Jan 26, 2017

In Love | Jeffrey James Botanicals

Today I want to talk about my current skincare items with which I happen to be deeply in love. I never heard of the brand Jeffrey James before, but my friend who is very knowledgeable about skincare products recommended his mud-based facial mask to me and that was the rabbit hole. Next, I bought a few more items from the Jeffrey James website taking advantage of the holiday sale. Every item I've tried is unbelievably high quality and most importantly, the whole line suits my current skincare needs. So far, I've tried pretty much everything from the brand maybe with exception of a few. I was surprised to learn that Jeffrey James is a former football player and his skincare line is organic as well. As some of you know, I loathe those subpar organic skincare stuff that often comes in ugly inconvenient containers. Jeffrey James Botanicals is none of that and I grew even more fond of the brand.

I think this is the most expensive mud-based mask that I've ever bought. It contains a small amount, too (2 oz). However, it easily applies a smooth thin layer that a little goes a long way. The effectiveness and the merits are too great so I am convinced that I need to repurchase once I run out. The Mask has this lovely texture that is almost like soufflĂ© and smells scrumptious like real raspberries. If you expect something that sucks the oil up, you might be disappointed. Although mud-based, The Mask is not the kind that makes your skin feel tight after. This, however, contains a good amount of AHA that it makes your skin super supple after each use. I believe Glam Glow is famous for the type and I've only tried a small sample, but I personally much prefer Jeffrey James The Mask. (If you have a budget for Glam Glow, get this instead.) It has gentle scrubs inside that there are additional exfoliation benefits.

This is a gel type cleanser that comes in a clean glass container with a pump. It does not contain any added fragrance but smells faintly herbal and clean. It lathers softly and rinses off clean. The Wash is a great all-around cleanser that is perfect with Clarisonic as well as for a gentle morning wash or to follow up with after makeup removal.

I don't normally prefer mist types when it comes to toner, but I got curious about the toner that was offered by the brand. In short, this toner is excellent. It smells like fresh rose buds and feels very refreshing yet not harsh on the skin. I usually spritz it all over right after I wash my face in the morning. The Toner is actually suitable to use with cotton pads to finish off cleansing routines, so I sometimes wish that it would come in a bigger bottle with no sprayer. 

This is a solid hydrating serum with whopping 50% of hyaluronic acid. It absorbs immediately and I assume it would be also great for those with oilier skin types yet suffer dehydration. I use this alone in the morning right before sunscreen or mix it with a few drops of The Glow facial oil (I will talk about it next) to seal the moisture. Ever since I started doing this, my face has never felt tight although we are in the middle of winter. I think 2 oz is a generous amount,  but I have already used more than a half. I recently purchased another serum called The Firm, which is similar to The Serum but with firming effects. We shall see.

The Glow is a geranium-based facial oil with medium weight. As I mentioned above, I mix it with The Serum or use it on its own. For sealing moisture, I only need a couple drops to warm a bit on my palms then gently press on my face. Literally(or figuratively), my face glows. I am really liking this one, but honestly, I am not sure if I want to repurchase it right away. It's only because I've just started including facial oil in my routines and want to explore a bit more.

This is a lovely anti-aging serum with solid ingredients like Vitamin C, Argan Stem Cells, and Hyaluronic Acid. I've experienced quite a few Vitamin C serums that irritate my skin or just feel plain awful when applied. The Light is nothing like that and feels rather hydrating actually. I use this every other evening. It is a shame that it does not come in a dark bottle (the liquid does look yellower over the two months period), but it is also true that my complexion is visibly brighter and more even every day so I am not going to complain too much. If you want a potent Vitamin C serum that also feels good on the face, consider this one. It feels very high-end and the price is more than reasonable for what it is.

To be very honest with you, I do not believe in using eye cream. Many years ago when those dark circles appeared for the first time (I still remember the horror), I spent so much on so many different things only to learn nothing really works. I haven't used separate eye products for some time now. I still was curious about Jeffrey James eye cream, though. Plus I had some credit on iHerb.com so I bought it. My general opinions on eye cream's effectiveness haven't changed, but I do like this one a lot! (It feels awkward to praise nearly everything from the brand...but actually, this is why I am writing this long relatively boring skincare post, you know.) This eye cream has a cushiony texture, goes on light and feels moisturizing. Good stuff for eyes, but I love it when I use The Eye Creme on my lips. It instantly smooths out fine lines and gives comfort to my lips. If I add a thin layer of Smith Rosebud Salve on top, my lips stay hydrated till next morning. It doesn't feel slippery so I even put a little before lip makeup. My lips feel so much better especially when I have to torture my lips with matte colors or drying tints.

I like every single item I've tried from the range, but if I have to pick one favorite this is it. I couldn't recommend this enough. This is a thick cream but does not feel greasy at all. It is super hydrating! It smells like some bitter chocolate (or is it just herbal?) which is weirdly natural and pleasant. I use this at night and my skin just feels wonderful next morning. The Creme contains a nice amount of AHA as well as the anti-aging properties, but it is not irritating one bit, which I find amazing. I believe The Creme would satisfy nearly anyone(maybe not the oiliest type) and I will buy it again for sure.

The Exfoliant is a gel type exfoliator that smells like bamboo. It is so refreshing to use. The particles in it are similar to the ones in The Mask. I use this occasionally in the shower and my skin feels soft and hydrated each time. I am pleasantly surprised because I didn't expect much from it as this is an item included in the set I bought on sale. I  do not like the jar it comes in, though.

You know that positive difference you feel at first when you start using a new skincare line? That feeling lasts about a month if I am lucky. I think it is remarkable that I am still in love with the whole line even after two months of daily use. If you are a conscious consumer who wants to choose better yet doesn't want to give up on visible effects, Jeffrey James is a brand worth considering. I think men who want to do more about their skin could benefit from the range, too. After all, it is developed by an athlete and nothing contains obnoxious fragrance.

I blogged very little in 2016. I was busy with many things, but to think about it, I did not have fun wearing makeup like I used to. I had noticed some visible signs of aging and nothing really looked good on me, which took away a lot of fun. Thankfully, my skin has improved a lot (within the naturally possible scope) because of some products introduced at the end of last year, and maybe that's why I've been blogging more lately. It is superficial, I admit. But skincare or makeup, what is the point of putting on stuff if that doesn't make me feel happy inside and out?

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