery but in a good tasteful way. A few fallouts are inevitable but funny enough, they do stay on the face creating some sort of effect. I believe the shimmer used here is an eye-safe kind as I've never experienced irritation although I wear contacts daily. (Speaking of which, this is why you have to be careful using multi-purpose glitters on the eyes.)

Lunasol Coral Coral swatches

The quality of Coral Coral is rather excellent - the sheer yet vivid colors stay true and blend like dream. 

Lunasol Coral Coral swatch

I have swatched Coral Coral next to Beige Beige (another must-have Lunasol palette).

Lunasol Coral Coral vs Beige Beige swatches
(Yes, they are very different and you need both.)

Here are a few looks I created with Lunasol Coral Coral.

Lunasol Coral Coral photos

Lunasol Coral Coral photos

A closeup on the second look
Lunasol Coral Coral look

Despite being an oldie, Coral Coral is very much in line with the warm eye makeup trends. Nowadays Lunasol palettes can be acquired at an affordable price although it is still difficult to test them in person here in the U.S. Well, there are tons of online swatches and I'm adding another here in case you are in the market for warm feminine eyeshadows with pretty shimmer.

Thanks for reading. It's been a while. Hope everyone is doing well!

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  1. You just reminded me that I still have a few Lunasol palettes I only touched once. I was once kind of into coral coral but decided skip it because I have an Integrate palette with similar color theme (I like the texture of integrate a tad better actually). I think the drugstore brands (visee canmake and excel) are doing so well that I neglected many of my highend ones...

    For now I need to dig those Lunasol out.

    1. You know your reviews on Japanese drugstore eyeshadow palettes are seriously enabling, right? ;p I, too, need to dig out my underappreciated palettes rather than buying new one. It's a secret that I still want one of those Lunasol Chocolate palettes and maybe older Suqqus. ;)

  2. This is such a pretty quad and the looks you created are quite lovely! I can't say I'm in the market for any eyeshadows at the moment as I haven't worn eyeshadow since the holidays ;p Hope life has been treating your well Lena. Have a fantastic week!

    1. Hi, Rowena! Hope you well! It's been just busy around here but everything's good. Thanks for asking.
      Lately I've been skipping eyeshadows and mascara (it was unthinkable before. LOL) quite often, too. I wanna make some efforts to wear my palettes from now on, though.

      Have a great week! :)


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