Feb 13, 2018

Butter London The Gold Standard Set

Butter London The Gold Standard Set

I bought this cute set on sale around the Christmas. It's still available at even cheaper prices ($16.80 at Ulta & $11.20 at Kohl's). I don't always go for nail polish minis but the set looked like a perfect way for me to try the Butter London's new formula, Patent Shine 10X. Although I don't love everything in the set, I still find all 5 colors are excellent quality with superior wear and application. I may have found another holy grail red polish, too. 

The set comes in quite a whimsical packaging (the sexy Royal Guard not included).

Butter London The Gold Standard Set swatches
Here is a quick swatch set of 4 minis in the set. I only applied 1 coat each over bare nails and did not use top coat. Shop Girl and Toffee Apple are safe neutrals but tad too warm for me to love. I prefer Essie Ballet Slippers and OPI You Don't Know Jacques to them. Her Majesty's Red is my fave by far and Afters is another winner. It is remarkable to see how well these colors apply. One coat virtually covers everything and application is streak-free. 

(It's my index finger, in case you're concerned.)

24k is jagged gold glitter shards in a clear base. Not exactly how I want my glitter polish to be because I like densely packed smaller glitters, but it is great for what it is. The glitters are easily distributed and lay flat on the nails. In the pic above, I applied one coat over Shop Girl.

Her Majesty's Red swatch NOTD
Her Majesty's Red is trully gorgous one. It is tad deeper than my all time favorite, Come To Bed Red, but same in the modern glossy gel-creme formula. Two coats would have been glorious, but one is more than acceptable as you see in the picture (my dry cuticles are not). Her Majesty's Red (also avail in this set) is definitely full bottle worthy and I am planning to buy one once I finish the mini.

I find the Patent Shine 10X formula excellent, but personally don't see a huge difference from the original one - they both apply very well and last more than a week on me. Patent Shine 10X does look a bit shinier but it is a few more dollars plus I wear shiny top coat anyway. It comes with the wider and slightly stiffer brush which seems to be favored by the majority. I usually prefer longer tapered brushes because they work better on my nail shapes (I'm still getting Her Majesty's Red, though).

Hope these swatches are helpful. What have been wearing on your nails lately?

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  1. What a charming nail set! all the shades are lovely but that red is a particular standout shade on you Lena! It's the perfect color for the Lunar New Year ;p I've been immersed in deep cleaning and decluttering in preparation for that so I'm not wearing anything on my nails but copious amounts of hand cream LOL

    1. I must own at least 15 different red polishes but Her Majesty's red definitely stands out. Funny thing is that you never know if it is a good red until you put it on. I should follow your lead and apply more hand cream, though. I constantly wash my hands but don't always apply moisturizer after. ;-/


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