Feb 21, 2017

FOTD - Chanel Codes Élégants & Ardente

FOTD Chanel Codes Elegants & Ardente
Chanel Spring 2017 Codes Élégants & Ardente

It's not even March, but it feels like Chanel (and every other brand) will roll out the summer collections any day now. I might as well show the look before it's too late (wink), although I don't think I will limit these gorgeous colors to spring makeup. Both the eyeshadow quad and the lipstick look distinctly warm but once worn neutral in a certain way, which is almost weird. My opinion hasn't changed since my initial post with swatches, and I'd highly recommend them for those who don't usually wear warmer hues yet want to try some.

I do wish the darkest brown of the quad was creamier and more pigmented, but I don't feel that I need an additional base to add depths to the look.

Chanel Codes Elegants

Chanel Codes Elegants

Each color blends so well that it wouldn't matter however you use this quad, but in this particular look, I went with a classic placement. Using a fluffy brush, I applied the light gold shade (top left) all over, and I packed the medium gold (bottom left) on the folds. The dark brown (bottom right) was used on the outer Vs and also on the lower lash lines. I finished by brushing a bit of the white gold color (top right) on the inner corners.

Chanel Ardente swatch
I think this is a more accurate swatch of Ardente. It made me realize that not all warm reds are unwearable. Ardente is youthful and brightening. 

Overall look. I skipped blush and highlighted the whole face instead using Illamasqua Beyond Powder OMG (to be reviewed).

Chanel Spring 2017 look

Chanel Spring 2017 makeup look

Hope you enjoyed this look! I love that Chanel used somewhat holiday-esque elements and created a unique spring collection this year. I don't object to pastels in spring, but Chanel isn't the brand I particularly think is good at that. (Speaking of pastels, I've got some RMK stuff to show you soon. Spoiler - RMK knows how to pastel.)

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