Dec 11, 2016

Etude House Look At My Eyes Budapest Collection

Etude House Look At My Eyes Budapest
Four colors from Etude House Look At My Eyes Budapest Collection 2016

When my friend Pauline said she wanted to send me some Etude House eyeshadows, I was skeptical. Eyeshadows from Etude House are something I had experienced a decade ago and completely dismissed. They were no different from "chalk" back then. My friend probably read my mind and added, "Now they are good." Which is true as she always is when it comes to cosmetics.

Etude House Look At My Eyes Budapest
(From top left clockwise)

BL606 충실한 로비 보이 (The faithful lobby boy)
BK805 안개 속 그림자 (Shadow in the mist)
BK803 위험천만 야경 사냥 (Dangerous night view hunting)
BK806 부다페스트의 낭만 (Romance in Budapest)

Etude House Look At My Eyes Budapest swatches
BL606 - Blurple with subtle shimmer
BK805 - Greyed lavender with gold sheen
BK803 - Charcoal grey with multi-shimmer
BK806 - Light opalescent beige

All four colors are highly pigmented and stay true all day if applied over eyeshadow primer. BL606 is a bit tricky to work with as almost all navy blues are. I think it is best to use as a liner. BK803 is an easy-to-wear dark grey with beautiful multi-colored shimmer. My favorites are BK805 and BK806. These are buttery soft and blend in very well. BK805 is beautiful on its own but works fantastically to smooth out deeper colors. BK806 is a soft highlighting shade that looks great on inner corners of the eyes.

Etude House Look At My Eyes Budapest look
This is a simple look I put together using all four shades.

Overall look

Etude House Look At My Eyes Budapest Photos

Face: Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights  in Pink Light + NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Liquid Foundation in Goby, Chacott Finishing Powder in Clear
Cheeks: Jane Blushing Cheeks in Blushing Earth Sheer (discontinued)
Brows: ebony drawing pencil
Eyes: Etude House Look At My Eyes BK803, BK806, BK805, BL606, Etude House Pink Skull Curl Fix Mascara, Prestige Auto eyeliner in 13 Smoke
Lips: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Bohème

Bottom Line: Great for the price even after a considerable markup (still $5-6 per each). I'd say get these, not those Colourpops.

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  1. When the collection first came out, I wanted the gray purple but then I realized korean packages usually take 3-4 weeks to get to me...Anyway during the thansgiving weekend I went to a tiny korean skincare store in Koreatown to checkout sales (sale price was 40% higher than amazon), I saw them and decided they were that unique/great either...Anyway, I did end up with four innisfree mineral eyeshadow which I do like (those are more muted and complex). I wonder if I should go back and swatch the etude house again...

    PS. I bought two sets from colourpop and I actually kind of like those (the matte shades), just not the bulky packaging.

    1. My friend just told me over the phone that Etude House is discontinuing the collection (not that anything is wrong with them but it's just their marketing), so I would wait a bit (definitely not buy from the store. The markup is terrible!)

      I only tried a few shimmer shades from colourpop (thanks to another friend). Maybe mattes are different. I will look forward to your innisfree reviews! :)

    2. So I went to the store(besfren beauty) again just now. They only have five shades from the Budapest collection. I swatched again, didn't like any but I picked up two from permanent range (only five bucks a piece)...Then two more shades from innesfree.The glitters are complex for those!

      The eyeshadow are actually same price as ebay but the innesfree lipstick had a 100% markup. Of course, I figured out *after* randomly buying one...Well, it is a pretty cream-gel coral though.

    3. Not bad at all! Now you got me interested in the store. I've passed it a couple times. There is this eye makeup remover I really like. Wonder they carry it there. :)

  2. Never heard from this brand, until now! Looks good! Especially that first shade is a stunner.

    1. Etude House is under the Amore Pacific umbrella - geared more towards younger people. I agree the first shade is extremely gorgeous. I just wish it was easier to work with.

  3. LOL Lena! I've been ignoring this brand completely because of my experience with its eye shadows a decade ago too!!!! They were so chalky, so gritty, OMG I couldn't believe I bought them then gave them away almost immediately. My then teenage niece appreciated them more than I did.
    I tried some Colour Pop eye shadows as well, and they aren't as good as what everyone else says. I'm glad you thought so too. Might just have to pop by Etude House one day to play with their eye shadows :-)

    1. What's up with dried Colourpops and YouTube tutorials to revive them? LOL
      Anyway, if not Etude House, there are tons of better quality ones than Colourpops, imho. I'm receiving more of these Look At My Eyes singles (the Korean naming sense irritates me a little, to be honest with you) so I should be able to tell if they are indeed good. ;p

  4. These look so PRETTY! I wish they were here! And yeah, I tried one Colourpop eyeshadow and MEH.

    1. They are and easy to use too! I think Colourpop is actually expensive for what it is or for how much you get (not that was ever our problems. Haha).

  5. :D My exact same expectation of EH eye shadows from when I lived in Seoul. Everything so adorable, everything so MEH. These however look beautiful in the swatches and on though.

    1. Oh, my memory goes back even further when they were not even cute. Haha. So you can guess how much I was surprised this time. Actually, I just learned they're manufactured by a company who also makes some of Shu Uemura stuff. :)


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